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It was about 3 years ago. My girlfriend and I flew in and took a holiday with her friend. Actually, the friend should go too, but he had recently ended the relationship. He believed that Sarah was too extreme sex. Sarah was a beautiful young woman, about 166 cm and about 60 Kg and curves like a woman she must have. My girlfriend was also a very feminine woman, ie with curves, such as one seldom sees. Proportional everything was very, very consistent in both. We flew to Italy and now the three of us were happy. Sarah was also full of joy, they saw it as a new beginning. Get rid of the gray old and into new life. Arrived in Italy, we moved into our hotel and enjoyed the evening together budding in the lobby.We joked around a bit, because my girlfriend and I noticed that Sarah was still a little sad. So we tried to distract her. It was getting late, the last guests left the lobby and then we went towards the elevator to get to our rooms. They lay side by side. In the elevator we fooled a little further, as we had in the 7th floor and the elevator was (fortunately) not the fastest. Suddenly, the Sarah Tanya moved toward her and kissed her. Sarah seemed a little surprised, but the kiss met with a slight dedication. Well we arrived in the 7th floor, the elevator door opened and we walked down the hall to our rooms. Sarah and Tanya held hands and while I thought that it would be very nice if the two would take me into their midst. They stopped, looked at me, giggled briefly, what is whispered together, came a few steps toward me and said they would like to take me in the middle, but I still had to wait a bit.
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