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Mark Franklin presented himself to my practice on Wednesday the sixth of January with concerns about his wife Sharon's apparent loss of self control. Mr Franklin looked tired and was quite emotional as he explained the circumstances that led him to request that his wife receive some counselling.

Mr Franklin is 38 years old and his wife Sharon is 34. They have no c***dren and have recently moved to this area from Coolamein in the Riverina. Mr Franklin is a survey draftsperson for Goodwin/Murray Surveying and Mrs Franklin is the head teacher of mathematics at Gooralong High School.

With their permission I have used the audio recordings that were made during our sessions to write this story. The dialogue is exactly as it appears on the recordings and the descriptions of what happened during the interviews are based on my notes and recollections.

The interviews appear in the order they were made.

John Sebastian: Psychologist.

Wednesday January 6th 2010, 6pm

Mr Franklin is slumping in the chair and a heavy air hangs over him. He looks tired and his eyes are slightly red, almost as though he had been crying moments earlier. I have offered him a coffee which he refused. His hair is greying slightly on the edges and a tinge of grey permeates his goatee. He is a tall thin man with a slight stoop but otherwise very handsome. He seemed physically uncomfortable as he sat on the seat and he leant to the left as he spoke.

"How can I help you," I asked.

He looked out the window to his left and inhaled sharply, steeling himself for what he needed to say.

"Saturday night was the last straw. I thought that when we moved here it might change but I'm afraid it's just getting worse and I'm at a fucking loss to work out what to do."

"What happened on Saturday night?"

"She said she was going to the movies with the principal of the school Di Turner, and I thought that finally she has met someone sensible. It was some awful art movie that I had no interest in seeing so I stayed home. Our bedroom is right near the front of the house and the dog woke me with his barking at four o'clock.... four o'fucking clock in the morning, can you believe it?" It was a rhetoric question, he wasn't expecting an answer. After a brief pause he continued.

"There was a murmur of voices and then the slamming of a car door before it took off. I have a perfect view of the front door and I could hear her fumbling for her keys. And then she fucking walked into the house with not a stitch of clothes on," he held his hands out and followed once more with, "Can you believe it?

"She was completely naked. Her hair was a mess, her shoes were in her hand with her handbag, but everything else was gone. She stood smiling to herself as if she was on cloud nine. I sat up in bed and asked her where the hell she'd been and all she could do was just stand there and look at the floor. She threw her gear down, rested back on the door and began to rub her tits."

He clenched and unclenched his right fist as a wave of anger seemed to spill over him.

His voice was raised and his face reddened as he continued. "It's only taken her one month, one fucking month and she's back acting like a complete slut again. We had to leave Coolamein because of her behaviour and now here she is doing it all again, and do you know what?"

His eyes were beginning to water over again, in the minutes he'd been in the room he'd gone from despair to anger and back again.

“It's all my bl**dy fault,” he said slowly, “I turned her into a slut.

“It was all my bl**dy idea! I was the one who encouraged her to go out and fuck other men. It was me, I fucking created this monster and I did it because I was too gutless to go out and shag the women I was interested in.

“Does that even make sense to you? I wanted to fuck some of our friends but when the opportunity came for her to fuck one of her workmates I organised the whole fucking thing. Is that stupid? Once she did that, a week later I was around at a friend called Kathy's house and we were fucking each other senseless. I was too gutless to go first but I'd opened a can of worms and now....” He tapered off once more, lost in his own remorse.

For a moment he looked like he was about to cry but I wanted him to stay on track and reveal all that happened on the Saturday night.

"What happened on Saturday night? Did she tell you what went on?"

"Yeah she always tells me, Strange though it may seem it was always part of our agreement that we would be up-front about everything.

"On Saturday night she went to the movies with Sue but on the way back to the car she went into the pub for a beer. We both like a drink but she can't really handle it and when she has too much, well she goes off. We've always known it but we agreed that when we moved here we would both stop our extramarital affairs. But its only one month man, one month is all it's taken for her to slip back into her old ways.

"She was well d***k the other night and I could smell the booze on her as soon as I got near her. She slid down the door and began rubbing her...

"You can be as explicit as you like."

"Began rubbing her cunt. I could see that her hair was all wet and sticky and her pussy was red and damp so I knew exactly what had happened.

"She'd been in a gangbang again. One fucking month and she was already taking cocks from anyone and anybody. She'd met some miners that were staying at the pub and she ended up in their room fucking four of them. It's like she's got this alphabetic list and is trying to fuck one or more people from every profession.

"So this wasn't the first time it'd happened?" I asked.

He looked at me with a look of incomprehension. "The first time here in town it has been. Christ, she's been gangbanged heaps of times but not here." Almost as an aside he said, "Because of what happened back in Coolamein we said we'd stop."

I was intrigued to find the logic as to how this agreement had begun, " So how did all this start? Take me back to the beginning," I asked.

"Ok. She met a workmate who I knew she fancied and he was married with k**s etc. As I said earlier, I wanted to move on Kathy and a few others so I introduced the notion that we begin having an open relationship."

"How did she respond?"

"At first she was reluctant but when I said she could have a fling with Julian she was as happy as a pig in shit." He looked out the window and in a whisper muttered "Maybe too happy."

"Julian is a workmate?"

"Yeah one of these despondent fuckers that she seems to like so much. She doesn't go in for the macho dominant types. She seems to really like the arty farty or the down and out types. He's an alright kind of bloke, pretty harmless, or I thought he was anyway. But as they say, you have to watch the quiet ones."

"When was there first meeting?"

"Umm, I was away at a conference and I told her to ask him over for something, I didn't have any idea what, but she told him, she said she had some lesson plans to go over or some bullshit. Anyway they fucked themselves senseless and although I was kind of angry, I was also as pleased as punch because now I had, in my mind anyway, some bizarre moral authority to be able to go off and do exactly the same thing with Kathy.

"The problem however was his wife, she was as suspicious as all fuck. She rang me up one day and began telling me about how she was concerned about Julian's and Sharon's relationship. I told her not to worry because there wasn't any interest on Sharon's part. I also told her that, just to make her feel safer, that I would always make sure that I was around when he was."

"How did that go?"

