banged in panties

The day was 10/4/2012 and normally I only wear panties inside never on the outside, but I was feeling kinda kinky. So after doing my running around I decided to stop at a local adult porn store with the booths and private rooms. At the same time I was texting with a friend from here thats crazy about me in my panties. I told him that I was wearing my panties being that I thought we were gonna hook up, but due to scheduling we weren't able to, so he asked me to take a pic with my phone and send it to him, now I wasn't home so I didn't think that i would be able to pull it off, suddenly this nice looking b*****r around 6'1 190 pds walked by me looking at my body, I've been told I'm sexy even in my jeans.
I thought "what the heck" and I went and approached him asking will you do me a favor, of course he said yes, have anybody seen the ass I been showing?
So we walked up the stairs to where the private rooms where, but none of the rooms had enough light, so we decided to go to the bathroom where the lighting was perfect. I gave him my phone and told him I needed him to take a pic, he was like sure, So I turned around and pulled down my jeans showing my round ass squeezed into a tight pair of panties, I was getting so horny, thinking damn somebody is looking at me in my panties and not on video, but life, I felt my dicks bl**d rushing to the head, but I have control, so i pushed the thought out of my mind, we were here to just take some pics.
As I hear the camera shutter clicking for three pics I tell him" thank you" and he replies "no problem bruh, that ass looks good," and before I can pull my pants up he gets behind me and starts rubbing my round ass with his strong manly hands. I start feeling chills up my back, let me remind you, nobody has ever seen me in panties, so this was thrilling because this was my first again, so to say,
He pulls me closer to him and I can fill his dick through his pants, and I was like damn, it felt soooo big, as he starts rubbing himself on my body, i start getting hotter and hotter and lean back and he starts kissing my neck, ok at that point i was ready to lose it,
but he wasn't ready, he slaps my ass so hard i scream with pleasure, " he turns me around pulls up my jeans and say come with me slut.
"Oh heck yea" I followed him to one of the private rooms and he pulls down his jeans and his big dick bounces out of his jeans with no underwear on, I stood there looking at it for a sec, and he had to break me out of the trance that his member put me in: "bitch what you waiting for suck it" I dropped to my knees and started licking and sucking that big dick like I've never before, it was so big, not being a wimp, I tried to get it all the way down my throat, but I just couldn't. I was glad he wasn't trying to face f,, my face, but after around 15 minutes of giving him the best head I could, he pulled me up and through me onto my knees, I was so happy when I heard him tear open a condom and slide it down that big monster.
On my knees i was starting to literally tremble with expecatation, I felt him getting closer and my hole starting tensing up, I knew I was gonna be sore in a little bit but to my suprise he had some lube with him, I could feel his fingers playing with my hole getting me ready, It felt so good having those fat fingers in my hole but it was time, so I pulled forward making sure his fingers came out and he caught the hint, now for some reason I thought he was gonna be gentle because with his fingers he was, but WHAM, I felt his dick go all the way in me, and he stopped, he allowed me to get used to the girth and length, talk about a perfect dick, it felt so goooood, in me I didnt want to move and cause it to come out, my hole welcomed his dick and we started moving in unison, the dick was so good hitting deep and rubbing the sides of this tight hole, he was rough one time than he would slap this ass saying" damn bitch, this pussy good," I was so horny I started throwing my ass back against his body, but he braced himself and started pounding me nice and slow, I could feel is dick getting harder, it felt like it even expanded as the pleasure of my ass was driving him crazy, with a hard slap he f***ed me on my stomach and started pounding like a man in heat, my ass was being fucked with no passion and it was feeling good, I knew he was ready so I started rolling my hips under him, thats when he lost it, he jumped up pulled off the condom and in than less then 3 strokes I felt his hot cum all over my ass and back.... he looked down and said"did you come baby" I said "no, I'm good" he slowly put his jeans on while i still laid there feeling his cum run down the side of my back,
I knew he enjoyed my ass it took him forever to get dressed and leave out, leaving me laying there, ass sore and still horny,
I heard the door reopen as I was ready to get up and get dressed, but part 2 is for another time, as a white guy walked in already pulling out his even fatter dick, my ass was in trouble.


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2 years ago
That sounded so good and the second guy must have really fucked you real good too and wanted you again. I would want you all the time and make sure you are drained and satisfied when you shoot your load down my mouth and I lick you dry.
2 years ago
wish i was that white guy ;)
2 years ago
hot stuff
2 years ago
2 years ago
Lucky for you we don't live closer lover, your hot ass WOULD be in trouble! he wouldn't be the only one to take your hot ass in your sexy panties, bout time you were fucked by a sex crazed tranny.
2 years ago
That was hot! I wish I was the third guy getting inside your open and ready ass. And mine is thick too.
2 years ago
good story, thanks for sharing
2 years ago
Yes the was so hot i came in my panties am waitting for the next chapter should be fantastic
2 years ago
Great story,love for you to do me like that
2 years ago
So hot huni
2 years ago
Great stuff, thanks