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A Few days ago I was with a few friends in a pub watching the game , england were playing
Was the usual atmosphere, drinking and people were being loud

I saw this milf at the bar she was like 36-38 , she was quite tipsy but not d***k,
she was about 5,6 and had long blond hair down to her ass, she was in good shape and looked fuckable, tight black jeans and high boots

I went out for a cigarette, she came out too into the garden she was a little d***k now, we talked she told me she is divorcing right now and wasnt from this city, she said she didnt care about the divorce because she doesnt like her husband, she flirted a bit

She asked what i was to do after the game??, i said ''go home'' she asked can i come??, in my mind im thinking is the for real?
I couldnt take her home because my b*****r is over and he would be there,

Now this is the best part, my s****r is on holiday along with her house mate,best friends since young, she gave me a set of her house keys while she on holiday too look after it,
and it was closer than my house,
We went straight there, i did tell her it was my s****rs house she didnt mind,
she also made me buy a bottle of JD on the way

we got there Im excited because i already know whats going to happen,
We drank a bit and she starting messing about with me
she undid my jeans and was jus rubbing it, it started to grow she jus shoved it into her mouth,her hair was now in a long pony tail, im holding it while her head is going up and down,
Was the best sensation, she let me do anything to her, she said be rough,

I fucked her mouth on the couch, as she pulled off all her clothes, black bra and thong, her pussy wasnt shaven.
I fucked her on the couch in all positions, and cummed twice into her mouth and she swallowed it. my would let my dick go soft she jus kept sucking it.

We went into my s****rs friends room i was a lil d***k now, and i jus got her n shoved my cock into her mouth and fucked her mouth again,
she bent over and i shoved it into her blond hairy pussy, she pulled it out and said put it in her ass, i had to lube my dick up with baby oil from the bathroom.

i came back and before i lubed it she took it into her mouth again and made it rock solid, she bent over and i shoved it in and she moaned and little when it was fully in i slid it back out slowly and she was getting louder , i built up a pace and she was lifting her feet up because it was hard for her. it was so tight my dick felt like it was going to explode, it did inside her, cum felt onto the bed from her ass, im thinking DAAM i better not get caught,
My dick was almost pulsing when it went into her ass but this time i fucked up so fucking hard she was screaming so loud, believe people outside could hear if the room window was open.
i fucked her anally in all positions she was tired now and so was i, this time i jus wanted to so i cummed in her face more went on the bed I thought i dont care this time,

We fucked for 2 hours or more that day,
she went bathroom freshened up and came and slept on the bed so did, it was like 22:30 now.

at 12:30ish she woke up and ordered a taxi , she said the night was wicked, she didnt give me her number but i thought thats understandable given her circumstance but she took mine and said if ever she is in my city maybe she might think about it,
i hope so because that was the best fuck

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very good