We wanked my mate.

A friend of mine came back from Australia last week and came round ours for a drink. We were talking away and the wife asked me why I called him Big John, when he was smaller in height than me.Straight away I told her it was because of his cock, 9.5 inches and as thick as a baby's arm.Needless to say, she went very quiet for a while,but after a few more drinks she blurted out "go on then, show me".
Now John is actually gay and said he would need some stimulation to achieve full glory. The wife gasped when he took his flaccid cock out, as it was already the size of mine. She pulled on it, she sucked it but it was not getting any bigger.
After 10 mins of this,she turned to me and said "you do it".
Now, the only cock I have touched in my life is my own, but when the drink is in, the wit is out.
i have to say it did feel a bit weird at first, but when it grew to it's full effect under my inexperienced pulling, I did get turned on.( but not enough to suck it.......maybe another time).
The wife was drooling looking at it, and all her assurances that size doesn't matter flew out the window.It was the thickest cock I have ever seen.
We both sat either side of him, and shared the thick shaft as we pulled him off.
Luckily, he didn't come as much as I do, so I still have one trick left.
Of course when John had left, I was practically thrown to the floor and rid till I came, which was very very quick for the both of us.
Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint, I now want to try sex with another man, but the wife draws the line at that ( so maybe when she goes on holiday later this month, i might get the chance).
75% (10/3)
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2 years ago
now theres a cool story
2 years ago
Do me anytime! ;-)
2 years ago
Good story,got me good and stiff
2 years ago
awesome - hope you'll get the chance, and then write here about it!
2 years ago
give me a shout mate we could try something i have not tried this b4
2 years ago
Go for it dude!
2 years ago
Hope you get your chance.