"A Gypsy Stage Surprise" with Miley Cyru

I just found this very sexy Miley Cyrus Story at the internet. Its one of my favorite miley stories!

Copyright goes to "BulletBill2." I hope you guys like it!

Sitting here in my car stuck in traffic, began to really push my patience in getting to the arena. And being already late as it is, didn't help the my situation on top of it. I couldn't wait to see Miley. Images of her beautiful complexion blast through my mind every second, causing me even more pain in waiting. Catching myself daydreaming of her wearing my favorite of ensembles from the tour; a smoking hot backless red leotard, with shimmering silver-encrusted diamonds upon her sleeves and abdomen, and lastly a pair of black thigh-high leather boots to strut her sexiness in.

I have never missed a single concert of her tour yet, and not about to miss this one for the first time if I could help it. Who knows what she will do to me if I miss it, or even being late for that matter. Not like I haven't seen her in ages or anything, but this has surely been the longest break in her tour- so far it has driven me nearly insane. We've been dating now for two months. And she can be quite a sensitive pout, if you rub her the wrong way.

More dirty thoughts travel through my cranium, compounding my Miley withdrawals. Fantasizing her nearly flawless body in the nude of her dressing room, slipping on the stylishly red leotard. She's probably doing the exact same thing right now, while preparing for tonight's concert. But who knows.

She holds out the red leotard and slightly leans forward among a spotlight, bent as the knees, she steps in one foot through the first leg hole. Soon followed by the other. Miley readjusts her grip on the shoulder straps at the top of the leotard. Slowly she looks up to me with a bedazzling smile, her eyes glimmering in the light, hair slightly blowing about in a current of air. Gradually, she pulls up the wrinkled up red cloth upon her ankles, and streams it up her limber legs. Possibly the sexiest thing I have ever seen.

Miley edges the leotard pass her luscious thighs, now fitting the spicy outfit over her sweet behind. Turning to the side and arching her back, she lifts up, grazing her hips and waist with her hands. Her eyes still glued to mine, she bites her lower lip. She quickly drops her head and jerks it back, throwing her sultry brunette hair upon her bare back.

As I'm sitting there watching with my jaw hanging down like a twelve year school boy. Miley turns back and begins walking forward, approaching me rocking her hips side to side. Propping the leotard just below her breasts with now only one hand.

The popular Hannah Montana star reaches to my knees and spreads her legs out, slowly edging herself further over my lap. Feeling her inner thighs softly graze mine as she moves closer. Eventually settling herself in my lap, with her cheeky behind resting on my thighs and only a thin piece of her leotard separating between the touch of her shaved pussy and my erect cock.

Her skin felt warm and silky smooth. Unlike my body temperature, I was still frozen solid, never taking advantage of the situation. I sit there, with my most favorite girl in the world- literally sitting in my lap half naked. Do something! I say too myself. But my shyness unfortunately got the better of me.

Miley runs her right hand through my hair, just beside my temple and leading over my left ear. She again stares right into my eyes. Being only several inches away, the view of her beautiful greenish blue pupils, nearly took my breath away. Still twiddling with my hair, she presents another smile upon her face. I finally worked up enough courage to speak up a few words.

"What are, you planning on doing- here?" I ask shyly.

At first it sounded fine, but seconds after asking I soon realized how dumbfounded the question really was. How stupid can I really be? She might now think I'm not interested in her at all. But fortunately, I think she knew how much my nervousness was taking a role in my actions. She shakes her head slightly and looks away for a moment. Again biting her lower lip, she leans in towards my left ear.

"I can't wait..." She erotically whispers.

Waiting for the rest of her answer. I couldn't help but take a deep breath of her precious hair. The scent was truly out of this world. Causing my eyes to partially rolls to the back of my head. Damn she smelt so good.

"Honk, Honk HONK!" Miley blares into my ear.

"What the fuck?!" I suddenly remark.

Before I could figure things out, more loudly delivered ‘honks' come out of Miley's mouth. Soon realizing, I was still in my car- no where near Ms. Cyrus. Surprised and disappointed to find myself stopped just before a intersection at a light.

"C'mon, the fucking light is green. Can you bl**dy see?" A voice emerges from the vehicle behind me.

Gathering my bearings, I was able to get back to reality. Stepping on the gas and moving my car forward, the arena was straight ahead in my sight. Not too long now before seeing her presents once again. Looking at the time frame, and the distance to still go. I knew without question, how screwed I really was to getting there on time.