"She was fine, so much so that the next night she left him at the pub with Sharon and I and went home. That was a big mistake."

"What happened?"

"Well after a short while Sharon went home as well and I was left with him so I told him all about Maree calling me up," he chuckled slightly, "He was fucking mortified."

"He thought it was all going to be over. No more free fucks for old Julian. But I simply told him what I told Maree, that as long as she thought he was with me, everything would be sweet. With a nudge and wink he finally caught on."

"In what way," I asked.

"Well the way it was going to be organised was that he and I would meet at the pub, or pretend to play golf or go fishing together, when in reality we were off shagging."

"So this is when you and Julian first organised the swapping?"

"Yeah but it went all arse up because on that same night, Kathy rang me to tell me her mum was crook and she had to rush over to help." He threw his arms theatrically in the air. "No stray pussy for me that night."

"But you could have gone home to Sharon, couldn't you?"

Ignoring my question he kept on. "I decided that the three of us may as well get together for a few drinks anyway so we grabbed some more grog and some take away and went home. Sharon was as pleased as punch to see us both there and we all civilly sat about drinking and eating until about ten o'clock when the hooch came out and the music came on.

"Sharon began dancing around the lounge room and I said to her that she may as well do a strip because we'd both seen her naked." He spun the ring on his finger and smiled. "Fuck me man, but that was the hottest moment of our life.

"Within minutes she was naked and dancing around the lounge room and Julian and I were stripping off our gear and mauling her body.

"I know that earlier you said I could be as explicit as I liked," I nodded, "Is that still true?"

"I'm a sex ther****t, I'm not offended by anything. As I said before, you can be as explicit as you like. Recalling the details may prove beneficial later."

"Ok, well here goes then...." He sat up and leant forward in the seat.

"She dropped to her knees and sucked both our cocks and I must say I was pleased to see that Julian's cock was only about two thirds the size of mine. That always cheers a bloke up doesn't it mate?"

This time I ignore his question and asked him to continue.

"She was doing a great job on our dicks, so good in fact that within a few minutes poor old Julian shot a load over her face. Funny thing though is that Sharon swallowed as much of it as she could. I'd never seen her do that before and she never did it for me. Although Kath does. Julian began pushing the globs of his cum that she hadn't caught around her face and into her mouth. Christ she was horny.

"We moved over to the lounge and I sat down and Sharon moved between my legs and began sucking and licking at my balls and cock. Julian was still hard and he knelt in behind her and began fucking her.

"That was it mate. That was when I first watched someone else's cock sliding into my missus."

"How did you feel about that?" I asked.

"To be honest, it was mixed. I was glad to see her enjoying herself so much but I was also kind of jealous, or angry or something that I can't really put my finger on. I was...shit it's hard to explain," he leant back into the chair and looked out the window.

"It was like I was weak. I kind of felt as though she was now out of my control. Which is crazy because I was the one that urged the behaviour on. It was like I'd lost half of her.

"After a while she climbed up and mounted my cock and boy did that feel good. She was so wet it made a noise. She was pounding hard down on my cock and she was cumming almost all the time. Julian stood next to me on the lounge and she was sucking his dick about six inches away from my face.

"That was a touch unsettling. I noticed she still had some of his cum in her hair for god's sake.

"I was so turned on that I came in her pussy as she bounced on me. She just crawled off me and knelt on the lounge and Julian got in behind her and after commenting on how he liked sloppy seconds he thrust into her.

"That was when the darkness fell over me. I felt really guilty though. I still don't know why but after I'd cum I was really angry with them both. It was only momentary but it was really dark. Really dark."

"In what way?"

"Murderously dark. I wanted to kill them both. I was disgusted. I could hear and see my cum oozing out of her pussy as he fucked her and I was appalled.

"How stupid is that?

"I can see how these things go wrong and people end up getting hurt. Lucky for them we have strong gun laws in Australia otherwise...

"How long would you say that those feelings lasted?"

"Less than a minute, that's all. Maybe less than 30 seconds but fuck it was strong. It was like the devil wanted me to top them both.

"What happened next?"

"I hopped up and got a drink and watched them for a while.

"Soon enough Sharon smiled at me and called me over and began sucking my cock again. My darkness was long gone. She was insatiable. I'd never seen anything like it before. She was beautiful in a scary kind of way. Slightly out of, but in control if you know what I mean.

"Explain that a bit more."

"She kind of had abandoned her inhibitions but she knew what was going on.

"She was running the show but felt free I suppose. For example Julian was playing with her arsehole and tried to slip his cock in. She flipped out and told him no way. He didn't try again. Not straight away anyway. Weeks later she did though. That night though she did so many things she'd never done before like catch my cum in her mouth and let it drool down onto her pussy and her tits and scoop his cum out of her pussy and lick her fingers, that sort of stuff. No doubt Julian had taught her a trick or two.

"That was pretty intense when we DP'd her. I'll let her tell you about that though.

"You can if you like."

"No. I'm not sure what changed her mind and why suddenly she decided to give anal a go but she did. I was too busy with Kathy and our regular threesomes to be bothered wondering as to why the change."

"So by regular you mean what exactly?" I asked.

"It was a regular activity on most Wednesday nights," he said and as if he knew I'd want more information he continued. "Julian and I played volleyball every Wednesday night and afterwards rather than go to the pub, we went home where Sharon would be waiting."

"Otherwise you were with Kathy and she was with Julian," I asked. "Is that right?"

"Or obviously we were together." he said.

"How was the sex when you were together?"

"It's amazing." he said smiling, "Honestly the things she does would blow even your mind. Like on Saturday night when she got home she sucked me off at the front door before I fucked her in the arse. In the morning I woke up to her shoving this big dildo into her cunt so I knelt next to her as she sucked me off and then I blew into her open slutty mouth. Does that sort of shit happen in your bedroom?"

I didn't answer, but I had to didn't.


It has long been noticed by anthropologist that tall men are often attracted to shorter women and visa versa, a biological control mechanism that balances out the height of the offspring. In this case Sharon Franklin is only about 5' 4" or a good foot shorter than her husband Mark. She resembled a more petite version of Elaine from Seinfeld. Long dark hair, a pointed chin, but she had a way of looking you dead in the eyes that entranced even I, a seasoned professional. Unlike a number of my clients, Sharon Franklin looked after herself, her calves were tight from exercise, her stomach wasn't overly slim and she dressed like the professional that she is.

