I live with my 2 single aunties, aunt Maleeka is a virgin lady who’s never been married and aunt Afaf is a divorced lady for 17 years, both of them are not bad looking ladies or I should repeat what my best friend said “ they are fuckable”LOL .
Over 8 years ago my friend asked me if he could peep my aunties while they’re in bedroom and shower, I said NO to him, but he kept begging me, so I said Ok you can peep and watch them whenever the chance presents itself, to me personally peeping them is not a big deal because sometimes I get a woman to have sex with but he has none, so my friend kept peeping on my aunties almost every time he comes to visit me at home and I really don’t’ mind that at all as the guy is horny and he never had sex in his entire life, it was a charity peeping to help him out. He kept watching my aunties and telling me all details related their private parts, hair, bras, underwear and all little details, he kept trying to make me peep on them too until he convinced me, so one night I peeped on them, and I felt bad but I couldn’t resist watching my aunties big butts, tits and hairy places, then me and my buddy kept watching them.

For about year now I have been taken my aunties to my friend’s farm to spend some time there, where he can peep on them freely at his farm, as well as another friend who joined us recently to enjoy the aunties show at the farm, it has been fun watching those ladies in their own private times, in fact both them know that my friends are watching them but they don’t care much, it seems they are happy that some men are interested in them, but they have no idea that I watch them too and that’s fine so far.
Now days my fantasy that I am trying to fix someone with my 2 aunties to have sex with them, it doesn’t matter who as long as he fucks them both, I would like to see them fucking with a man, I really don’t know if my auntie are horny or not but I will do my best to find them a man until my friends comes back to town, now I peep them almost every day and thinking about getting them a guy to fuck them, seeing them fucking is my dream now, but YOU guys don’t say why don’t you fuck them LOL I would say sorry NO but heck I don’t mind them getting banged and I film them.

Any way I promise you all that soon I will post a video clips where you can see my aunties and hopefully one day I would be able to film them fucking with man.
So wait for aunties big butt videos
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