Original & ALTERED Camping with MØM B&Y

Hello, I am a thirteen year old boy. This is a FICTITIOUS STORYabout a boy named Nathaniel and he is an only c***d & he is going on a camping trip with his mom.

To describe her a bit I would say that she is healthy looking and in good shape. She is 35 years old, 5ft7in, 110lbs, brunette and has blue-green eyes.

Mom and I have always been very close. And she wakes me up every morning. She is attractive but I have never focused on her in a sexual way.

She had a very nice figure with firm, perky tits and a sexy, well rounded ass. Her pussy was covered with a soft and delicious looking pelt of jet black hair that gave me a violent hard on. She’s not fat and not skinny… just healthy looking and in good shape. Her long black hair and green eyes are a f****y trait that all the women in our f****y have. I guess I'd say she was average height and weight.

Anyways she's been a truly single mother since her 3rd month of pregnancy, when my father moved to some other place. As a present on my thirteenth since we live in the middle of nowhere and I was homeschooled by her for the last 9 years, so she decided that we should go camping along with the fact that we were in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains, trees, and hills. So that's exactly what we did.

A few days later; Early February up North-

On a mountain again still in the middle of nowhere we arrived after an excruciatingly long 4 hour drive we arrived two-thirds up the mountain.
We got out, gathered our equipment and got prepared for the extra 3 hour long hike ahead of us. My mom was in good shape (way better than I was) and was carrying her own share of the supplies. We'd packed quite light; with just a small tent, 2 zip-together sl**ping bags, and 6 meals worth of MREs to split between us, and of course the clothes we were wearing.

We'd been hiking for about 2 1/2 hours when the sky showed dark, heavy clouds. It was around six at night and it started to rain even though it was 35°F, so we moved up the hill as fast as we could. And almost immediately, the rain became ice cold. Now the temperature was just below 30 and our bodies were soon hurting from the rain and cold. When we finally got the tent set up, our clothes were were soaked entirely. We were cold and shivering, so we scurried into the tent and dropped on to the tent floor.

That's when we discovered that, in our frenzy to get the tent set up, mom's sl**ping bag came up missing. I quickly popped outside and saw wide slug-like marks toward the cliff and assumed that it had been washed down the hillside. Now there was only mine and it was the only thing we had that was remotely dry.

In a teeth clattering voice she said "close your eyes while I remove my wet clothes and get into the sl**ping bag." I turned around and listened as she got out of her wet clothes. As soon as she was undressed, she crawled into the sl**ping bag and told me to do the same.

She could tell I was a little reluctant and said "I'll close my eyes."

As I stripped down to my underwear and paused for a minute to contemplate what was just happening, whilst she said immediately "The only way we're going to survive this night is with our body heat." I knew that she was right and we both knew that the temperature would drop even lower, by midnight.

I quickly slipped everything off and she unzipped the single bag a little and I saw her full tits. She then slid over as much as she could as I slid into the bag. I had my back to her because the last thing I wanted was to have her feel my dick rubbing down the back of her body. But the dilemma was there was no way we could fit, THIS WAY.

Then just as I had feared, my dick was pressing into her back! I wasn't hard and she didn't say anything, as I moved further down into the bag with my dick and balls dragging against her back the whole time. Then she felt it, on her butt.

She opened her mouth to say something bit I immediately contracted by saying "I'm so sorry mom". I was finally all the way in the bag but now my cock was pressed against the soft, firm left cheek of my mother's ass.

After a while I began rubbing my hand all over her chest. Then I was running my hand all over her, and we were still pressed tightly against the full length of her body, as we lay there spooned against each other. After about 20 minutes, she finally stopped shivering so muchI stopped rubbing her and froze. My dick was getting hard!

I was hoping that she was asl**p and wouldn't notice that I'd developed a hard on. With no room to move away from her, it was trapped between us. She shifted a little and said, "Sorry, honey, but there isn't any more room." I was so freaked out, at this point. She was awake and could feel my hard-on! I knew that this was going to be a long night. "It's ok mom" I nervously said, "I'm gonna try to go to sl**p".

"Honey, you know that's completely normal, right?" My eyes about popped out of my skull, like a cartoon character. "Yeah mom, but this is a little embarrassing!" I blurted out. She laughed and said, "Don't be silly. You're a guy! It just happens." There was a brief silence and then she asked, "Would it be more comfortable if it wasn't pinned between us?"