Mark Franklin described his wife as somewhat of a tease. He warned me that she could be outrageously flirtatious and had a way with men that mixed innocence with a raw sexuality that few could resist. Her demeanour at our first meeting though verged on the hostile. She wasn't at all responsive to my questioning and answered only with short sentences, some of which were simply small grunts.

I soon realised that Mrs Franklin's reluctance to speak may well be more related to her need for control than I had anticipated. It wasn't until I told her about her husband Mark's concern for her behaviour did her attitude change.

She smiled and shook her head but Mrs Franklin's demeanour became much more pleasant, the change in her behaviour was almost palpable. She sat upright and leant forward in an almost conspiratorial manner.

"Like everyone, I bet you think little old Marcus is the poor victim here don't you?" she said.

"I'm not here to pass judgement," I said.

"Well let me tell you something that even he doesn't know," she said leaning back in the chair. "Let me tell you exactly what my poor darling husband is like."

She smiled that wicked grin at me and began playing with the pearl necklace d****d around her slim neck.

"My first gangbang wasn’t my own you know, in fact it occurred nearly fifteen years before I had my first.
"I was still at university and my housemate and friend Carol was turning 21 so, as you do at uni, we organised a bit of a party.
"It was going to be a big night, huge. There was at least thirty people turning up and it became a party like no other that I’d ever been to. Carol had the idea of making it a theme night, and after much deliberation, and because we’d just finished studying ancient Rome, we decided on a good old toga party. Everyone's been to a toga party haven't they?"
I just shrugged and nodded for her to continue. I hadn't.
"If you saw a picture of Carol you wouldn't think she was such a wild c***d. Underneath her private school exterior, she was a bit of, well what some people would call, a slut.
"Carol was a really hot woman. She was thin, very thin, with long brown hair and breasts that were in perfect proportion to the rest of her body. She really could have become a model.
"Now you may find this hard to believe, considering all you've been told by Mark, but I was still a virgin and it wasn't because of some conservative, Christian lifestyle choice, I just hadn’t met anyone that was in the slightest bit interesting," she held her left leg in the air and if I'd maintained my gaze I would have seen her underwear, "I haven't always looked this good you know. I used to be fairly chubby, not fat, just a bit chubby."
Inadvertantly and without realising, I nodded. She smiled even more.
"I did meet someone that night though,' she said, "I met Mark."
"Mark and I chatted for what seemed like hours. Occassionally Carol would saunter over and sit on Mark's lap and whisper in his ear doing a bit of flirting and that, and he would respond by smacking her on the arse. He was a part of a group of lads that Carol invited from her old school days. At one stage I was watching Carol with two of her old school friends. They were tucked away in the corner of the room and as she was talking to them Carol, the sly fox, would quickly and quite surreptitiously slip her hand into their togas and give them a quick grope. At one stage the staggering Carol had one hand down each of their togas and her body language suggested that a good fucking was what she was after."
She looked out the window and smiled to herself,
"About ten minutes later, she whispered into their ears and she wandered off to her bedroom with one of them. The other guy wandered over to his mates who all immediately hopped up, looked to see if anyone was looking, obviously they didn't see me, and tore down the hall to her room. The same guy came over to Mark and whispered in his ear also. Mark smiled, stood up, said he was going to the toilet but instead of turning left into the toilet, turned right into Carol's room. That was a total of six men in with a d***ken Carol.
Her pearl necklace was tightly wound around her index finger and she sucked on a few of the dangling orbs as she reminisced.
"I was intrigued, and I have to admit a little bit excited. I also excused myself and instead of heading for Carol's door I went outside to the narrow passageway that went down the side of the house. It was completely dark except for the haze of light shining out of Carol's bedroom window.
"The side passage door actually blocked the passage so no one could see me down there, which was lucky. I was also lucky that in their haste, they didn't draw the curtains across fully. She looked beautiful. Stunning.
"Mark says you don't mind how graphic I get?" she asked.
"Not at all," I replied, "You can be as graphic as you are comfortable with."
"Ok, cool," that wicked grin reappeared, "She was totally naked and bouncing up and down on some guy's cock as she alternately sucked the two cocks on offer to her. Her pussy was shaved bare and glistened with wetness. Fucking awesome it was. Around her were three other guys, including Mark, all naked and pumping their...
She was obviously becoming aroused as she visualised the scene. She was scissoring her legs in and out ever so gently.
"As I said, she was awesome."
I hoped she wasn't about to stop so I kept her on track.
"What was Mark doing at this point?" I asked.
"He was only about three foot away from me, really if the window had been open I could have reached in and grabbed it. He certainly had the nicest looking cock out of all the guys. One of the guys who was having his cock sucked came all over her face. She tried to catch it in her mouth but most of it just ran down her chin. That was horny. She loved it though and didn't miss a beat.
"Now this is what Mark did, it impressed me no end. He went and grabbed a towel off the back of the door and offered it to Carol who wiped all the cum off. What a gentleman.
"To thank him I suppose, she grabbed his cock and began sucking it and wanking him off."
Her leg scissoring had increased as had the twisting of the pearl necklace.
"Although I've been in similar situations," she continued, "That scene always gets me off."
As an aside she said, "Much like it did that night."
Leaping at the remark I asked her what she meant.
She laughed to herself and looked out the window. "I was masturbating as I watched, I had countless orgasms as I watched her fucking those guys.
She suddenly spun towards me and leant forward. "And that's important you know. She was fucking them more so than they were fucking her. My God she took them guys in every conceivable position but was always in control of what happened. She never did anal, which is where I'm just that one level naughtier, but God she took some cock into her pussy.
"At one stage I went back inside to get my wits about me and grab a drink," she returned to her original pose of laying slightly back and scissoring her legs. "When I went back in there were two girls that were kissing on a lounge, one couple making out against a wall and sundry other men just drinking and carrying on totally oblivious to what was happening down the hall.
"I grabbed a beer and some bloke came up to me as I bent over looking into the esky. He patted me on the arse and although I was mad horny, I slapped him away. I hung around for a while but I didn't really know anyone so I went back outside to see how Carol was fairing.
"She was sitting on the floor again and had her back against her bed. She was facing directly towards me and the guys were all wanking around her. One of them was on the bed above her and he went first shooting his load all over her face and down onto the floor. It went everywhere. I couldn't watch it all happen because some bloke stood right in front of me. All I could see for a while was his pimply arse.
"When they all finished she just sat there rubbing all this cum into her skin. Mark handed her the towel again but she was happy just smearing it all over herself. She even began rubbing her pussy again as if she was ready for more but the guys had really had enough and all but Mark and his friend Steve remained.
"So for a while they just sat in the room and chatted and laughed before she stood up, with Mark's help, and climbed into bed.
"I went home soon after." She smiled and suddenly untangled her pearl necklace with a well practiced flourish. "Three weeks later I was on my back being fucked by Mark."
"So that was the beginning of your relationship?"
"Yep, sure was," she said. "Nine months later we were married and we moved from Sydney down to Coolamein because that's where I was posted."
I looked down at my notes to try to calculate how long it was between her wedding and their decision to form an open relationship. By my rough calculations they were together for at least ten years before either strayed. I was intrigued to discover why.
"So what was it like for those ten years where neither of you had anything to do with anyone else, and what happened, do you think, that changed everything?"
It was like I'd flicked a switch. Her demeanour returned to how it was when she first entered my room.
"We tried to be like a normal couple, you know, buy a house, have k**s." She stopped suddenly.
"We bought the house but as fate would have it, I have real problems having k**s."
"What is the problem?" I asked.
"Polycystic ovaries," she said. "I always had an erratic menstrual cycle, unless I was on the pill, and this was why."
I made a note to look into the physiological effects of her syndrome.
"Apparently it's why I've always struggled with my weight, had acne when I was young etc." With a smile though she looked up at me and quickly changed the subject of our chat back to its origins.
"Mark tells me he told you about our first threesome?"

