Vogue Photo Shoot with Miley Cyrus

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Allow me to begin telling this story by giving you a background about myself. I'm a 32 year old British photographer, residing in Los Angeles, California. I've done numerous photo shoots for Vogue, Victoria's Secret and Guess, along with some other high end fashion magazines. I've photographed a legion of celebrities, ranging from the likes of David Beckham to Angelina Jolie. Nevertheless, meeting those people don't hold a candle to Miley. The events that I'm about to share with you took place on the 20th of November 2010. I never planned on speaking a word of this, but I can't seem to keep it to myself any longer. Ever since the day it happened I’ve become addicted to sex. I have been f***ed to do dirty things, searching for the same high I got that night. Needless to say you will find out why I'm unable to attain that high.

I was hired for a photo shoot through Vogue with singer/actress Miley Cyrus. Although I had never met her, I was looking forward to working with her for this particular photo shoot. I arrived at the studio at 6:00pm to set up my scene and prepare the outfits for her. I intended to give Miley a sexy, yet professional photo shoot to her agents wishes. I wanted the photo shoot to be a very clean, bright, soft setting. Miley finally walked through the door at around 8:15, clothed in an earth toned sheer dress, neglecting to wear a bra. This giving me a chance to see her petite teen nipples nipping through her dress.

"She's only 17, get a hold of yourself! You're a professional." I said to myself

Miley walked straight over to me, extending her arm.

"Hi, I'm Miley, It's really nice to meet you!" she said in her nasally southern accent

"Liam, great to finally meet you!" I replied, admiring her cute smile.

Honestly before today I had never really found Miley very attractive. I must have had her early Hannah Montana days stuck in my head. Needless to say my viewpoint instantly changed after I met the pleasant teenager. Adorable face, cute accent and a young, fit body to top it all off.

"Okay Miley, we have four outfits for you to wear today. You can go in the dressing room and change whenever you're ready!" I instructed

"Yayyyy! I love photo shoots so much" Miley said gleefully

She playfully skipped over to the dressing room, my eyes couldn't help but stare, her sheer dress forming tightly around her bum, wedging itself up her perfect ass. I noticed she was either not wearing underwear, or had an extremely thin thong beneath that sheer dress.

I tried thinking about anything besides her tight little ass, in order to keep my mind straight. There was just something about this girl that got my bl**d boiling. I liked it, but on the contrary felt wrong fantasizing about a 17 year old. I kept telling myself if I was in England she'd be legal. She will be 18 in just a few days.

I struggled with the fact that I had to spend the next two hours taking photographs of her in sexy outfits and I was already battling my erection. Miley was in the changing room for a couple of minutes before she swung the door open, wearing a cute white dress I had laid out for her. I noticed her clean bare feet, absolutely perfect, nails polished a sexy pink. I quickly tucked my partially engorged cock into my waistline, hoping it would go soft.

"Well, don't you just look stunning!" I said to Miley.

Her cute face flushing red from my compliment. I told her what kind of poses I wanted from her and she followed like a true professional. I noticed her confidence growing. Miley began joking around with me, making us both feel more comfortable. She started sticking her tongue out, crossing her eyes, doing anything to lighten the mood.

"Alright honey, sit on that stool there, cross those legs and give me a big old smile" I instructed Miley

"I love your accent! Keep talking to me" Miley giggled

"Seems all American girls love my accent! I'm not complaining though." I snickered back

I shot a variety of different pictures for the next 25 minutes. The third outfit was far too sexy. We starting shooting and she realized it was too thin of a material. It was an extremely sheer white gown. After Miley saw the photos she insisted the photos either be deleted. I agreed, cleverly wanting this photos all to myself. I did not want the rest of the world see her sexiness I was lucky enough to be seeing. I told her I needed to adjust some settings as I emailed the 14 megapixel masterpieces to myself. Due to the fact that she was under 18 at the time I will not be sharing these images.