Pulling up to the arena, I could only think what was going through her mind. Wondering where probably was. With no time at all to get a gift or even flowers, I knew it was going to be rough entrance- that's if I do even get to see her at all. She might be in the last succession of singing her songs for all I know. Either way, I'm gonna to be late and will have to pay the price. I just know it.

Quickly as my running legs will allow me, I dash to the backdoor of the arena. Throwing on my backstage pass around my neck just before accidentally knocking down someone who happened to be coming through the door as well..

"Sorry, I'm sorry. Hey, do you happen to know the way to the main stage?" I quickly ask.

"Yeah, matter of fact I do young man. It's straight down the hall- last door on the left." Helping up the older gentleman.

"Thank you sir. I owe you one!" Me rushing a quick thanks and running off down the hall.

"Oh don't mind me boy. Just don't tell her where I told you to find her!" The gentlemen yells down the hall.

When I look back, I quickly realize I had bumped into Billy Ray Cyrus. I was rushing myself so quickly, I had not noticed it was him. Talk about a rough yet smooth entrance with her dad. As I continued my sprint down the hall, visibility of Mr. Cyrus lessens as the hall begins to bend around a corner. Getting forever closer to the main stage.

Approaching the last door, I shortly was able see Miley through the window with a few wardrobe and stage staff by her side. Jogging away in her red leotard and black leather boots, still putting on the arms straps over her shoulders. Rapidly she disappears behind some of the stage equipment. The room showing to be much darker than the hallway had possessed.

Entering through, a instant spike in music and crowd noise over took my voice in calling for her. Like before, I dashed my way across the dimmed yet full of sound and stage equipment room. Similar to running a obstacle course during the night time. Unfortunately hitting my knee while passing by a speaker- totally oblivious to my vision.

Trying to follow the distant sound of her voice- echoing inside. It led me through a series of under stage structured mazes. Light begins to brighten as I reach an open corridor with many stage staff running about with headsets and such. Seeing a lady with a clipboard, appearing to be ordering other people around. I swiftly step in and ask her about Miley's location. Almost surprising her ever so slightly.

"Everyone clear the platform, we start in ten minutes!" The lady yells to the staff.

"Excuse me, do you know where Miley is?"

"She's on the mobile platform, ready to be..." The women pointing the direction.

"Thanks." As I cut her off and try running to the platform.

"Wait, you can't go in there. The platform is being set!" She tries to grab me, but fails.

Tearing away down the tunnel to the mobile platform. Barely squeaking past the doors before officially closing. Straight ahead by only dozen feet or so, I see Miley standing on the platform. Nearly another three feet higher than the floor I stood upon. Noticing her facing away, I quietly sneaked closer without her knowing my presents. Planning to surprise the stunning brunette if I could.

Tip toeing using my ninja skills directly behind her. My next move would either be good or bad, depending on the mood she's in. I reach up with both hands and have a speedy groping of her sweet ass cheeks. My lightning reflects so fast, my fingers dive underneath her leotard. Allowing me to grab more square area of ass.

Within a second, Miley jumps forward in complete surprise. Swiping my hands away and turning herself around furiously, prepping for retaliation.

"Hey!? What the fuck do think your... doing?" Miley aggressively hounds at first, then discovering my face in relief.

I have always loved how soft yet ripe her ass is. It's not too droopy, nor too full of muscle. The kind that can give a curvy look when positioned just right, while also establishing a petite figure. But my favorite use is when resting my head upon it. Pretty much making the best pillow in town to sl**p on.

Just before stepping up onto the platform, I purposely give off a witty smile and a short baby wave to Miley. She scrunches her face to the side of her mouth and squints her eyes. Obviously mad, yet glad to see me at the same time kinda look.

"Well you're fashionably late." She smirks.

"You should know, I'm meant to come here- at this exact time." I tease, while slowly moving in closer to her. "Just to make you worry."

"Yeah right, I know how your dirty mind works. You can't resist the sight of a girl in a leotard... especially me." Miley digging out the truth from my thoughts.

Miley's eyes fills with lust, her voice deepens with a sexier tone. I can tell she was hungry for cock. And I am just about to give her the main course.

"Okay fine, you caught me. I can‘t stop looking at your super fine ass. Your shiny brunette hair is absolutely incredible. And your smile throws me for a loop and don‘t get me started on your chest..."

Before I can complete my rambling confession. Miley unexpectedly grabs the front of my shirt and pulls me forward for a big kiss. The locking of our lips was well finessed, gentle and not too wet.

"So what about my lips then?" Miley teases back.

"The best thing yet." Kissing her back on the lips.

