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[Story] Ms. Clark and Ms. Johnson in Vegas

It was our last full day in Vegas, the teachers conference was really informative, and I did a lot of networking. Bonnie, (Ms. Johnson) and I, attended a seminar the last morning, I noticed that Bonnie was sitting quite close to a teacher from a district 150 miles from where we teach. The seminar was about "dynamic classrooms" and the teacher giving the presentation wasn't half bad looking. After the seminar ended Bonnie came to me with her teacher friend in tow and asked if I wanted to go with them to see Hoover Dam, well I hadn't ever seen it, other than pictures and how often do I get to Ve... Continue»
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When I awoke Sunday realizing that the next day I would be in Las Vegas I was excited. I walked to the kitchen to get my jolt of reality (coffee), and start my day. I saw that my daughter Kim was watching cartoons on the television, pretty normal stuff for someone her age. When I thought of her age, I remembered how i found her last night and I wanted to know what was happening with her. When a commercial came on I called to Kim to shut off the tv and come talk to me. "What's up, Mom?" she asked, I took a sip of my coffee and bracing myself, I said, "So how long have you been sexually active?... Continue»
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After Bonnie showered and came back to the main room, naked of course, she said shewanted to go lose a couple dollars and maybe people watch for awhile and asked me to go with. I hadn't slept well the night before and I decided to just call it a night.
Bonnie got out a red slinky dress and proceeded to put it on over her naked body no bra and no panties. I told her she had better be prepared for some strange looks but she just said "Hey, it's las Vegas" like that makes it ok.
I waited till she left and I called my k**s to check up on them and I heard some music and laughter and surmised th... Continue»
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The last time I wrote anything was right after I had sex with my boyfriend, a friend of my son's, and i even fucked my own son.
Gawd what a weekend that was!
I have been lucky that the friend of my son's has not been bugging me to have any more sex with him, and I have setteled into a fairly singular mode of sex. (meaning I masturbate a LOT!) I was asked at school if I would be interested in going to las Vegas for a teachers conference and well, I may be blonde, but I am not stupid! OF COURSE, I want to go!
While we were working out the details, I asked if I could bring along a friend,... Continue»
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[Story] An Evening at Ms. Clarks Part 6 (Cindys Story part

I was just had a blissful orgasm on my fingers the cum that Bob had deposited in me made some great lubricant, when i sensed that someone was watching me and rather than make a scene, I just pretended to be asl**p. When I heard the voice calling me, I just ignored it so as to create the illusion that i wasnt aware of what was happening. I felt a hand on my ass, then it slid down to my wet dripping pussy and I wanted so much to moan out in pleasure, but I held my breath, It was when I felt a tongue extend to touch my nether regions, and start to lap up the copious amounts of ooze that were the... Continue»
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An Evening at Ms. Clarks Part 7 (Cindys Story part

After Bill left to go to the store to get eggs and such I went to my son's room to try to smooth out any misconceptions he may have had about what he saw and I had hoped that he would man up and allow it all to just be forgotten. He manned up all right.
I walked down the hall and just opened the door to Jake's room without knocking and there he was jerking his sizable (for a fifteen year old) cock. he dropped it and tried to hide and screamed at me "MOM!' I just smiled and told him I wanted to talk about what he had seen, and how I wanted him to just forget what he saw.

I wanted to tell... Continue»
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[Story] An Evening at Ms.Clarks Part 5 (Cindys story)

My day started off just like any other Friday, I showered dressed and was off to school, to try to instill in some of these k**s that's there is more to life, than just news, weather, and sports. Yes, I am a teacher.

I had been day dreaming of what it would be like to teach someone who really wanted to learn, rather than just get by. One of my brightest students, a girl named Mary, asked me a question about the lesson, and I had to reflect back on what it was like when I was 15, and knew everything. I explained the concept to Mary and she seemed to understand it. Wow, why can't they all ge... Continue»
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[Story] An Evening at Ms. Clarks part 4 (The morning after

When I returned from the store, I saw that Ms. Clark wasn't in the kitchen, nor was she in her room, I saw that Jake's door was closed, but I didn't think too much about it.
I went back to the kitchen to start getting things ready for breakfast, there were still 3 guys sl**ping in the living room, and I figured that they would want some breakfast also. I looked around the kitchen and found a frying pan and then some pancake flour and figured that pancakes and eggs and bacon would be a good breakfast for these guys. As I was rummaging around in the kitchen Ms. Clark came in, and gave me a hug... Continue»
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[Story] An Evening at Ms. Clarks Part 3 (Jakes Story)

After catching my mother and my bud in the shower together, I went to my room and was in the process of tossing my load when, without so much as a warning knock my mother walked in wrapped in a towel.
"Honey, I wanted to explain some things to you..." she paused when she realized I had my cock in my hand and was jacking off like a mad man.
I dropped my cock and turned to look at her she has a blush to her face that is spreading down to her chest. "MOM!" She just stood and stared at me with my cock all hard and throbbing.

"What I wanted to talk to about was what you may have seen las... Continue»
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[Story] An Evening at Ms. Clarks part 2

After having finished with Ms.Clark, I went downstairs to visit with the guys about what went down and to get assurances from them that this wouldn't get around school that I had fucked Ms. Clark in her d***ken state.
All I got was a couple of jabs in the arm and everyone was telling me how super hot it was to watch.
We had a couple more beers and then one by one we all drifted off to the couches or floor to sl**p.
I was awakened around 6 a.m. by Ms. Clark, who asked me to come into the kitchen to talk. She poured herself a cup of coffee, and offered me one, I accepted and we sat down... Continue»
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[Story] An Evening at Ms. Clarks

Ms. Clark was my friends mother, and she was also a substitute teacher. She is about 5'1 blue eyes, blonde hair, about a 34b bust, and a too die for ass.

A bunch of us guys had been sitting around drinking at my friends place when Ms. Clark came in from a date. She reminded us that no one drives since we have been drinking and that she was going to go up to bed and to keep the music low.
After about 5 minutes i needed to drasin out some of the alcohol I had consumed and I went to the bathroom downstairs only to hear my buddy Josh tossing his cookies so I retreated upstairs to use the bat... Continue»
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