Submissive Wife After Work

You open the front door Friday after work and your wife is on her knees with hands behind her back. The first thing you notice is her dark black eyeliner and eye make up, her full lips painted a light red. Then you see her tight dog collar neckless that says whore. You feel the bl**d rushing through your body and fill your cock as you look at your wife on her knees with her tongue slightly out of her mouth begging to be dominated and abused. You smile at her and shut the front door and walk down the hall into the bedroom. As you turn the corner you look back and see your beautiful wife crawling on her hands and knees down the hall. Her big tits spilling out of her black corset and her big, shaved, ass moving back and forth as she crawls toward you. Taking off your work shirt in the bedroom she crawls up to your cock and rubs her face over your dick. Her hands moves to unbuckle your belt as she looks into your eyes and says: "I want to swallow your cum tonight." You grab her hair and pull her head back her neck long and horny ready for your throbbing dick to throat fuck it while she wears her whore necklace. She moans and opens her mouth wide, showing her high school retainer she wears when she wants to play with your cum before swallowing. She takes off your pants and underwear and grabs your rock hard cock and rubs it all over her face. You slap your cock on her hace and open mouth teasing her throat as she says " I'm hungry. Please feed me your dick and cum." She drools spit down between her tits. and grabs your shaved balls and rubs and tugs them as she wraps her pink lips around your dick. She massages your balls as she sucks you dick in and out of her mouth. You grab her hair and push her head down on your cock. You feel the back of your mouth and pause while she relaxes and opens her throat. You feel your hard cock slide into her throat and her nose is up against your stomach. Her blue eyes looking up at you getting filled with tears, she taps your thighs signaling she needs air. You thrust your dick into her throat and release her head. She gasps for air, as saliva drips out of her mouth. She slurps the saliva back into her mouth and spits it over your dick. This time she grabs your ass and digs her nails into you and swallows your dick on her own. She slides your dick in and out of her mouth, her eye make up running down her cheeks. She starts jerking your cock in her mouth. Opening and closing her mouth and tongue on your dick she strokes your while saying "Cum in my mouth. I want to swallow you." You grab our dick with one hand and her hair with another and make her suck your balls while you build up a huge load for her to swallow. You pull her head over your cock and shoot a shot of cum over her face forehead. You reposition her mouth for your next shots of cum pumping out of your dick, your cum filling her mouth and covering her retainer. She closes her mouth over the head of your dick while sucking the last of your cum out. She swishes your cum in her mouth like mouth wash and tilts her head back to gargle your cum. Cum bubbles shoot out of her mouth and over her chin and cheeks. Then she closes her mouth and swallows all of your cum. When she opens her mouth you can see cum strands hanging from the top of her mouth. With cum on her chin and across her face and forehead she says "You taste so good. Now it's my turn."
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thans for the comments. please read my other stories.
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very hot
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Very nice