"Yes he did. Do you want to talk about it?"

"No, not really. It was a turning point though. Before that it was all just one on one. Now Julian was over two or three times a week. Fuck we had some fun. That was when I first had a DP you know, during that time. But after a few months of that I wanted more. It was like a d**g. Doing anal really flipped me out."

"In what way?"

"I was dead against it at first, but Julian came over one night with a thin dildo and after a few drinks and some dope I was bending over the lounge with him sliding that little fucker into my arse."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"At first no," she begun twirling her pearls around in her hand once more, "But after he'd fucked me in the arse and was rubbing the dildo against my clit, Christ the orgasms I had nearly blew the roof off.

"For weeks after that night we did it whenever we met," She smiled and let out a small sigh, "I never knew how to let Mark know I did anal. Silly really."

"Even when Julian wanted to DP me on the night of our first threesome, I wasn't sure how to handle it so I knocked him back.

"Eventually though one night when I was bouncing away on Julian and sucking off Mark I just looked up at Mark and said to him 'Fuck me in the arse'.

"He looked genuinely shocked before this huge smile came over his face. He even went and grabbed the baby oil before he slid in. It felt so much more intense than just the dildo play that Julian would do when we fucked. Soon enough though I wanted more, I wanted to suck on a cock as the two of them fucked me."

"Did you tell Mark this?"

"No. Strange though that even after all that we'd done, I still couldn't tell him what I wanted. Maybe I felt a bit of resentment after all I'd seen Mark do. But I told Julian. He was mad keen on it and then one day he acted on it.

What happened?

"It was the first day of the holidays and I'd just been for a run with the dogs along the river. Mark was at work. Our old house in Coolamein was out of town and we had a pool that was nicely hidden away from prying eyes.

"For ages I just used to strip off and hop in and that day was no different. I jumped in and did what I normally do which is lie back on the lilo and sun-bake nude for a while. I began to rub my pussy fantasising about some of our threesomes.

"With the water lapping into my ear, my eyes closed and my mind elsewhere I didn't hear or see the car pull into the drive. I only heard them once they were in the backyard and standing near the fence."

"Who was it?"

"It was Julian, his b*****r Nick and another teacher from the school called Pete. Pete was a young science teacher that Julian had befriended. I hardly knew him. I was a bit worried about him because I at least knew that Julian and his b*****r Nick had wives to keep the secret from. Pete was single. The guys were clapping as soon as I opened my eyes and saw who they all were. Julian was calling me his little slut and the other two were obviously enjoying what they were seeing. I was almost at the point of orgasm when they interrupted me.

The pearls were once more tightly wound around two of her fingers. "I couldn't fucking resist."

"I slid off the lilo and swam across to them. They entered the pool area and pulled me from the water. My god, their hands were all over me. Fingers explored my cunt and my boobs and Julian was the first to get his cock out. Pete grabbed the air mattress out of the pool and lay it down on the pavers.

"I at least thought we'd go inside but obviously those three had other ideas. Pete's cock was a nice size and uncircumcised. I knelt down on the lilo and the three of them took turns fucking my mouth. Soon they were all nude as well and as hard as iron they were, as hard as iron.

"Nick was noticeably larger than his b*****r and a lot more aggressive in how he behaved. Julian liked to call me names but Nick would slap his cock across my face if I stopped either sucking or pulling on it.

"To stop it I got him to lie down on the air mattress and I hopped on his cock. Fuck it felt good to have that dick slide into my wet pussy. His cock though wasn't the only one I was interested in. I had two others to suck and pull and eventually fuck.

"Julian always preferred my arse and as I bounced on Nick's cock, I could feel Julian moving in for the kill. Pete was already fucking my mouth and then when boom, Julian slipped his cock into my arse....

"I was gone.

"I was in such a state of exhilaration that nothing compares. No d**g is anywhere near the feelings that flooded through my body at that time. It was pure elation. The two b*****rs really had a great rhythm going, fucking sweet it was.

"Pete held my head back and was literally fucking my mouth and soon enough he shot a mammoth load of cum over my face and some of it shot over my shoulder and down my back. I could tell that Julian was close too and sure enough I felt his warm juices filling me up. I was still cumming all the time at this point, I was shaking. Did I tell you how good it was? I could feel Julian's load oozing from my body and my cunt was contracting around Nick's prick. I kept on bouncing and as his b*****r's lubricant dribbled down, he too needed to cum.

