An encounter with some surprises

As some of you may have noticed I have an entry on the Adultwork site and last week I was contacted by a man who asked me if I might be available to visit and be photographed in action with his g/f. I am very turned on by having pics and vids made, so I agreed and visited them in London on Sunday.

The first suprise was that the the man who greeted me at the door was much younger than I had expected. His voice on the phone had sounded mature, but he was late twenties, I guess. as was his friend. The next was size of the house. It was very spacious, and I was shown into a large downstairs room which would probably have served as the diner, had there been any table and chairs. A large double matress on the floor and a considerable array of photographic lighting gear had been substituted - and I guessed that the house was currently not lived in. The next thing that I had not anticipated was the presence of a second bloke who was clearly the photographer.

They put me at my ease, and suggested the following scenario. To start the woman was to ride me bareback in reverse cowgirl, and after I had ejaculated in her, slowly rise up off my erection and let the spunk dribble out of her. Then it was planned that she should push backwards till she could work on me orally and try to keep me stiff, while her boyfriend took her doggy wise, approching over the top of my head. When he had finished, she was to do a U turn, and try to slide onto my new erection (some hope I thought!) and the camera man would join in to complete a DP for her up the bum, while her boyfriend took the pics. I expressed my doubts about having sufficient erection second time round to accomplish this, but she said she knew I was used to cock rings, and that she would apply those if necessary. They had clearly seen the pics on my gallery!

So we got our kit off, and after a few minutes of getting to know each other's bodies she positionioned herself for the photographer, who checked the lighting, and then impaled herself on my rock hard erection. After a slow start, she increased the speed of her pelvic rise and fall and in due course I squirted a very full load up into her. They got the cum shots as planned and then she moved back till her kness were under my armpits and went down to suck me dry and attempt to keep me stiff. Her arse was in the air right over my head, and her friend approached her from behind and tried to slide in between her spunk smeared labia. I am Str8, or so I thought, but I found the sight of his erection only inches from my face strangely exciting, so I raised a hand, retracted his foreskin, and guided him into her. Then watched him sliding in and out, till eventually he shot his jizz up her with much heavy breathing.

Meantime, as forewarned, I could feel a ring being applied round the base of my penis and round the back of my balls, and then another round my balls alone, and a thrid being rolled down what was by now a throbbing erection held in place by a classic "gates of hell" contraint. Was it her hands that had done this? Or had it been the photographer? I shall never know (though he had some great shots of the 69 and doggy arrangement).

The boyfriend, when fully spent, moved aside. She re-positioned herself sitting on my stomach, leaned forward and gave me a very sexy french kiss, and pushed back onto my cock saying "I told you it would work!" . I could feel my knob deep inside her, but she made no attempt to thrust back and forth. Instead I felt an odd pressure between my balls and the base of my cock. It increased signicantly and she gasped. I suddenmly realised what was going on. The camera man was not attempting DP up her bum, but double vaginal intercourse. He slowly increased the strength of his insertion and suddenly he was sliding his erection along mine and right into her, crushing my balls contrained by the rings in doing so. I yelped with pain. and so did she. After half a dozen short thrusts I felt him squirting his sperm deep in her, and around my glans. Then he hastily withdrew, much to my relief.

She pulled herself off my cock and moved back swiftly toremove the rings from my now purple and inflamed tackle. The relief was a fantastic sensation, but there was no chance of me cumming again, I was very sore. And greatly turned on by the whole experience. The pics are for their pleasure, but they may let me post some here in due course. I do hope so!

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