For several more moments we make out passionately, slowly I move the kisses down the left side of her neck and my right hand hunting out for her luscious ass. Miley closes her eyes, appearing to enjoy the forward action I had taken, so I further continued on.

Moving my kisses down her neck and to her left shoulder, I nab her arm strap at the top of her leotard with my teeth. Slowly tugging it down her upper arm and soon revealing her blossoming left breast. When my coping lips make contact with her left nipple, she slightly coos in pleasure. Gradually turning her on.

"Oh my god, this is so crazy." Miley can't believe.

"What's so crazy? I ask.

"I need your cock!" She growls.

Without warning, Miley drops to her knees and hooks her claws onto my belt. Unbuckling me at the speed of light, like her life depended on it. The horny brunette strips down my pants and shorts all together and grabs a hold of my enormous shlong. From there she soothingly stroked my manhood, getting me even harder than I already was.

Standing in place, I let the songstress give me one of the most unbelievable hand jobs I have ever felt. Moving her hand along my entire shaft with a pulsating grip and twisting strokes. While twiddling her thumb and pointer finger at the bottom of the head. The sensation blew me away. And I tell you, there was no way she was an amateur at this task.

Inches from her mouth, Miley teases- blowing a light breath of air between every so many strokes upon the head. Feeling the warm air from her lungs caused my rock solid cock to twitch with every exhale.

"Shit Miley, your driving me insane here." I splurge out.

"Oh yeah, I bet this will drive you even more insane." She playfully replies.

Straight away, she takes in my colossal of a rod into her warm mouth. Her precious lips narrowing past the head, soon feeling her sodden tongue curling around the bottom mushroom edge. With my help, I pull away her silky brunette hair from her face, watching her head pivot back and forth. Daring herself to push my cock deeper within every accelerated stroke.

I soon can feel the head start to make contact with the back of her throat, ultimately causing her to gag temporarily. Recovering herself, she retreats my cock from her mouth, slapping it's heftiness across her delicate cheek. Repeatedly punishing it to a reddish pulp and back into her mouth.

Throughout the duration, I see one of Miley's hands slither down to her vulva area. Massaging herself over her leotard covering her pussy. Of course that didn't last too long for her, before finally pushing the red cloth aside and going to town with her digits. Immensely pinching and rubbing her clit raw. Causing her to coo in pleasure.

At this point, my mind began to flounder over Miley's pristinely perfect cunt. Unexpectedly, I withdrew my bulging cock from her mouth. And drop down to my knees, equally to Miley's height. Out powering her hand, I take over her motion upon her pussy. Gliding my fore finger along the entrance of her honey pot, formulating circular rotations. Slowly sending her off to pleasure land.

Leisurely she begins to lean back upon her knees, showing the heels of her leather boots touching her ass. Sitting there, she plants both hands behind herself for support. Her thighs strongly flex and reflect in the light. The sight was a true mental picture to save in my memory bank. A shaved beauty, that displayed one of the best looking slit of labia lips you can ask for. The perfect combination for the ultimate camel toe shot.

Seeing the opportunity, I went straight for the gold and sink two of my digits directly into Miley's tight twat. Submerging past her pinken lips and into her moist canal. Feeling her inner pussy walls trapping my sunken fingers. Slowly stroking her sensitive mark, skyrocketing her ongoing orgasm.

"Huh, fuck yeah! Right there. Right fucking there." Miley moans her words.

"Ooo did I find just your special spot." I playfully torture her. "Is that what drives you insane?"

"Yes, huh... you so fucking found it. Oh shit!" She feverishly answers.

"Well, we'll see about that..." I reply back.

Turning my body around and laying back down onto the platform. I surprise her by planting my mouth directly onto her fragile pussy. Straight lining my tongue between her slit lips. The sudden contact, caused the body of the eighteen year old pop star to jolt in place. Further compiling her ever growing sensations.

Her breathing quickly deepens. Both our body temps begin to rise. And my actions gradually upgraded. Like a air hose that has burst and now flying about, my tongue wildly ventures the same over Miley's clit. Quickly flicking and licking the now swollen yet sensitive stretch of skin.

With my face literally between her legs, eating away at her delicious pussy. I couldn't imagine at this point a better position to top all else. But Miley soon proved that theory of mine wrong. Somehow during her escalating orgasm, she gathers just enough energy to prop herself up and lean back forward. A mission of hers to sixty-nine each other.