"Okay, I just deleted those. Right now we have 21 pictures we can choose from. Go and throw on a different outfit, doll" I said to Miley

"No, I think I'm done for the day" Miley said half jokingly

I watched as she shuffled her way over to the changing room. I couldn't believe how sexy she was in that white gown. I was fully erect from the sex she was oozing from her pores. I carefully watched as she undressed herself, the saloon style doors giving me clear view or her nubile feet and the top of her head. My eyes locked on her feet, I saw her dress drop, wrapped around her heels. Closely following behind a lime green thong dropped to her feet.. Her hands reached down to pick up the dress as her feet flung her fluorescent panties to the side.

"Talk to meeeee!!! Let me hear that sexy accent." Miley begged over the door

"Miley, I just got a text message from my supervisor. She said that she and the production assistant were leaving for the night. Do you want to call somebody or do you feel okay being alone here with me?"

"Well, now that you asked that I'm kind of creeped out!" Miley giggled back

"No! no, I just legally have to ask, it's a precaution of sorts." I stated

"Want to hear something really weird about being a celebrity? Miley questioned

"Hmmm, let me guess, you get whatever you want, whenever you want it?

"Close! But it's having the power to give people whatever they want. For example I'm not trying to be conceited here, but when I look on the internet it seems a lot of boys jerk off to my pictures I love having that power. That's why I dress so sexy in my concerts. I get off on getting guys off. Guess how many guys have seen me naked?" Miley questioned

"Seen you naked? I'm guessing it's a trick question. None?" I answered

"Close! Only Liam. He's only fucked me once though. That lasted a good 10 seconds."

"I'm not going to lie Miley, I'm kind of uncomfortable talking about this. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a bore.

"Sorry, it's just.........never mind"

"It's just what? I replied

"Wellllllll....I heard you did a photo shoot with Katy Perry and....never mind I can't say it.

"She said what?" I questioned

"She said you had the nicest dick she has ever seen. She also said you were the best sex she's ever had. Hands down."

I stood there dumfounded. Swallowing anxiously, I could feel my cheeks glowing red. I simply couldn't believe the words that just came out of her mouth.

I awaited her response... suddenly the saloon style doors swung open exposing Miley to me. She was wearing a white bra and a white thong. I was absolutely dumfounded.

"Does this make you uncomfortable too?" Miley questioned me

"Very." I replied

"Well, do you like what you see?" Miley questioned

"Miley, I feel guilty just looking at your body, too many thoughts and you're not even 18.

"Oh come on! You're just looking anyways, if we were in England you'd probably All because its "LEGAL." Come on, I always fantasized about turning on a photographer taking dirty pictures of me. As long as you give me the memory card when you're done taking them! I want to see your dick hard for me."

"Jesus Christ! If you really want to do this I need to go lock the door and close the blinds... like now!"

"Miley began striking poses in her panties. She was completely willing as I snapped shots of her sultry i*****l figure in the buff. These photos were making my cock throb in excitement.

"Miley, I could go to jail for this" I responded nervously

"You won't! Nobody will ever find out. I promise. Plus, you don't go to jail for taking pictures of me, because were done for the day.

A sigh of relief shocked through my body

"I just need to be fucked for real. Nobody will ever find out about this!" Miley assured

I watched her as she started walking towards me, one foot in front of the other, her slender leg muscles contracting with each and every step. Miley's head was tilted down, her lustful eyes focusing on my reaction. I gulped nervously. I had fucked some beautiful girls in my lifetime, but none anywhere near her significance. I felt like a high school boy getting ready for his first kiss.

Miley finally walked right into me, bumping her breasts into my chest, kissing my chin softly. I peered down as I watched her hand slowly gliding down my stomach reaching my waistline. Miley raised my chin and began was sucking on my neck, her warm tongue feeling ungodly. Everything about this girl was blowing my mind. I felt her unbuttoning my jeans, slipping her fingers in between my waistline. She reached down firmly grasping my cock, her tiny hands barely making it half way around my unit. I watched as her eyes widened, thoroughly impressed with the size I was blessed with.

