Sex Slave Greets After Work

I would love to make you my dirty sex slave. I would dress you up in a tight lingerie dress where your big tits are exploding out of the top and your ass covered up tight. You would wear thigh high socks that nearly reach your the bottom of the dress but a little skin is exposed between your ass and the top of your thighs. You would wear a sexy choker neckless that highlights your beautiful neck and throat. I would meet you after work with you dressed up like a pretty sex slave waiting for me at the front door on your hands and knees. When I come home you would tell my how much you want my hard cock in your mouth and ass. You would rub my dick though my pants and lick the bulging outline of my hard cock while you beg for me to give it to you rough. I'd let you unzip my pants and start sucking my balls and shaft. I would grab you by your hair and guide you to the living while you have my dick in your throat the whole time I move you by your hair. I'd sit down while you gag on my hard dick, your mouth getting full of wet slobber and saliva. I'd spit in your mouth and on your face to give you more lubricant so you can take my dick all the way down your throat. Then you'd lick my ass while stroking my hard cock, you'd tell my how good my ass tastes. I would pull your hair and wrap my hand around your throat while you go between licking my ass and deep throating my dick. Then before I cum, and you're still on your hands and knees, I would put your face down and prop your big ass up in the air. I would move your tight dress up exposing your sweet pussy and ass. I'd lick your ass and pussy, slow at first. With long soft licks that start from your clit and end over your sweet ass hole, then I would slide my tongue back down your ass and over your clit. I would tongue fuck you in your ass making sure it is nice and lubricated. Then I would slowly slide my rock hard dick into your pussy. My hands would move up your sock and over your thighs. With your face down I would make you suck my toes while I'm fucking you harder and harder. Soon your tits will burst out of your lingerie dress from the hard fucking. You will beg me to stick my hard dick in your ass while you moan for more. I would fuck you hard, my balls slapping against your clit while you're in doggy style and your beautiful ass and thighs are right in my view. I would stick my dick back in your pussy to get it lubed with your sweet tasting juices and while you ask for it in your ass again. I would fuck you nice and hard in your ass until you cum with multiple orgasms. Then I would grab you by you hair and put you on your knees while you taste your ass and suck the pussy juices off my dick. Then you will ask for my hot load in your mouth because you're hungry and want to eat. I would shoot my hot sticky load in your mouth and over your face and watch you play with my cum. You would blow bubbles and gargle my cum before I give you permission to eat it and swallow it. I would make you leave some of my cum on your pretty face while you put your dress back on. Then I would treat you like a sex slave and make you crawl around the house following me with my cum on your face. Once I'm ready to use you again you will be next to me your hands and knees with my cum still on your pretty face. Then we can fuck all over again, and I get watch you suck my dick and fuck you with my cum still on your face.
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