Pissed off by two hot women 2

I did not say anything, what they meant, but I was a little later made clear what and how she meant it. Tanya and I went to our room, we said goodbye to Sarah, and we both gave her a kiss, with my girlfriend rather a passionate kiss on her lips expressed, however, I am a friendly kiss on the cheek. Both smiled slyly, Sarah winked at me mischievously to Tanja and we entered our room. We went into the bathroom, we undressed and went into the shower. We were already on the arrival of the first visit and very surprised that we had caught a hotel that offered a walk-in shower in the rooms. This turned out to be very useful now, because our demand grew, we were kissing intimately, the hot steam hissed, our bodies were hot with desire. Tanya slid down to me, she covered my body while kissing, she knelt before me, looked at me from below, took my spear and shoved their thick plump lips over my swollen red bubble, burst the tight glans.She sucked and sucked and with the hand she massaged my hard testicles, which are now filled to bursting with hot semen. Tanya noticed this, she felt the tremors and let go of me. She rose, took my mouth and stuck my tongue deep into his throat. I tasted my own taste, the taste of my dick was on her tongue, lips surrounded her and it tasted good. Well I dropped between her legs, she lifted one, put it on my shoulder and I spread my fingers with her wet hot horny pussy. I drove my tongue out, put them in the butt hole and clit licked by a stroke direction. My Tanya shivered, she shrugged. Now my tongue disappeared into her hot cunt, while I now turned my hand a little, so I managed with the index and middle fingers on her asshole. While my tongue fucked her now, she was licking the clitoris, the middle and index finger slid slowly into her ass. They just shrugged, paused and then gave way. She pushed herself now literally at my finger.
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