Westward bound cum slut ch 2

Again I'm on the big bird headed out west for another fling. This time is going to be way different though, the players have increased, not to mention both sexes.

The tale unwinds in the same fashion as the last trip out this way, the plane flight was long and boring, and being very nervous didn't help either.

The airport was the same as all the others with everyone running around lost and trying to find there things.

I didn't take long to find Steve and June as they were very easy to spot he being big and blond and she being short , cute and Japanese.

We said our hellos and all the hugs and kisses, headed off to the bar for drinks and relax until the other couple and company came in.

Donna (his name because he came dressed) Andy (his wife) and Kim the older s*s arrived right on time and we all met at the gate. Donna looked really nice dressed in her short skirt, heels and hose, Andy was a very pretty woman and Kim just looked like a fox in heat. We exchanged all the pleasantries and headed out for the bar again just to unwind some more and catch up on what we were going to do while we were here other than the bedroom antics we were going to get into.

We all met in Steve and Junes room, it was large and had a king size bed, which we all tried out.

Kim said come here and kiss these lips fella, which didn't take me long, the kiss turned into the French version and we were off, her tits were huge and the nipples were hard as stone and seemed to get harder as I pulled on them.

June had Donna on the floor and was rubbing her legs and up to her ass, Donna was starting to moan and the bulge was growing in the front of her skirt.

Steve had Andy's top off with her big tits out and was tonguing her nipples, Andy pulled on Steve's pants and they were soon off revealing the red pair of panties and hose he had on.

Kim said take off your pants and lets see what you have on for panties, why don't you try and guess what color mine are, Kim said red too, Andy said black, Donna said light blue, June said no white with lace and Steve said I bet there pink.

Ever so slowly I slid my pants down, teasing them all, Steve said, I knew it, you told me you like pink.

This started every thing in motion, and now in this stage of undress, June came over and kissed me while rubbing my now hard cock which had slipped out of my panties leaking precum.

Donna being bi and wanting some came over to me and replaced June's hand with her lips, my god one swift move and all seven inches of me were in her mouth, I eased back onto the bed moaning as the best head in a long time was performed on me, being in the state I was in, I hardly even felt the finger slide into me until it hit my manly g spot and I blew off in Donna's mouth.

June was the first to kiss Donna and have a taste of me, Kim had striped off all but her panties and threw a lip lock on Donna to get a taste of me too. Andy kissed her s*s to share what was left of my now diminishing load.

Steve now had his cock out of his panties and was stroking it, Donna was rubbing hers as she turned over and offered her man cunt to Steve, Steve bent down and licked it and got it all wet and slippery and proceeded to slide his now engorged tool into her, Donna moaned as it slid deeper and deeper into her until she felt Steve's balls come to rest on hers.

Andy said she really likes it up the ass, I fuck her with my dildo all the time as Kim licks around her hole as it's being fucked.

June said to me lay back and enjoy. She started sucking my cock and then my jewels one at a time, then she moved further down and started rimming me, this was better than the blow job Donna had given me. She worked more and more of her tongue into me, it felt like I was being fucked, this was amazing, I think I'm going to cum again and I hadn't even touched my cock, she then reached up and grabbed both my nipples and pulled them downward really hard which hurt like hell, but just for a minute until she rammed her tongue even deeper into me and the cum shot out of me hitting me in the nose, lips and cheek, I never came that hard in my whole life, this little girl was a freak she knew things to please that I've never even heard of before. I told Steve I wanted to take her back home with me, he just laughed and said no fucking way.

Kim licked the cum from my face commenting on how good it tasted before French kissing me and letting a big glob run into my mouth.

Steve had Andy up on all fours and was now pushing his hard eight inches into her bum, she was moaning and saying oh my god at the same time as more and more of it disappeared into her now stretched out brown. Donna said she likes it as much if not more than Kim does. Kim mentioned that she would like to eat Andy's brown after Steve got done with it and taste Steve's load since she had not yet tried it.

It didn't take long and Steve was starting his short strokes and with his neck muscles tightening, let out a primal groan type grunt shook, jerked and spasm while dumping another huge load deep into Andy's bowels. Kim being so horned up now sucked Steve's cock as it slid from her s****rs gaping asshole and slid the whole thing down her throat licking it and sucking it until she was satisfied it was clean of her s****rs remains and his cum.