The stunning brunette again reaches for my raging junk and devours it into her mouth. While sucking me off, I had the pleasant chance to finally see Miley bend her nicely round ass. Both hands of mine tightly clamp onto her ass, one per a cheek. Making rotated squeezing motions, I happen to sometimes reach her back door with my thumbs, causing her to budge a smidge each time when passing by.

Jesus, what the hell was next? Hysterically asking myself. Oh yeah... I slap Miley hard on her right butt cheek. Forcing another spasm to ripple throughout her entire body.

"Ooo yeah..." She startlingly coos.

"You like that, huh?" I devilishly ask. Giving her another spank.

"Oh yeah." She adds with a rougher tone.

"You want more you dirty bitch?"

"Oh fuck yeah!" She screams out.

At that moment, three more smacks to her ass is delivered as commanded. Prompting her to begin a humping motion, allowing her pussy to push against my tongue with every buckle of her hips. She intensifies her movements, nearly cutting my air supply off and coming to a full facesitting.

Fortunately, Miley abruptly jumps forward and repositions herself facing me by my lower end. Obviously showing she needed my cock to finish off her boiling orgasm.

Up on her knees again, the gypsy heart tour star slowly lowers herself, guiding my gigantic sex rod straight into her aching love hole. A loud moan comes out of Miley, followed by descending coos as she further mounts my cock deep within her sensitive pussy walls.

"Huh, Oh, Ooo..." She releases.

When she closely comes to bottoming out upon my balls, she lifts back up, beginning her strokes. Slowly thrusting her body over my rock hard cock, causing it to drill into her sweet cunt. The feeling was like no other, her warm insides surrounding my now mammoth of a rod. Friction between the two of us, quickly heated our orgasms.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck me..." Miley lashes out in pleasure.

Watching from below, I pull aside her right shoulder strap from her leotard down to her elbow. Thus, now exposing her right breast along with her left. The two breasts wildly shake above me from Miley's humping rampage. With not another second going by, I cup both breasts and gently massage them. Looking to add onto her already boiling sex run.

Like if that wasn't enough, pinching her nipples and giving them a final twisting. Sent the diva's greenish blue eyes to the back of her head in awe.

All of sudden, loud sounds of hydraulics' and metal clattering comes about. Two giant doors above us open and the platform we were fucking on began to move!

"Miley, the platform is lifting!" Trying to warn her. "We have to stop!" I add.

But it was no use, the stunning brunette was too infatuated with fucking me at that very moment. The platform had begun to raise and a beat to one of her songs started to play as well.

"Don't you dare fucking stop! Fuck me! Fuck me pussy!!!" She yells out.

Hearing her words. I couldn't believe the situation. Like her, the sensation was almost to greatly addictive. Slowly I fell under her spell, and continued to fuck the hell out of her. Now only a couple feet and closing from being visible to the entire arena. I lay there, fucking one of the most popular girls on the planet and thousands of fan were about to see it come to life.

"Oh shit, ah shit!" I uproar with pleasure. Ramming her as fast as I can.

"Huh, huh... cu... cum already!!! Miley yells just as the platform reaches the main stage.

Before you knew it, everyone can see my enormous cock pile-driving into the star of the show. Miley falls forward, holding herself up by her elbows next to the sides of my chest. Giving me one last big kiss on the lips.

"Fuck, oh fuck... oh fuck yeah!!! I finally explode my load into Miley‘s fertile pussy.

The crowd soon realizes the spectacle and goes into frenzy- watching me pumpin' up Miley's now cum filled cunt live on stage. When I pull out my dwindling cock, a large stream of semen comes gushing out of her pussy and onto the stage. Surprsing me how much I had really cum inside of her.

Still laying over me, Miley leans over to my left ear and quietly whispers:

"I can't wait... to see you again."

Right after them final words, she gives me another sweet smile across her face and gets up starting to readjusting her outfit appropriately for the concert. As I sit up and watch her walk away in slow motion, tucking in her breasts and putting back up her shoulder straps. I still couldn't believe I had just fucked my most favorite girl ever- while literally in front of the whole world watching.

Even myself being naked in front of thousands of people, I couldn't take my eyes off of Miley. Looking at her sing and scamper dance moves across the stage. Her leotard of diamonds sparkling in the light and her ass jiggling with every movement she‘d make. Forever continuing to put a smile across my face.

Once more, she gives another warming look back at me. The last sight of her that begins to diminish, as several giant guys in black security shirts seemingly close in on me from all directions. Before long, my vision goes dark and sadly does Miley along with it.

I was truly the luckiest bastard alive tonight. Thus, waiting to see her again will be mind boggling enough as it is to handle. And to top it all off... I know she can't wait to see me again too.
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