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Girl's story: I'm a single woman who had just moved in with a friend after separating from my husband while I finding a place to live. We both work at the same place on the night shift. But one night I was on my way to work and I wasn't feeling well ( terrible head ache ) so I returned to the house to call in sick. When I got there I relized I had forgotten the key inside and was locked out. Luckily I thought my friends teenage daughter was home ( I could hear the music blaring from her room ). I rang the bell and banged on the door but I guess she couldn't hear me over the music because she didn't respond. Her bedroom window was on the on the first floor and easy to reach so I decided to go around the house and knock on it to see if I could get her attention. It was dark but with exception of stumbling over a few bushes I reached her window with no problem. There was light pouring through slats in the semi-open shade so I was hoping she was I there, and peeked in just to make sure before I started knocking. Sure enough there she was. But she wasn't alone. Her boyfriend was there too. I wouldn't have been shocked by that, because they were together most of the time I had seen them. It was just that I had caught them in a moment of intimacy that had me bit confused at first and then so weak in the knees I just about fell down. At the moment I looked in he was laying down on her bed with his jeans down around his ankles and she was topless kneeling over him with her face planted squarely on his crotch. I knew right then that I had caught her she giving him oral and I felt my face go completely flush with embarassment. I emeadeatly turned away not wanting to make things worse by banging on the window. But then I realized as long as I was quiet they would never know I was there ( I have to admit I am a bit of a knosey sort ). As I peared back at them it dawned on me, as I couldn't see hardly any of his penis, just a bit of the thick looking base as she was almost grinding her face into his pubic hair, he must have really short one. But I coudn't have been more wrong!
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