I thought about that for a second and had no idea what she had in mind so I said, "Maybe." She moved up in the bag, slightly, and, as best as she could, she spread her thighs open and arched her back. That pushed her ass back against me and, at the same time, made it slide up toward the head of my trapped hard on. Before I knew what was going on, the head had slid down far enough to drop below her ass crack but, now that it had more room, it went straight out from my body and jutted right between her opened thighs.... right at her cunt!! She lowered her leg over it and said, "There. Is that better?"

Another minute passed and then my mother said something I'll never forget. "Honey, if you need to release yourself, go ahead. I think it's the only way we'll get any sl**p tonight. I don't mind. I know it happens."

I about blew my load right there. "MOM!!" I said, "There's no way! I'm sorry this happened but it will go away." I knew I was lying to myself and so did she.
Besides, we're going to need all of our energy tomorrow." She ran her hand up and down my hip and pressed her ass into me.

I knew she was right. Tomorrow was going to be an exhausting day, especially if this rain freezes. And there's no way I'm going to be doing any sl**ping with this huge hard-on. Reluctantly, I said, "OK mom, if you're sure you don't care."

That's when fate came knocking.

I guess it was inevitable, but I didn't really expect what happened. With the pumping back and forth and my dick and her thighs getting more slippery, my dick slid up and did a full length slide between the lips of her very wet pussy! She gasped and her whole body shuddered. I stopped moving. My hand froze on her tit. Nothing was said for a few seconds. By the amount of heat that was coming from her pussy, I could tell she was really turned on. It was very hot and she was very wet. "Honey, please don't stop. I know you were almost finished. Just finish and let's sl**p. It's ok, I promise."

I started again and immediately realized that I was now sliding my penis and forth between my mothers thighs. The rock hard head of my dick was sliding over her clit and it was making her quiver. She was arching her back, to push her clit down so it would make better contact with the head of my cock. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and I fought to keep from cumming. This was too good and I needed to get control of myself. Otherwise, I knew I was going to cum too fast and it'd be over.


"What is it mom? I'll do anything you want."

"Well, I'd rather not have to sl**p in a puddle of your stuff tonight so, if it's ok with you, as long as you’re going to... um release your stuff... would you do it inside me? I know it's a horrible thing to ask but please!!!"

After holding back for a few more seconds, I pulled back and thrust in hard. She gasped, "Oh my God!!" as I went balls deep into her. My dick had bottomed out inside of her! I gave a little extra forward thrust and then started fucking her deep and hard. My balls were slapping against her thighs as I drove my cock up into her tight cunt. And I was fucking her wildly, grunting and groaning as I continued thrusting into her. Then I said "I’m going to pump a huge load of cum deep into your pussy... I hope you took your pill today."

She then instantly realized that she had been off her birth control pills for years. Her pussy then tightened up to the max as she panicked and said, "Oh God, honey, I forgot about that. Pull out. Don't do it inside me."

Then I felt my dick swelling up inside mom's twitching cunt causing me then to blast long hot streams of cum deep inside of her. I could feel them splashing deep into her womb.

We had a daughter 9 months later and we named her Sierra Telbagho ******
And when she turns older we'll...

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1 year ago
"Original and Altered Camping with Mom B&Y" - Unnamed Mom and Nathaniel - (Mother and Son): This story has appeared posted several times, by others, in longer versions. This is my second reading in the past nine months! The truth be known, mother is probably pregnant with their, her's and Nathaniel's, second child. For all intents and purposes, mother and Nathaniel have been "dating, wooing, and mentally foreplaying" each other for all her son's life, she being single and most probably without fucking for almost fourteen years. Therefore, it's only fate and their station in life to be the best of lovers, consummated incestually, and as nature intended.
1 year ago
Certainly an altered original story.
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
nice fantasy for a 13 year old
1 year ago
Based on my fantasy
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
It certainly appears Mother wanted this "warm coupling" more than her thirteen year old son (and maybe not)! Anyway, the ultimate of a mother's and son's copulation happened! Mom most likely did not realize it, but she put the icing on the cake for a most lovely, lifetime insemination of her. A great, fantastic story!
1 year ago
105 to go!
1 year ago
Almost 4000 views in 24 hours
1 year ago
Good Job. Loved it.
1 year ago
Great story
1 year ago
I love this story, but you didn't write it nearly as well as the original arthor.
1 year ago
Loved it....
1 year ago