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An Evening at Ms. Clarks Part 7 (Cindys Story part

After Bill left to go to the store to get eggs and such I went to my son's room to try to smooth out any misconceptions he may have had about what he saw and I had hoped that he would man up and allow it all to just be forgotten. He manned up all right.
I walked down the hall and just opened the door to Jake's room without knocking and there he was jerking his sizable (for a fifteen year old) cock. he dropped it and tried to hide and screamed at me "MOM!' I just smiled and told him I wanted to talk about what he had seen, and how I wanted him to just forget what he saw.

I wanted to tell him that my date of the previous evening was a dud, and that I was horney when I returned home, and I just wanted to get some relief and go to sl**p, when his friend came into my room and started to suck my pussy and then one thing led to another, and the next thing I knew I was being fucked by a rather large cock and I even sucked another cock at the same time.

I hadn't noticed that while I was talking to Jake, that my towel had slipped down some and my hard nipples were showing. Jake sure noticed. I noticed that Jake was getting his hard on back and I was wondering why, when he asked about the scene in the shower. I have always tried to be the best mother that there ever was and to always be honest with my k**s. I just told him I needed a shower and so did Bill, so we were going to conserve water by showering together.

At first I thought of just retreating back to my room and letting Jake finish what I had interrupted but then I got this thingly feeling in my groin again and decided what the hell. 'In for a penny, in for a pound' Jake wasn't buying my feeble attempt to explain it all away, and I was beginning to sense that he was just jealous of what his buddy had gotten, and perhaps he would want some too.

I dropped my towel and allowed him to see me in all my naked glory. I asked "Have you been with a girl before?" He nodded, but then told me it was nothing like this. I just smiled and dropped my towel and for the second time today, I could see my son looking at my naked body. I dropped to my knees before him grasped his hard cock and brought it to my lips. As I sucked him he seemed to get even harder and his cock swelled even more. It wasn't as large as the one that I had sucked and fucked earlier but it was impressive and the fact that it belonged to my own son made it even more delicious.

I was sensing that he was almost ready to blow his wad but I didnt want to swallow his first load, I wanted it deep in my pussy, he let out an "AWWWW" when I took my mouth off of his cock and I just stood up and straddled him and allowed his hard cock to slide into my tight pussy to the pleasure of us both. He assured me that he would never tell anyone what was happening, but he sure was enjoying the sensations, and truth be told, I was too. I could sense that he wasn't going to last very long in me the way he was bucking up to me with every down stroke, he rolled me over and really started to pound his cock into my hole. I had thought he would be done quickly, but to my surprise he slipped into a deep, shallow routine and was driving me out of my mind. This boy sure knows how to fuck! I was well on my way to having my orgasm when I felt him speed up the strokes and then he lifted my legs for deeper penetrationa and I felt myself cum just as he buried his self into my pussy and with a deep groan i felt like a gallon of hot scalding cum was blasted into me.

He collapsed on me and then rolled off with a contented sigh, I told him "Remember, NOT A WORD of this to ANYONE!" He assured me that this would be our little secret, I stood and grabbed my towel and as I was walking out of the room, I told him "Breakfast would be ready in 20 minutes" I walked to my room and grabbed my robe and made my way to the kitchen. As I was mixing batter and stuff for panckes I kept brushing against Bill and finally had to tell him to "Sit!" he was making it hard to move around the small kitchen. I leaned over to get a skillet from inside the oven and I felt Jim's eyes on my and then felt a trickle of Jake's cum start to run down my thigh. I was hoping he had not noticed and continued to get things ready. That was when I felt Bill slide his hand up to my bare pussy and then when he brought his hand out I knew his fingers were covered with cum. He looked at me with raised eyebrows and I blushed. Not a word was spoken. "Please don't tell anyone" He assured me that my secret was secure, but I also knew we had to talk later.

As the boys all made their way into the kitchen, drawn by the smell of bacon and pancakes, I had to be extra careful not to disply anything to anyone. I knew they knew, I had been fucked last night, but they all seemed to just want to eat, and no one mentioned the incident at all. Jake came into the room, looking fresh from the shower, and took his plate and ate a healthy breakfast, I asked Jake what was on their agenda for the day and was told that the guys were going to go to the mall to get new running shoes for school, and that since Jim had his license would I allow them to borrow my car for the drive.

I just asked that they be careful and to always buckle up! Bill said his head was hurting and he didn't want to go, I just looked at him and smiled, knowing WHY he didn't want to go. After the rest of the boys all loaded up in my car and drove off, I told Bill I was going to clean the house and relax in the hot tub and maybe lay out on the deck and get some sun. I started to laugh, Bill said "Whats so funny?" I told him I was going to get some 'sun' when I had already gotten some 'son' earlier. We went to my room and I told Bill that since he had such a bad headache maybe he should just lie down on my bed and rest while I did what I was going to do. I slipped off my robe and nighty and got my string bikini out of the drawer. Just as I was ready to step into it bill came off the bed and pulled me down onto it and spread my legs and started to eat my pussy again. damn that felt so good having someone eat my pussy after it had been fucked. I don't know who taught that boy to eat pussy but he had me screaming with pleasure within 3 minutes. He even slipped a finger up my ass and that was the first time ANYTHING had ever been in there except for the stuff that normally comes out. When I had a very loud and intense orgasm, I felt like very thing went black around me. thats when I heard Bill tell me "Ms Clark, youre one fantastic lady" I told him to call me Cindy, since we were now more than just teacher/student.
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loving this story brilliantly done keep em coming