I aggressively grabbed Miley's jawline with both hands, lifting her mouth towards mine. We began passionately kissing, our tongues lashing together. She stopped, looking at me snarling, frustratingly unable to hold back her sexual drive. I reached my hands behind her grasping her bare ass. My large hands both filled with her soft, yet perfectly toned cheeks. Just the thought that my fingers were only inches away from her clean asshole made me tremble with excitement. I was so close to her strong anus I could feel different textures in her skin. . We continued to aggressively kiss one another.

"Eat my pussy Liam, I want to cum in your mouth" Miley dictated

I leaned down, releasing Miley from my grip. She instantly unstrapped her bra leaving her topless in her white lace thong. I couldn't believe the amount of sex she was exhibiting. I felt as though I would soon become one of her "10 second victims." I didn't blame these guys from prematurely popping.

I slipped my hand between her panties, the back of my hand firmly pressed up against her swelling pussy slit. I pulled it to the side exposing her bright pink, completely shaved sex box. Miley's well kept delicate sphincter pulsing in and out in anticipation of my tongue.

I made my way down to tongue fuck her cute little vagina. Before I could get my mouth on it Miley shoved my head down further.

"Tongue my ass first! spit on my ass" she murmured breathing heavily

I watched as her ass lifted off the floor, her stomach fluttering rapidly in anticipation. Immediately I began slobbering all over her utopian butt hole, causing it to shimmer as the light struck it. My sex drive gave me dirty thoughts of filling her famous sphincter with my cock, watching her squirm in pain and pleasure.

I continued massaging her butt preparing it for my fingers, my tongue making it's way up to her young closed pussy lips. I skillfully opened her pussy with my tongue exposing her miniscule clitoris, my tongue began massaging it, sending Miley's body into a frenzy of convulsions. During her convulsions I inserted my thumb inside of her ass, stroking in a circular motion. I admired my masterpiece. My thumb impaled in her taut butt hole, her pussy soaked with her teenage juices, and my cock harder than a diamond yearning to be inside of her. I couldn't hold out any long without my dick inside one of her slits.

"Stand up, let me suck you" Miley pleaded

Like a bat out of hell I sprung to my feet, my cock swinging aimlessly.

"This is such a hot cock" Miley said before she got on her knees catching it in her wet naughty mouth.

With her jaw fully extended she still struggled to exercise the width of my cock. She began fucking her own throat, compelled to fit my cock down her throat.

"Gghhh, ghhh, ghhh" is all I heard as I listened to her struggle, choking on my cock.

I looked down, mascara streaming down her cheeks, her attractive little mouth stretched to the utmost, laboring to deal with my gifted cock. To my amazement she began swallowing me deeper and deeper, saliva pouring from the corners of her mouth. I looked down, awestruck that my cock was disappearing, her diligence and talent bringing me the brink of orgasm.

My cock nowhere to be found, her beautiful throat was harboring all nine inches of me. She made it known that she had accomplished the impossible, arrogantly pinning her nose below my belly button for a minute straight, my cock stretching her esophagus. I leaned my arm over her wavy brown hair, reaching for her beautiful bum, gently fondling two of my fingers into her wet asshole, my cock still fully injected inside of her throat. I upped the ante, slipping a third finger in her accommodating young asshole.

"FUCKGHHG, MGMGMMMHHMM" Miley mumbled with a mouthful of cock

Miley finally released my cock from her chamber, allowing herself to get a full breath of air. I reached under her armpits lifting her up against me. My hands tightly secured on her flawless butt cheeks. I plunged my two middle fingers in her sealed asshole to secure my hold onto her body. I looked down, seeing her reach down between our chests, grabbing my saliva layered cock, swiftly rubbing it against her gushing pussy.

With my fingers tightly buried inside her bum, I pulled her body towards mine, a rush of bliss shooting through the both of us, as my cock drove inside of her warm body. I felt her pussy clenching around my cock, vacuuming my cock deeper inside. Miley's vaginal muscles were so powerful, I had a hard time retracting my cock to penetrate her.

I continued to fondle her asshole as she gleefully sprung her body on my endowed cock. As we continued to fuck her pussy began gushing fluids. I felt her 17 year old juices pouring down my leg. Miley tried getting a word out on several occasions but her vocal chords were idle, she was in pure ecstasy. I gazed down between our bodies watching my cock penetrate her young nubile pussy, her strong slender legs skillfully pulling my cock out to the tip as I would pull her bum slamming her back into me filling her pussy up as quickly as possible.

