Boston Surprise

Boston Surprise by FRSWRITER
It had been weeks since I saw the gurls, their memory burned deep in my brain.

Hanging around the house with not much to do didn't help either. I had been trying to call Jill for a few days, but she would not answer. About now I was thinking it was a dream and never happened.

It was getting late and I was contemplating going out and trying to score, headed for the shower to get cleaned up and go. The water felt good and I was getting hard just thinking about what tonight may bring. When I was all soaped up the fucking doorbell rang, I yelled but I guess they couldn't hear me, they kept on ringing it, pissed off I wiped the soap from me, wrapped the towel around me and headed for the door.

I opened the door swiftly and who was there, my two gurls.

Surprise wer're here, my jaw falling open, just stood there and stared, aren't you gonna invite us in? Still stunned I ushered them in, we thought we would surprise you, we see you must have known we were coming.

They moved towards me and it all came back to me, it wasn't a dream at all, the towel was ripped off me and Jill was licking my dick and Sheena was kissing me, I reached down and guided Jill's mouth on to my now swollen member and moaned into Sheena's mouth.

Sheena moved down and started sucking my nipples one at a time and rubbing my ass, I was in heaven, she stopped and said we brought the rope.

Jill was working hard on my dick and soon that feeling was upon me, gob after gob of hot cum erupted from me into her mouth, some leaking out and dripping onto her tits, Sheena moved down to help her clean up and I fell back into the chair out of breath.

Come on lover they said lets finish that shower, they were stripped fast and joined me in the warm water, kissing and soaping me up, they rubbed everywhere, Sheena really liked my ass and soaped the crack well, sliding her slick finger into me and fingering me with just the one.

I reached out and grabbed Jill's now thick 7 incher and gave her a soapy hand job she moaned and started kissing me again (one of her fetishes) said lets go to bed and have some real fun.

I dried them both off spending more time then I should have on Sheena's bigger then now 10 inch bona, we headed to the bedroom.

Sheena said she would like me to get Jill off with only my tongue and she would have to be tied, Jill agreed and was instructed to lay face down on the bed, we tied her spread eagle and then raised her ass off the bed so her dick was hanging free, Sheena said I think she is ready want me to help too.

We started kissing and licking her legs and up her back, her ass cheeks were worked and her brown rubbed with spit for lube, my tongue finding it's way to her brown caused her to squirm and pull at her bindings, my tongue had no mercy and probed deeper into her back passage, inserting my fingers I opened her to receive my tongue even deeper, I sucked both her jewels now hanging down into my mouth and rolling them around a little moved back to her gaping brown eye stuck my tongue way way in and licked the special g spot t gurls have.

This went on for a long time and my tongue was starting to ache driving it in as deep as I could and sucking I reached up and grabbed both nipples and pulled, this sent her hole into spaz after spaszam and the cum began to flow from her thick clit, she squirmed and thrashed at her bindings fucking the air as the final drips came out of her and passed out hanging there like a limp rag.

Sheena said you really have that down don't you. Yup!

Sheena came to me and nuzzled in my neck and said, do me in my bum, pleeease!

Come on top, she sucked my dick and got it all wet to enter her waiting hole which I licked also to lube, settled down on me taking me fully into her in one swift move, moaning I smiled at her as she sat there and worked my dick with just her ass muscles it was fucking amazing and I knew I would not last long.

These gurls were amazing and knew all the right moves to love a guy or even a girl.

She worked my cock and then started moving up and down on me griping and squeezing me, I couldn't take it any more and unloaded in her milking asshole.

Jill had come to and had been watching the action, wanted some and started to lick around Sheena's hole as my load leaked out around my cock, Sheena moved up and I slide out of her with a plop and Jill moved in to reap the rewards of my labors in Sheena's now gaping bumhole, Sheena was kissing me now and grinding her cock on my belly, swelled and shot a load between us up to my chin, slithered around on me and rubbed her hot cum into our bodies.

The evening brought a further adventure into hills of NH in a convertible caddy we rented from the classic car rental, the two gurls were in the front in all their glory, looking pretty as hell when we arrived at the overlook, we stared at the view and a few other cars looked and left, being alone the gurls started to make out, this was getting good now.

The gurls were feeling each other all over when Jill looked back at me and said come on Sheena lets do him.

They came into the back and kissed each other and me at the same time, Jill was on my cock right away and sucking hard, Sheena kissed my nipples (her thing) and rubbed my bum(again her thing). Jill broke her lip lock on my dink and pushed me over on to the trunk area and spread me open, Sheena leaned in and rimmed me and soon had two fingers in me making me groan, Jill moved in and slide her big clit in me and started to pound me as Sheena put a lip lock on my cock, I milked Jill with my ass muscles and she exploded deep inside my inner being and as the heat of her cum spread through my bowels I came in sheena's mouth.

Sheena's big monster needed some attention real bad and Jill and I were on it, Sheena wasn't long before she blew off all over our faces, which we licked off each other.

Back in town Sheena said she wanted to fuck me again, oh nooo, I just got to walking straight the other day, anything but that, she pouted a bit but got over it.

Jill wanted to 69 with Sheena so I could watch, Jill was on top with her ass in the air , what a sight, Jill why don't you let Sheena fuck you, you're a big gurl you can take it!

Jill turned around and lined up with that wet glistening monster and worked her way down on it, inch after inch disappeared into my darling Jill, until she had it all in.

I rimmed around her hole and the meat exposed, sucking on Sheena's jewels I slid a finger up her pussy and rubbed her t gurly g spot. Jill was about to cum again and so was Sheena, they both exploded together each of them wiggling and squirming on each other mingled in a mass of cum leaking out of them and between them.

The next morning I awoke to find them gone with anote that said we can't take much more of this, it's time we went home, maybe sometime we can do it all again, you're the best fuck we have ever had. Oooxxxoo Jill & Sheena , ps here is a pair of my dirty undies you asked for! ooxxoo

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1 year ago
Loved your story. Great description of a nice party.
1 year ago
so hot.
1 year ago
You are a great writer
2 years ago
Fucking great story!
2 years ago
I'm so hot i cameall over my panties