The Night I Fucked My Hot Blonde Teenage Neighbor

It was a beautiful day so I decided to get in my pool.

While I was just laying out in my pool I heard a voice say "Hey" so I looked up and it was my beautiful and absolutely sexy 18 year old neighbor. Her name was Brooke she was tall, blonde, had long sexy smooth legs, sexy feet and cute little titties.

"You mind if I get in your pool with you" she said "No I don't care" I said. So she ran home to go get her bathing suit. When she got back she took off her shirt that was covering her up and when she took it off it revealed a tiny little two peace. I was trying to hide the huge bulge in my swimming trunks.

When she went under her feet were still above water and I wanted to take them and suck on everyone of her little toes. It was starting to get alittle dark outside so I told her I was getting out and going inside. "Ok I think I'm gonna go home" she says. That night I was thinking about her in that tight little two peice so I pulled my pants down and started stroking my shaft.

The bad thing was I didn't hear her knock on the door so she came in and saw me stroking my shaft. "Oh my god" she screamed. I quickly tried to cover my cock with my boxers.

"Brooke what are you doing here I thought you were at home" I asked in a nervous-like tone. "I came over to ask you if you were doing anything tonight because I'm going to the movies but I see you already have plans".

Then she saw the picture on my phone it was a pic of her In her two piece today when we were out in the pool. "Are you masturbating to this picture of me" she asked "Yes i'm sorry Brooke it's just when I saw you in that two piece today and your feet were so sexy and your body was all wet".

Before I could zip and button my pants up she pushed me onto the couch and said "Don't apologize I actually think it's kinda hot" ands she told me when she went home today she fingered herself and thought of me.

So she lifted up my shirt and started kissing my chest going down until she got to the huge bulge in my pants she started kissing and rubbing the bulge. She then pulled my pants off and was in awe at the size of my cock.

"Oh my it's so big" she started to kiss the tip and then she lick my cock up and down. And then she started to suck on it and then lick the head and then she sucked on my balls.

"You like that baby" "yeah I do girl" "I wanna feel the good baby lick my pussy". She then took her shirt showing her sexy pink bra and she unhooked her bra and I finally got to see he beautiful tiny sexy and perky pink nipples. I started sucking and licking her nipples. The she pulled down her pants and I revealed her sexy little hot pink panties.

Then she took her panties off and there it was her beautiful tight little wet teenage pink pussy oh my god it was magnificent and the best pussy I've ever seen. I put her on her back ony bed and she spread her legs wide open and I stuffed my face in between those long smooth sexy legs.

I licked her pussy and her moan so much " Oh Fuck Yes Lick My Tight Clit" "Mmm That Feels So Good Baby" "Yes OHHHHH DON'T STOOOOP! FUUUUCK"

Her pussy tasted so good. Then I finally got to taste her sext little smooth feet. I sucked on each and every one of her toes and licked the balls of her feet they also tasted and smelled soo good. "You won't my feet on your cock" she asks "yes" I answer.

So I put both of her feet on my cock and let her stroke my cock up and down with her feet it felt so great to finally have her feet on my cock. And while she gave me a footjob she put her hands and mouth on my cock at the same time so she gave me a blowjob a handjob and a footjob all at the same time I thought I died and went heaven.

Then it was finally the time "I want you inside me" Brooke said so she laid on her back again and spread her legs wide open. So I pushed my cock all the way in her tight little wet pussy "OH MY GOD" she screamed I started thrusting back and forth she screamed "YES RIGHT THERE FUCK ME! YES! "OH FUCK YES!" "HARDER!" "FASTER!" She loved it so much I kept going harder and harder faster and faster then she screamed "OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING YES I'M CUMMING" she came everywhere but she wasn't finished yet .

After she came she got in the doggy style position and said "I want you to fuck me in my asshole baby" and that's exactly what I did she told me that she's never gotten fucked in the asshole before but she really wants to. So I told her I will totally do that. So I slid my cock in her super tight asshole she screamed "HOLY FUCK" "OH MY GOD" she was screaming in pleasure and pain she said "OH YES BABY YEAH FUCK THAT TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE IT HURTS SO GOOD BABY" "YES BABY FUCK YES OHHHH FUCK".

"Oh baby i'm about to cum" I said still fucking her ass so I took my cock out of her ass and she stroked my cock with her mouth wide open "yes baby cum for me I wanna taste your cum I want your cum all over my face and in my mouth" she said stroking. Then I shot a huge load of cum and it got all over her face and some of it in her mouth "mmm it taste soo good".

After that she told me if you ever wanna do this again you know where I live ;)

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Hope there is more to cum.