My First Facefuck

Ever since i have became interested in guys, all I've wanted for as long as i can remember is it to know what it feels like to have a cock sliding down my throat. i fantasised about sucking a cock for such a long time, but not just thoughts about sucking a cock i have wanted to be facefucked hard , and i mean really hard, i was dreaming about getting put on a desk upside down and getting my skull fucked so hard and sloppy that my face is covered in so much sperm and saliva that a can't open my eyes because these is too much cum on my face and in my eyes.

so i decided i was going to go out and find some cock. the first guy i got i met in a club we gave each other a hand job in the toilets and that was it. the 2nd guy was a friends and we were just horny so we decided to suck, rim and bang each other it was a great, we were messing around for about 4 hours it was so much fun.

now i felt ready for a hardcore facefuck! so i posted a ad on craigslist wanting a guy with a big cock and a big load wanting to come over and give me a messy facefucking. 45 min later a guy message me, saying he was keen and horny right now, once he started talking to me i got really hard and keen to get my face full of some cock asap swell.

he gave me instructions; leave the door unlocked and wait for me in your bedroom i will come to your place in 20 minutes. so i did all what he said and i was waiting for him, as soon as i heard the door open i was scared, when i first saw him i was nervous as well he was a big guy but still quite fit, before i even got to say anything he flicked of the lights and said get on your knees, so i did straight away. he then dropped his pants and took off all his other clothes and then said make me hard and grabbed my hand and put it in his cock.

i could feel his cock getting bigger and harder by the second and so was mine it felt so good to be holding a cock, once i got him hard enough he said are you ready ? i replied with; give it to me so me put his large cock in my mouth i felt so excited, for the first 30 seconds he was going really slow, in and out, in and out of my mouth, and then he started fucking my face! it was so intense but at the same time it felt amazing.
after about 5 minutes i could feel a lot of cum and saliva in my mouth, and i was trying to keep in in my mouth but because he was fucking my face so god damn hard some of it was dripping out on the ground. he then grabbed me by my hair and said get on the fucking bed upside down with you head at the end of the bed. he said to me blow out while my cock is down your throat and my cum will pour over you messy face, so i did after about 1 min it got really messy my face was dripping with cum and some was running all down my hair and on my floor. i found the messy part an incredible turn on it got myself ever more horny and wanting more cock and cum in my mouth and down my throat

he had been fucking my face for about 20 minutes now and be started yelling im gonna cum!!!
he pulled out of my mouth put his balls in my mouth and came all over my chest /stomach his cumshot was so big he covered my whole chest, stomach in cum and even some cum landed on my own cock/balls and legs, i was completely covered in his cum.

he then said my work here is done and left...

i must say it was a amazing experience for me and defiantly want to get facefucked plenty more times in the future...


My First Facefuck.
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3 months ago
7 months ago
as i have said before it was 20 min all up, not all at one the most at once i got facefucked was 3-4 min at a time
7 months ago
wow, how could he hold out that long?
7 months ago
I luv to get face fucked every once in awhile too, damn 20 min!!!!! Good for you !!!!
7 months ago
thanks :) That was with breaks though the longest i got facefucked non stop was probably about 3-4 mins
7 months ago
Great story but I don't think I have ever been face fucked by one cock for 20 minutes. Back when I was a cum dump the longest time any one cock fucked my face or even my ass was 4 to 5 minutes. I don't know if it was because I was 18 and 19 years old and void of any hair on my body or that the men couldn't last that long. Either way I was glad.
7 months ago
Yes I loved it I also love to havew my face fucked It's so amazing
7 months ago
7 months ago