"So rather than just unload in my pussy, he moves me off him and gets me to lie down on the air mattress. I lay back and he squatted above me and unloaded his balls all over my face. Gee he had a load and a half.

"Then Julian said we need to be cleaned up so they grabbed me and they threw me in the pool. It felt so good the water did. Then they all jumped in and we fucked about in the pool for a while. It wasn't even midday and I'd finally had all my holes filled. Mark was going to Kathy's that night so the only thing holding us back from continuing on was Julian's and Nick's wives. But when they told me that they had taken their respective k**s to Echuca to the movies and weren't expected home until at least five. I could barely stop smiling.

"Nick was still being a bit of a prick so I told him that unless he did as I told him, and I suppose it was the school teacher coming out in me, that he wasn't going to get a piece of my arse. So yes, he did settle a bit and it was about then that I began to realise how empowered I was. I like a bit of rough, but I have limits. No one is going to stick their dick into my mouth after it's been in my arse. That's one rule I have. And simply if I don't feel like it, well then it doesn't happen.

"I hopped out of the pool first and went inside. The three of them soon followed and I noticed Pete beginning to get dressed. I told him that no way was he going to get his gear back on, not until it was time to go anyway. I beckoned them into the house and I grabbed the big leather chair from the study and wheeled it into the lounge room.

"Let me tell you that three naked men, all at differing levels of arousal, is simply one of the most erotic sites you will behold.

"Anyway I sat in the chair and spread my legs wide open. I told them that whoever licked me out the best would get to fuck me in the arse first. So I got them to kneel down on the floor and I moved forward in the chair until my arse hung over and my pussy was ready to be licked.

“Julian went first and he was always good at it. He really gets his tongue in real far. I told them that they can't use their hands either. Just their tongue. I was amazed at what Nick did. He sucked at my clit and fluctuated from hard to soft. That was special. But Pete, let me tell you about Pete. Pete worked his way all around my labia and swirled his tongue in and around my clit so nicely that I knew who was the winner. But, I decided to make them work for their money and I spun back to Julian and I made the three of them do it again.

“Once I told Pete he was the winner he leapt up and presented his semi hard cock to me to get hard. I told Julian to go get the baby oil from the bathroom and when he returned I knelt on the chair and held onto the back of it.

“He came back and squirted a long line of oil up over my back and onto my arse and then once I had them all hard Pete started off on my arse. He was sweet.”

She closed her eyes and rolled her head back as if she was having an orgasm, maybe she was.

“Then they all had turns before I got Nick to sit in the chair and I sat on his cock. Julian took my arse and Pete went and washed his old boy so I could suck it. I didn’t even have to ask.

“We spent another hour or two sucking and fucking in all manner of positions. I had cum all over me at the end.

"They left at about four in the afternoon and went down to the river so that when their wives turned up, they'd be fishing.

"Mark turned up at 5.30 and I was back in the pool waiting for him."

She looked up at me with that winning smile and said, "Yes we fucked outside next to the pool just like I'd done only hours earlier."

"In your opinion," I asked, "When did it all go wrong, when did you lose control?

She ruminated on this for a little too long. I'd begun imagining her naked.

"It was the day of the school's swimming carnival. I saw Julian talking to Pete and another two staff members Richo and Smithy. Richo wasn't particularly attractive but Smithy was despite his fifty plus years. Both had just come fresh from divorces and I could feel their eyes on me as I went about my work. After the school swimming carnival I was back in the staffroom getting some of my work together when the phone rang. I thought it would be Marcus but it was Julian and he asked me to come down to the gym. I asked him why and he just said to come down because he had a surprise.

"I must admit that I thought that maybe Julian wanted a quickie or another BJ before he went home but when I got down there it was both him and Pete waiting for me."

"How did you feel about that?"

"I was as excited as. I checked the doors and we went into the storeroom where there was no chance of us being discovered. Although I loved that excitement, the potential that we could be busted, I wanted there to be no chance of our fun being uncovered.

"They had their cocks out before we'd even spread a few mats around. It felt so good sucking on those swollen cockheads. They were sweaty and musky but I had to let go of them so I could get undressed. I was only wearing a thin summer dress so it didn't take long and I was naked before them. They also stripped off and I went back to sucking their glorious cocks.

"Doing it in the storeroom was excellent. I hopped up on the balance beam and had them lick me out. My favourite was when I lay back on the vault table. That was sweet. Pete fucked me while I sucked on Julian. Pete's position meant that he was rubbing my clit so well that within minutes I was cumming like a train. My cunt was sopping wet and I was in a daze. That was when I noticed that Julian had moved away. I thought that maybe he was getting some more equipment.

"He certainly did get some more equipment. I heard voices and I looked up to see Smithy and Richo standing near the door looking on. They'd been there a while Julian told me later. So I had another two cocks to play with. My first with four men and it was in the storeroom of the gymnasium. Richo was a surprise. His email was "donk69" at somewhere or other. Now I knew why. He was hung like a donkey. It was the biggest I'd ever seen.

"I dropped to my knees and begun sucking those cocks like there was no tomorrow. I mean I had one at every corner waving his cock at me. Needless to say I was fucked rather nicely that day, three cocks pumping all my holes and another to hold was brilliant.

"Richo wanted to fuck me in the arse but it was just too big, it was almost as thick as my wrist." She held her hand up and ran her thumb and index around her wrist, I tried not to imagine her holding a cock that thick but it was a pointless pursuit. "We all screwed for ages. At one point I was on Smithy as he fucked my arse and Julian was fucking my pussy." Her leg scissoring quickened, "Richo and Pete were shoving their cocks into my mouth. They didn't seem to mind touching each others dicks. In the end three of them came in my mouth. Smithy had cum in my arse earlier but we needed to get going otherwise the cleaners would have found out."

"Why do you consider this the moment you lost control?"

"I was at work, at risk of being exposed and not thinking straight. I was lost in the moment and although I initially cared, once I was being rogered I was elsewhere. I simply didn't care."

"How many more times did you do this at school?"

"Well I fucked Richo a few more times on his desk simply because his cock was so large and once Smithy was there as well and he fucked my mouth as it hung over the edge," She stopped for a moment as she recalled her actions.