Donna came over and kissed Kim tasting the fuck and took her to the bed, laying her back sucked each nipple and working her way down licked and sucked her clit driving her into an orgasm so big she passed out. Kim came to and was dazed but still was not satisfied as yet, grabbed Donna's cock and headed it for her dripping cunt hole. The cock not being really big slid in to the hilt right away and was now plowing away, I suggested that Kim turn around and sit on Donna's cock so I can eat the both of them at the same time. Doing so Kim leaned back and the both spreading their legs, opened up a smorgasboard for me.

There I had the best of both worlds, pussy, cock, balls, and a well clean shaved asshole that Donna really liked having eaten, wasting no time I began to pleasure what was in front of me, Donna pulled out of Kim and soon slid her wet slippery cock into Kim's asshole, Kim moaned and started to ride the cock hard and moaned even more as my mouth found her clit and began to suck hard, reaching down I slipped a well lubed finger into Donna which was lubed by Steve's load and added two more making Donna grunt but fucking them back, Kim clamped down on Donna's cock as she came causing Donna to explode and spasm on my now gooey fingers.

The morning came fast and as I awoke Kim smiled at me and said you were amazing last night. June was the next to come to and was looking at Steve's wood, Kim said why don't you help her with that. Sliding over I put my hand over hers as we reached out to touch it and as we did, kissed for a minute, before kissing up and down both sides of his swollen shaft, he shifted around for a minute as Kim took hold of it and offered it to my mouth, it was kind of hard to swallow because of it's size, but I managed to get enough of it in to wake him, as he grabbed my head and f***ed more down my throat. He wasn't really awake yet and must have thought it was June, but as she kissed him and said morning darling, he realized it was me now pulling his morning load out of his engorged dick. When he had finished I moved up and kissed him letting his hot cum drip from my mouth into his as June looked on with a big smile.

The others were awake now and June suggested that we all go out and see the sights for the day, Donna, Andy and Kim all fucked in the shower as we could hear the moans and screams from the other room.

We went to the park and the shops and while having lunch Donna and I went into the mens room where we shared a stall and I had a creamy desert.

The women suggested we go into this one womens shop and buy some dress, little did I know who it was for.

Back in the hotel room the clothes were laid out on the bed everyone looked at me and said strip, this seemed to excite everyone as I striped the women took me into the bathroom where they washed me, and then shaved me, all my hair, even cut my hair on my head, then powered me and perfumed me, I wasn't to keen on the idea of makeup but soon gave in as they pulled my cock back and tucked it in my ass crack so it would not show, the wardrobe was brought in and I was dressed but I could not see in the mirror until they turned me and I saw an image I didn't recognize, it was me, I looked like a older mature woman, (I love matures and grannies as well as t girls and cds).

They all looked at each other and said I think he'll do, what say we take him out and show Donna and Steve. They wowed as they knew what the girls had been doing, said lets take her out on the town and see how she does.

Not keen on this at all! They dragged me out into the hall, it was hard to walk in the heels but they just made everyone think I was half d***k, because the other guys around had their eyes on me. And I could see the lust in them.

We were out for hours and my feet were killing me and I suggested we go back to the hotel. The others agreed and we some arrived back there to relieve my sore feet. The girls said she looks good enough to kiss huh. They started making out with me and I felt something touch my toes on each foot. Breaking the kiss I looked down to see both Donna and Steve naked except for their panties sporting hardons and looking at me lustfully while sucking on my toes, it felt wonderful being made out with having my cock rubbed through my panties, and my toes licked and sucked. Donna and Steve stopped sucking my toes and grabbed me by the hips and turned me on my belly presenting my ass to them, pulled my panties down just below my ass cheeks and pulled me up on all fours, Steve spread my cheeks opening up my brown bum hole for Donna to finger, after working me more open Donna moved in behind me and started to push her lubed manly clit into my bum, it hurt a bit but the pain was soon gone and replaced by pleasure as she started to pound me saying she waited for this since I came out of the bath a few hours before as she pumped harder began squirting her load deep inside me and as the warmth of it spread through me I came all over the bed, Donna's soft cock was replaced by Steve's huge shaft. The fucking thing was so big it didn't even feel like I was just fucked and open, again the pain was there and took a while before I was used to that monster. He fucked me long and hard and I was glad it didn't take him long to cum because my ass was really sore now. His cock exploded in me and I again felt the warmth spreading though me as the cock softened and slid out, out came a rush of cum that mixed with mine on the sheets.

The ladies grabbed me and forcing my head down, said ladies don't leave messes on bed clothes and f***ed me to lick up the cum all over the sheets and then to spoon my asshole that was now bigger than ever, the cum out of it and eat it

Collapsing on the bed Andy said, how's it feel to be treated like a woman, cum slut cheap whore, you want to be. Smiling I laid my head on the pillow and drifted off to sl**p.

