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[Story] What the step daughter saw..too

Well,a few hours after my first encounter,I woke,needing to go to the toilet again.I just had to lie there waiting until Louise or her s*s looked in on me.The effects of the d**gs had worn off and I just needed to pee before my bladder burst.After 5 mins the pressure was too much and I looked in desperation for something,anything to pee in.Then I spotted an empty vase in a box of junk that was going to be thrown out,but it was at least 6 ft away.Only one thing for it,lean out of the bed and let myself down gently on to the floor,I should be able to reach it if I stretched.Part one of the plan ... Continue»
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[Story] What the step daughter saw..

I was involved in a bad car crash a few months ago,which left me needing full time care for a while. Whenever my gf had to leave,one of the girls would stay to help me.This was ok because my partner has two daughters,both stunning, one is 18 the other 21.
Everything was going great,3 gorgeous women at my beck and call,when my gf had to go and look after her mum for the weekend.
This wasn't a problem except for two things.....the gf had never been away overnight.....and she was the one who always helped me shower every day!
I have to take a lot of meds to cope with the pain and one of the si... Continue»
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Long time cumming.

Second attempt at posting this,the 1st one just disappeared?
I left the gf to the station,she was going xmas shopping.Unknown to her I had posted on here to find a guy in the Newry area who would be up for a car wank or more.I met up with him 10 mins after waving goodbye to the gf and we went to my car.TIP:park your car facing away from the station,so you aren't picked up on their cctv lol.
Myself and xxxxxx sat nervously for a few mins,making small talk,until we both decided to go for it.Cocks out and away we went,wanking each other as we were already turned on and horny.I noticed a bit of ... Continue»
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[Story] We wanked my mate.

A friend of mine came back from Australia last week and came round ours for a drink. We were talking away and the wife asked me why I called him Big John, when he was smaller in height than me.Straight away I told her it was because of his cock, 9.5 inches and as thick as a baby's arm.Needless to say, she went very quiet for a while,but after a few more drinks she blurted out "go on then, show me".
Now John is actually gay and said he would need some stimulation to achieve full glory. The wife gasped when he took his flaccid cock out, as it was already the size of mine. She pulled on it, she ... Continue»
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