"But usually they'd just come over when Mark was at work and we'd fuck ourselves senseless."

I had to finish the session at that point, the erection in my pants was becoming painful.

As soon as Mrs Franklin had left the office I had no choice but to release the pressure by masturbating into the small sink in the toilet. This was the first time I had become so aroused by a client. A dangerous precedent indeed.


For my third session with Sharon Franklin I wanted to ask her about two situations where she felt she had stepped over the line in her behaviour, and when it was that Mark had become aware of her sexual actiivities.

When she came into the room I immediately noticed that she was now wearing glasses. Her dress once more was conservative but at least this time she was smiling.

"I didn't know you wore glasses," I said.

"Well they're only new. I picked them up only this afternoon."

"Expensive things glasses." An innocent enough comment but the response was far from it.

"These were free," she said smiling at me, "The optometrist is one lucky man."

"You fucked your optometrist?" I asked totally bewildered.

"Fucked? No," she said, "but it was the best blowjob he'd had in years."

I laughed and shook my head in disbelief. This was one woman the likes of which I had never encountered. It was time to bring this galleon back on course.

"How and when did Mark discover what was happening with you and the other men?"

"It was at a party at Pete's place. It was his 25th or something and there were heaps of single and married men there. Heaps. Mark was with me until about 10 when he told everyone he was feeling crook but was actually going to see Kathy. Julian and his wife Maree were there so he was out of action. There were other staff members and even some ex students there so I managed to behave myself for a while. At about eleven all the students except for one little girl called Amy had left for another party and most of the older teachers had left as well. Pete called me into the house and Julian was in the lounge room with his wife of all people. Pete was pretty pissed and began making some unwanted advances. At one stage he grabbed me as I walked past and pulled me down on the lounge with him."

"How did you react?"

"I really didn't have to because Julian hopped up and began to pull him off me telling him to settle down and that I was a married woman. I could tell that Pete was about to blab it all out when Julian just gave him the death stare. It was a close call but Maree was sus. For the next hour or so she watched me like a hawk. I was feeling really horny and had had a few too many drinks. One of Pete's mates ran his hand around my arse when I was in the kitchen and Richo actually grabbed a boob when I was getting some snacks. At about one, Julian and Maree left. As soon as she was gone Pete was all over me but there was still this one other girl there."

"Is that Amy?"

"Yes Amy. She was really cute you know, really cute. She didn't seem to be with anyone and she wasn't d***k. A few of the older teachers were now talking to her and she seemed to really get off on all the attention. I mean some of them are in their fifties. Pete slid his hand up under my skirt and I couldn't help but let him finger my twat. I was so wet. We were in the laundry at this point. That's where all the beer was. I rubbed his cock through his pants and soon enough he had it out and he was fucking me on the washing machine. It felt so good and dirty doing it so close to all these horny men."

"How many men were there?"

"You know. I've never counted. But from my memory of who I knew was there.... at least.....ten.

"Ten men plus Amy," I asked.


"So then what happened?"

"Well after a while another guy came in and saw what was happening. He just high fived Pete and began rubbing his groin. I knew then that this had all been planned. Pete even asked him if Amy was still keen."

"What was his response."

"Fucking oath, he said. Pete pulled out and lifted me off the washing machine and I straightened myself up. Pete asked the other guy, whose name I didn't find out, how they were going to get it started. I made a suggestion."

"What was that?"

"That I go into the bedroom and get undressed and the two of them could just leave the door open for whoever followed. Pete called me his little slut and as I walked past all the guys standing around Amy I lifted my skirt and shook my arse at them. Immediately another two got up and so did Richo and Smithy. So now I had six men, the most ever, all getting their gear off and ready to spoil me.'

"Is that how you see it? Do you see yourself being spoilt?"

"I sure do. And so did Amy. Nearly all women love the sensation of feeling wanted, of feeling sexual. Within seconds I was naked and these six men were all groping me and licking me. It's not like those nasty American gangsta gangbangs, it was gentle and considerate. Then I heard someone say I had a special visitor. It was Amy and she was still dressed and watching me being dp'd by two of the guys. the expression on her face was priceless. She was in awe. Her nipples were erect and soon enough Pete had her undressed and she was kneeling on the bed taking it in her sweet young cunt.

"So when did Mark show up?"

"It was around 2.30ish I think. I'd fucked all the guys and some had cum in me, some on me, some in or on Amy. But at the time I was lying on my back with Smithy plunging his cock into my pussy as another guy was unloading his cock over my boobs. Amy was riding Richo and sucking off some bloke, she was really getting into it. Luckily she was there really because otherwise the sight of me with ten or so blokes would have been a disaster."

"Why would it have been a disaster?"

"Me with a dozen or whatever men? Not even Mark was that open.

"You see once he saw Amy, she was his. He completely ignored me and swept down on her like a vulture. For the rest of the night he was her's and I was open to whatever cock wanted me."

"How did you feel watching Mark with another woman for the second time in your life?"

"Yeah it was strange," Suddenly she seemed much more relaxed and she visibly slumped back into the chair. "It was a mix of curiosity, anger, jealousy, fear, and love all rolled into one."

She fell silent as she replayed the night in her head. "I was angry that he didn't seem to care about what I was doing and jealous that all he wanted was the young teen slut. I wanted to see how he performed with her, how he treated her and what I could do for him to notice me."

"Why did you feel the need to be noticed?"

"Good question," she chuckled. "I'm not sure really." She spun her wedding ring around her finger as she returned to looking out the window.

"How did the night end?" I asked.

"When the sun came up," she smiled, "There was only four blokes and Amy and I left. We had a quick swim in the pool to freshen up and then had a great barbecue breakfast. Mark was curiously quiet afterwards and later that afternoon I discovered why."

"What happened?"

"I woke up at about four and he had left me a note saying he was over at Kathy's and he'd be back at around five so I just got some dinner organised and waited.

"When he returned he had a dozen roses and a bottle of Moet and he announced he'd made a decision."

"Which was," I asked.

"That what we were doing was wrong, that we were getting out of control and the risks were far too high and that we should think about doing something about starting a f****y."

"How did you feel about that," I asked.

