She pushed me against the stall door knocking us both on to the ground still sticking her tongue in my mouth. Her hand trailed down my leg into my pants unbuttoning my pants . Her fingers began to feel my pussy get wetter and wetter. I could believe this was happening. The i felt her finger enter my pussy with her tongue still in my mouth i could moan but i wanted to. She took off the rest of my clothes and started to play with my boobs putting both of them into her mouth. The warmness against my nipples was great. I Pulled off her shirt, no bra i sucked both of her breast while she was finger fucking my the harder she fucked me the harder i sucked on her nipple then she began to moan, then i knew that she was close. We began to change and then she was sucking on my boobs i was finger fucking her with 4 fingers. we were fucking for about 36 minutes until she went over to her purse and pulled out a huge dildo she started to suck on it and she told me to lay down on the floor and be my bitch. she rammed the huge dick into my ass i scream . She kept ramming it in and out until we hear knocking on the door .

After we hear that we exchange numbers and left and we called each other every week so we can do it over and over ...

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4 years ago
love your thinking...
4 years ago
hot but needs to be longer
4 years ago
hot sexy & short
4 years ago