I don't know who brought me back to my room, the knock on the door awoke me.

Opening the door, there stood the most beautiful black goddess I had ever seen, she was over six feet because of the six inch heels, with a micro short skirt and low neck top with her big tits falling out. She said hi my name is Gina and your friends said you would like some company.

Dumb founded I said sure come on in, they told me you liked different type girls.

Yes, I said, how are you different?

She said I have every thing a man could ever want, really I said show me. She started a real slow strip tease for me and was soon down to her panties.

Where's the surprise special I asked, here she said as she pulled her panties down exposing her soft but huge cock, oh you're a t girl, you sure are hot though. She said not only that but lifting up her cock revealed a pussy also, she moved up to me and kissed me and said I have a warm willing asshole I heard you like too. Wow I said I don't believe this is happening to me.

I reached down as we kissed and grabbed her big tool and stroked it, she moaned into my mouth and as I broke the kiss slid down to kiss the biggest cock I had ever seen in my whole life on the front of the most beautiful creature I have seen.

It was already leaking nector as I licked at it, I sucked the head only it was all I could get in my mouth it was so big, now it was hard and I would say twelve to thirteen inches long and I could not get my fingers around it, wholly shit was this thing big!

I lifted it up and out of my mouth and licked the girly clit hiding underneath it, she moaned some more and had an orgasm that shot juice into my face.

She pushed me onto the bed and ripped the pink panties off me, taking my cock in her mouth and down her throat sucked so hard my balls almost came into her mouth too. She worked a finger into my tender butt as I squirmed and said oh it's so sore not now.

She was persistant and would not stop I asked her again and as she held me down worked another into me, no please don't I said. She came to my ear and said relax because I'm going to fuck you whether you like it or not.

She said now roll over and spread your skinny little cheeks for me as she was lubing up her monster.

What have I got my self into this time!

She climbed up on top of me and I could feel that thing laying in my now slick ass crack, she said spread them wider honey, I'll go slow, you'll get to love this, ever so slowly she pushed into me, the pain was the most intense I had ever felt, this huge piece of meat spreading me open like never before. She would stop and rest for a time and let me relax and get used to it, it felt so fucking big I said how much is in and she said about half, I just buried my head in the pillow to absorb my tears as she began to push some more. I had never been filled like this before and there was more, after a time the pain had taken all my strength and I collapsed relaxed that's when I felt the rest of it slide into me, to places never reached before. She now came to rest on top of me buried to the hilt and whispered in my ear, they said you were a girly slut whore who liked being fucked, how do you feel now?

She started moving in me as I felt my insides being pulled back and forth, the pain was now gone and the pleasure was building in me, she pulled me up on all fours and started to pound away in me.

My now limp dick was hanging down as the precum ran out of it, then I had that feeling and began to cum like never before, the juice was just flowing out of me and my clenching asshole wrapped around this giagantic cock hurting like hell pulled the biggest load ever, as it expanded even more inside me and shot, I came again and then again until there was no more juice left in my cock, hers was beginning to leak out of me even around the seal that monster had made, the sperm enema was now filling my cavity and the heat was intense, my god my limp dick is spasming, but there was no more juice left to come out, I've never been fucked like this before, this black goddess is truly amazing.

I never felt anything like it as her now soft tool slid from me, I felt so empty even as the juice from her labors ran from me, I reached back to scoop them up and taste them. She moved around and offered me her cock to clean, the thing was still huge and after cleaning that piece of meat I licked her now wet pussy and then the sweat from her big black brown rear hole which she made me stay at even longer.

She dressed and came over and kissed me and said if you need that sweet honey hole of yours fucked anytime call me and gave me her card and said and there won't be any charge next time either!

I fell back on the bed and was asl**p for a while and then the knock at the door, all five of them were there wanting to know how it was. Kim said I want to see his man cunt and see if she spread it like she said she would, turning and bending I showed them my used hole with cum still leaking from it.

We were all at the airport the next morning, me with a still really sore bum hole and I think it was still leaking cum. Donna said lets go to the mens room and in the stall showed me his pink panties as I took him in my mouth and sucked the last load from his man clit as I shoved my finger up his ass I pulled it out and smelled it so I would remember this time we had.

The flights departed and we separated our ways for the time being, hoping to do it all again and hopefully share Gina with the rest of them. T girls look up my bio, contact me I love you gals.

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great but add a lil bit more detail in ur stories
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