"Kind of relieved you know,

"He'd broken it up with Kathy and I said we should tell Julian no more visits etc and we were fine for a few months until the conference.

"So you had no other partners for how long?"

"About six months," she said, "I was supposed to go on some fertility pills but I never took them the side effects were not the best or I don't think I was ready for c***dren. Maybe I never will be."

"You said it all went wrong at the conference," I said, "What happened there?"

"It was in Sydney and I had to go do some training and stay there for two nights.

"Somehow, and I still don't know how and I didn't tell him, but Julian turned up in the foyer after I returned from the training session. I was stunned but damn I was suddenly and incurably horny again.

"The possibilities were endless and that bastard knew it. He knew that if I was away from home I'd stray. And he was organised too, he'd been planning it all.

"We went down to the bar and had a few drinks and a meal before he told me he knew of a place where we could go to have some fun. I asked him what kind of fun and he just said 'Like the good old days,'

"We left the hotel and he hailed a cab that took us to some building in Surry Hills. It was a non descript building and after he knocked this big burly bloke full of tatts and piercings opened the door. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive at first but just behind him was this lady in her forties who ushered us in.

"Julian seemed to know them because she just smiled at us as she looked us over. 'Very nice couple' she said as pointed us up the stairs. What I remember most though was the smell. The smell of sex and sleaze all combined to create an atmosphere that I just adore."

Her leg scissoring had recommenced as she relived the night.

"I could feel the temperature in the building increase as I went up the stairs and when I got to the top I knew why. There was a bar with about six men with towels wrapped around their waist having a drink, sitting at the tables were other men just watching a porno on the television. Over in another room was another lady in her thirties riding some guys cock as these other men wanked off around her. All up I think there was about twenty men crammed into this building with only two of us.

"Amazingly the rest of the guys didn't even touch me until well Julian and I went to the change room. I still had on my work clothes so maybe I just looked like a spectator. The owner lady asked me if I had any lingerie and when I said no she asked me if I wanted to borrow any. I peered back down the hall to one of the guys who had been watching me undress. He was pulling on his cock and flicking from watching me to watching the other woman. I decided I didn't need any lingerie.

"Anyway I just went out to the bar grabbed a beer and began chatting to the blokes. They were lovely you know, really nice. Not the best looking bunch of blokes but they were respectful. Julian went and was chatting to the owner and I went over to the guy who had been watching me. I asked him to give me a tour and he leapt at the chance.

"I hadn't noticed a set of stairs that went up to another room and he took me up there and explained that it was the group room. I asked him about the girl downstairs. He just shrugged, smiled and told me that it was his wife Kim and she loved coming to Wicked Wednesday."

I had to ask "Wicked Wednesday?"

"Well yeah I asked the same question. Wicked Wednesday is otherwise known as a gangbang night for ladies who are into it.

"Before you continue," I interrupted, "What did you think of this man once you discovered it was his wife that was downstairs?"

She paused for a moment as she searched her feelings.

"His name was Bill and I felt a little bit sorry for him actually and it's probably because he wasn't getting involved more than anything.

"He actually asked me if Julian was my husband and that, to be honest, hit me more than anything."

"Why so?"

"Because once again I was off behind his back fucking anyone I liked which was against our agreement. I knew that I was hooked again I could feel it inside of me. I just wanted cock and by Christ did I get some that night.

"As I was saying Julian had this all organised. Anyway along one wall upstairs there was a built in lounge thing and this feller had a serious case of having half a mongrel so I sat down and offered him a blow job. Strangely he refused and asked me if he could lick me out. Now what girl says no to that. He was mighty fine at it too, let me tell you. Probably the best master of cunnilingus on the planet. As I sat back watching the porno and having my pussy licked, these two guys came up and as soon as they saw what was going on they dropped their towels and one stood on either side of me.

"It was getting real interesting now and Julian was still nowhere to be seen. I sucked each of them off as old mate went to town on my pussy. Then when he was finished he slipped a condom on and he began to fuck me nice and hard. As you know I love having cum on me and in me so I was a little bit disappointed about that but you know, we have to be safe and so far I have a clean bill of health."

She fished a doctor's envelope out of her bag and slid it across the floor towards me. I put it on the table before explaining to her that I didn't need to see that.

"I could tell one of the lads I was sucking off, and I hate the taste and texture of a franger so I did it without one, was getting close so I really concentrated on him. I was loving the work that Bill was doing on my pussy and the other two were also kneading my boobs and pulling on my nipples, but this young guy shot his load all over my face and into my mouth and I must have looked like such a wicked little slut there with cum all over me. Bill pulled out and went back to licking me out before he stood up and tapped the other guy on the arm.

"No words were spoken but he rolled on a condom and began to fuck me as well. Bill disappeared downstairs before returning with four other guys and a bottle of massage oil. In the middle of the room, I forgot to mention earlier, was this bed thing that looked like one of those jumping things from the gym or something. I moved young mate off me and hopped up on the bed and they were all over me, taking turns fucking me and getting sucked off and cumming all over me it was fucking awesome. They rubbed oil onto me and when I turned over they were playing with my arse before Julian, who had turned up, said that I loved it in the arse and being dp'ed so they went a little bit crazy then.

"At this stage I remember seeing nine guys in the room all taking turns fucking my arse and pussy and mouth. So yeah that was, and still is, my personal record, nine guys at once with more though during the night. I'd hopped off the bed thing and was being fucked on the mattresses for a while before I laid back on it and the guys just took turns fucking my pussy then my arse when Kim, the girl downstairs turned up. I was sucking off this guy and she came over and began sucking him as well. I kissed her neck and we began to share the cock and kissing. Now a few more were in the room and I was having cocks slapped across my face and forehead. It was intense. Kim had some bloke fucking her as she stood next to me and he pulled out, whipped his condom off and sprayed both our faces with this massive load.

"Then more of them began spraying our faces and we must have looked incredible. She then climbed up onto the bed thing and began to lick on my clit and suck on the cock that was fucking me, so I returned the favour and got her to squat down over my face and I licked her smooth pussy before someone slid a cock in. That was a memorable moment having a sixty-niner there in a sex club surrounded by strangers. I was licking this guys balls as he fucked her and he didn't have a condom on and when I looked up it was her husband Bill. I really went for it then and sucked on his cock in between him fucking her pussy. Needless to say that after all those hours of watching his wife and I getting fucked, his load was immense and he did it in her. As she groaned and moaned as he filled her his balls tightened up and I could get them both in my mouth.

