Prepped for use by a dom stripper

She seemed like adream come true a slightly dom stripper who accepted my offer
of dinner the next night after six lap dances. She wore a tight sheath dress
and flashed me her bare pussy as I held the door for her getting into the
car. After a dinner dominated with her confession of liking to tease her lovers
with anal kinkiness I was seeing red lust as we got to her apartment.
She said she was married to a boring geek and they had separate rooms.
He was out of town for a few days. She licked my mouth as she undresed me, but pushed my hands away as I tried to feel her breasts. I was naked on the bed she fully clothed and stroking my hardening cock with strawberry lube. She let me take of her clothes and was soon licking my balls as her hands kept up the stroking. She could tell I was getting close to cumming so she stopped. Bent me over hands and knees and started on my man hole. I felt a double baloon
enema head enter and felt the swelling of both baloons as she pumped them hard. The pressure of the inside one on my prostate was delightful and she straked my cock milking me a bit to keep me hard. She kept up a conversation of sorts moaning as she took pleasure from my average male muscles and equiptment. I noticed her fingering her asshole as she prepared me, but was
too busy to help. Suddenly warm fluid started inflating my rectum.
It felt great then too much pressure and she paused. in response to the incresing pressure on my prodtate and spasming of my asshole trying to release I could feel cum starting to drool out. she loved it tasting and moaning and rubbing it on her nipples. She led me to the toilet and left me to clean it all out, but first slipped a tight rubber cock ring to hold the cum drool.
Finslly cleaned out and highly arroused I tried to jerk off for release.
She came back stopped me, returned me to hands and knees and inserted a 2 inch thick vibrator into my now relaxed man hole. Resuming her strokin she used the vibrator expertly on my prostate and soon I was dripping again. Out with the vibrator and into her pusssy it went held in by her panties. She moaned and licked her lips and let me suck her clit a bit. Iwas trying to get her an O so she'd let me cum, but she returned me to all fors on the bet and started workinh her hand into my asshole. I'd never been fisted and was aprehensive, but she started talking dirty " Your ass turns me on I need to put my hand all the way in to properly massage your hungry hole . My pussy is dripping too!"
I felt a few then four, then five as she worked it slowly in then out till
my poor man hole was hrusting back eager to recie her. Finally all the way in she balled her fist and I felt this delicious pressure. As I came it was clear that I could'nt ejactulate! She had drained all my cum. She semmed wonderfully satisfied with this as she adjusted a huge strap on over her clit. Soon Ifelt her banging me harder and harder and heard her screaming with pleasure as waves of exstacy washed over her. I would have cum except she'd drained me temporaily dry! As she withdrew, she said not to move as she had some girlfriends on the was over with their own plans for a stud who could now stay hard all night. I realized the cialis I'd taked to insure an erection was being amplified by a large dose of viagra she'd slipped me at dinner.
If you liked this let me know and we'll see if I ever get to cum. fsmiyth
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3 years ago
i like it, too bad you are off the site
3 years ago
If you liked this send me a message with your own kink!