I'll write more if you like what you read! ha

I'm a dirty minded bitch.. I like to held gentle to fucked so hard I'm shaking but so relaxed! I Love poetry, Writing and all and any type of reactions up 2 a final expression as you explore.
I love to fuck your mind with sexual teasing thoughts, make you hard and horny So you just want to throw me down and fuck me but then maybe not?! If we hit it off seeing eye to eye, finding the equal attraction where our minds and bodies are the only things we need 4 the story or a plot! I have fantasies I'd love to leave a mystery, showing just enough to grab your attention, Pull you into the room, whisper things most women are to shy to say! Smile and flirt, you slide you hand up my thigh and under my skirt, As much as
I Like it, It still comes as a surprise, as many people seem to be intimidated by my actions desires and needs all the time! I guess you can say ...I'm a very hard woman to read but I love the suspenseful days it can bring or even lead! So as Some of my stories maybe true, maybe not, just to see how hard I can get your cock. I have a mind that is very creative, a mouth that you'd love and enjoy with lips that will say lick me, finger me mmm .. does that taste good? Cause I'll give u more. When it comes to daydreaming or waking from a sl**p, I never seem to ever get back to the part where I almost mmmm peak!! So maybe this is not your type of story ..That's okay, You can just move on, For the rest of the readers that have their cock in hand, just waiting for the part that is exciting enough to release "all" that anticipation I've built up in those fuckable thoughts running through your heads about me. stroke faster, think deeper, wishing your cock was warm inside , instead of just the thought of my mouth sucking and fucking her anyway you may need her
Teasing, tempting , raging hard dick to get me!!
This is where I say I gotta stop. Leaving you in limbo as now I wonder what you think of me?
Here is the beginning of what could become more, soon to follow,all those wonders of stories and better detail for the men who like women that swallow. I'd love to screw in your head!
Let me know If I should stop right here or would you like to hear more????????
I guess if I get enough requests I'll continue another day! So have pleasant day you guys and let me know what you think!
Thanks xoxox
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3 years ago
thats fucking hot keep going
3 years ago
i want you to go on i want to feel your insides ;)
3 years ago
She is a total mystery, her writing seems as if she is inviting my attention, yet there is this tone that seems to be teasing me only to reject me later. Hmmm, what is a guy to do but drop a comment to see if she is all she says she is. She promises to tease, the arouse, but does not promise to help me get off. I wonder, could I do the same to her?

I find you setting on the couch, reading a book, and my hands rest lightly on your shoulders. You look up at me but then seem to ignore me and go back to your book. You are wearing a tank top and your soft warm skin is in contact with my fingers. I slip both index fingers under the straps and find a tight bra strap hidden under each tank top strap. They feel like a satin finish, my favorite, and as I lean forward I slide my fingers down towards the bra that these straps are attached to. I feel the bump of an attachment hook, then the texture of the lace cups. I slip each finger under the cup fabric and feel the soft flesh of your breast.

You seem to ignore me, but I don't care, I am bending further forward and can smell the scent of your bath soap and perfume. It fills my head with the soft fragrance that always arouses me. My arousal, now full, is pressed agaisnt my trousers and I want you to touch it. But I know it is too soon, as my fingers explore your breast I feel you arch you back very slightly. You want me to find your nipples, I know that signal.

You may be ignoring me on the outside, but when my fingers find your firm knotted nipples the book will drop, we have been here before. I slip my thumb into each cup, streatching the tank top fabric so it pulls tightly over your breast. Your nipples are hard and erect and showing themselves through the bra and top. I know I have got you started, I just need to work a little harder and you will drop the book and we will share our sexual desires.

I look at your nipples through the top and bra, I want them between my finger and thumb, to roll them gently and to hear you moan as you always do. I press forward, your breasts are firm, yet so soft and warm. They are like a fine silk garment as I invade the confines of your bra. I push in further and I find them, all hard and scrunched up, you are aroused and we both know it. I watch for the book to drop.................

Should I continue?