Miley lifted with her legs, pulling my cock from her tunnel. We began kissing as I held her, my hands firmly squeezing her ass, my fingers pressing into her rear. She unwrapped her legs from my waist and jumped off.

Wasting no time she leaned over, shoving my famous Miley juice covered cock back into her mouth, deliberately gagging herself, knowing how much it turned me on.

Miley withdrew me from her throat, instantly flipping over exposing her famous ass to me. She instinctively placed her hands on her butt cheeks spreading her genitalia to my delight. She removed her hands from her ass placing them on the ground. Her knees firmly planted on the floor, elevating her exposing her sex to me.

I leaned over, asphyxiating myself in her privates, deeply tonguing her tense asshole, grazing my tongue along her young vagina. I rose, getting on my knees grabbing my cock. Miley's backside high in the air, her back sexily arched as she swiftly flung her head back, removing the hair out of her eyes.

With my cock in hand I gently placed it on the lips of her vagina, looking down I saw her asshole throbbing in and out. I ably used my cock to separate her sodden fuck hole, inching my cock into her bodies tunnel. Miley arching her back further in pleasure, showing off her cute little butt to me. I began thrusting deeper and harder into her satisfied tender cunt.

"Harder, harder, punish my little pussy, show me how big you are" Miley moaned erotically

I fucked her as hard as I could, my heart was racing, her pussy noticeably engorged in preparation to cum. I pulled my cock out from her body, her juices dripping off of my head. I aimed my head towards her balloon knot, rubbing it gently, I lubed her tight enclosure with her own juices. Steadily I began submerging my head into her, my unit stretching her nimble ass handily. Miley began wincing in pain, her anus snugging the head of my cock

"Just f***e it in, FUCK ME! I want you in me" Miley sexily ordered me

I pulled the head of my cock from her young butt hole. I ducked down, my hands spreading her adolescent butt cheeks. I began slobbering on her ass, assuring it's extreme lubrication. I quickly grasped my cock sticking it into her primed, off limits fuck hole. I inched my way in, watching Miley Cyrus squirm in appeasement. Her ass clenching my cock like a vice with each penetration.

Upon pulling out my cock, I watched her perfect little ass go from the size of a my cock to a gorgeous little knot in a split second. I reopened her ass f***efully, her u******e ass swallowing my cock with pleasure.

"Okay, my turn" Miley said confidently

I looked down at my fortunate cock buried deep inside of her ass. Miley plugged her ass with my cock, sexily thrusting back on me. I watched in amazement as she twirled her sexual hips a circular motion. I was obsessed with her teen ass, it jiggled on each impact with my body. She made sure that my cock felt every inch of her unadulterated anal cavity.

"I'm gonna come in you, I can't hold it anymore! You're too much!" I quivered

Miley began impaling herself, pushing with her hips back as fast and hard as she could, both of us gasping for air, our bodies tensed in anticipation.

"I'm ccccuuuummmminggg tohhho" Miley whimpered

I felt her privates clenching violently, her body lost coordination, rendering her unable to fuck. I forcibly grabbed her by the hips, finishing her hard work, deeply plunging my massive rod deep inside of her, about to release my load inside of her pretty little ass.

"Aghhhhh" Miley screamed, upon feeling my cock shooting cum inside of her juvenile asshole.

I watched my cock plop from her defiled asshole. Miley’s knees collapsed. She molded herself into the fetal position, lying silently. I watched her nearby privates still throbbing in excitement. My cock still erect watching my semen being pumped out from her gorgeous pleased asshole. I scooted around to her face, showing her my hard satisfied cock; instinctively she handled my cock, milking the last drops into her mouth, swallowing them with a slutty smirk on her face.

"Now... I've been fucked" Miley said, in her deep raspy tone.

The End

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7 months ago
I LOVE HER ASS!! this made me so fucking randy,thankyou for sharing
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fucking hot 5 stars