Demoness: Chapter 1

"Damn humans. I promised mom I'd go to school with them, but it's just getting worse by the second. I can't walk 5 feet without bumping into some random pevert who begs me to fuck him." Drena said into the phone. "Don't worry, s*s!" exclaimed her b*****r whom was talking to Drena through the phone. "They could **** you." Drena paused for a second and replied,"I am not a ****e, I am a r****t! I am a succubus after all."
"Heh, sooo... whatcha wearin'?"
"Don't phone sex me."
"I wasn't. I wanna know what you're wearing."
"Plaid skirt and black t-shirt w/ cracked skull deco. Goodbye."
Drena hung up the phone. All of a sudden she started to feel weird in the gut. She recognized this feeling. LUST. She needed to masturbate. NOW. First she went to the door and locked it. Then she sat on the bed and took off her skirt. She opened the drawer to get her 9" pink dildo when she realised, despite being so damn horny, she wasn't wet! Then, remembering her lessons in demonology, she remembered that if she was succubus, her b*****r had to be incubus. She picked up her cellphone. Before doing what she desperately needed to do, she got naked. Then she took a quick picture of her perfect, curvy body. She opened up text to her b*****r, put in the picture typed, "If my body gets you hard send me apicture of your dick." and sent it. She got his dick pic in about five seconds. his 24" inch dick got her wet as niagra falls. She picked up her dildo and started to rub it against her cute little pussy. After about a minuite or two of gettin' her rub on, she started to prod her pussy with the thick rubber dick. The prodding didn't last more than two seconds before she shoved the whole thing in! "BWAAUH!" was her response to the amazing pleasure. She decided that she needed even more pleasure to subdue the horniness. She slid it a few inches out, and shoved it back in in over, and over. With each shove came a horny "EEEUUUUUGH!".After a few minutes of THAT, she came harder than a whale.
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2 years ago
meesa makesa better one.
2 years ago
2 years ago
the irony is that I made it.
2 years ago
wasn't my fave.