"When I let go and he pulled out his cum began to ooze out of her cunt. I loved licking that up and then some other bloke came all over her pussy and arse and my face as I licked her clean. That was pretty debauched. Then another guy shoved his cock into her and filled his condom with his juice.

"It was all over by about one in the morning and Kim and I hopped into the spa to clean off. We got chatting and she told me about this night she was having.

"It was a party at her house with one difference in that it was going to be filmed and photos were going to be taken. Little did I know but that night was a dress rehearsal and she was inviting some of the men for the next night's main event. I was a little hesitant of course but she promised that no footage or anything would be released outside the group.

"How stupid was I?" she said as looked down at her hands and paused.

Her shoulders visibly slumped as she fought back tears. "This is where it all went really, really wrong," she said.

She wiped tears from her cheeks and stoically continued, "It was at this house out near Windsor, it was massive and had a pool and all. When we arrived..."

"We?" I interrupted.

"Yeah Julian came as well," she looked up at me and smiled, "Sorry, I should have mentioned that."

I simply nodded and gestured for her to continue but she hesitated.

"So you went to the party?" I continued for her, "What happened there?"

"Well Mark and I went in and..." I interrupted her.

"You and Mark?" I asked picking up on her error. "You just said Mark, not Julian."

She seemed to look right through me as she recalled what I'd said.

"Did I really?" she said "Well I can tell you he wasn't there.'

Then she continued un abashed. "This time I had some sexy lingerie with me so when Kim met me at the door in the nude it seemed I didn't need any. Julian and I were separated and I went off with Bill, Kim's husband. I couldn't see what was happening inside but the noise suggested quite a crowd.

"Kim explained that it was a nude wives night and there were another six ladies there also walking around nude serving drinks and nibbles to the men. I thought that that was a bit arcane but 'fuck it' I thought so I went into her bedroom and stripped off. So far it was all good and I served nibbles to the twenty or so men that were there just mingling and chatting and having a sly grope. There were three guys moving around with video and still cameras and at that time I was really keen to see myself in action.

"I did grab Julian for a moment as he came back from the toilet and asked him what was going on. He said that they'd all been given a viagra each and that they were going to vote soon. I asked him vote for what but he just smiled and said he was lobbying for me. All the other wives were pretty good looking especially this one called Mandy who was a tall brunette with a gorgeous body.

"I went out and seeing as there was some vote on I upped the flirting levels somewhat. I even rubbed a few groins as I handed out canapes. Then Bill tapped his glass and drew everyone to attention. He welcomed everyone and called all us girls up next to him. We were each given a number to hold in front of us and we stood there posing and such as the men placed their ballots into a box. I could have asked one of the girls what was going on but I just left it.

"The votes were counted and the results were that Mandy and I had drawn. Drawn for what I still didn't know but we were ushered into this other room and the other ladies came in with us but the men stayed outside. This room was all set up for sex. There was a swing, plastic sheeting on the floor, strange chairs that looked like they were from a doctors surgery and lots of bottles of oil.

"I asked Mandy what we'd actually won and it then dawned on her that I was only new. Apparently the winner is the centre of attention and is the only one the men are allowed to actually fuck. They can be wanked or sucked off by the other girls but us two were the only ones to be fucked. I was cool with that and soon enough twenty naked men piled into the room and that was wild. All those rock hard viagra enhanced cocks slamming into us as these three guys filmed our wanton ways.

"The difference here was no condoms, none at all so the room soon began to reek of jism as the lads emptied themselves into and all over us. The video guys were getting some great footage of me sucking and fucking and copping loads of cum. The ladies around the outside were now fingering and using dildos on each other as well as sucking cock so they didn't really miss out too much.

"One of them came over with a dildo and slid it into my arse and began to lick my clit. I thought it couldn't get any kinkier than that until I felt her sliding all four fingers into my pussy. I was back in the medical chair and my knees were up in the stirrup things and with the help of the oil she slid her entire fist into my cunt. That was freaky. She was licking my clit as she manipulated her hand around inside me. I came like never before and men were coming up and cumming all over her hand and onto my stretched pussy.

"That image, more than any of the others, has haunted me since then."

"Why?" I asked, "Why that image?"

To answer that question she fished an envelope out of her bag.

"In this envelope are a whole swag of images taken that night, a video and the letter. That letter has destroyed us and it's why we had to leave Goolamein. That wasn't a nude wives party, it was a blackmail party. That pile of images and the video turned up on my principal's desk three weeks after I refused to pay the fifty thousand they wanted. I couldn't because up until then Mark knew or suspected nothing. He really lost his shit and went around and beat the fuck out of Julian before kicking me out of the house. The whole frigging town soon knew and I had to take leave so I went and visited some friends in Bendigo. Strangely a few ladies asked me about it but I refused to admit I did it.

"And that good doctor is why we're here, to see if you can get me to stop. To see if I can be cured."

She thanked me and quickly left the room and it was only when I turned back into the office I noticed the envelope sitting on the table. I locked the door and pulled the images out onto the table. Here she was in her naked oily splendour with another woman's fist inserted in her vagina, a fat dildo in her anus and men ejaculatng all over her. Her smiling face had my penis hard in seconds and when I noticed the DVD amongst the images I knew that my afternoon sessions would need to be cancelled.

Over the next three days I'd spent many hours locked in either the office or in my study at home ingesting the filth that had been recorded either on video or as stills. This woman was truly the sluttiest, most wanton female I'd ever met. The video of her at the party lasted for nearly three hours. Three hours in which she allowed herself to be used as nothing more than a vessel filled with the ejaculate of innumerable men. Her vagina was stretched and explored by men and women alike and her anus was filled with both penis and plastic.

It was late at night in my home office when I fell asl**p at my desk with the sounds of her and others having sex playing through my headphones that I came to the final five minutes of the DVD. Up until then I'd been watching a video of Mrs Franklin and a few other women being gangbanged at a party. The video was being filmed with one camera by an unknown person who in the final minutes of the video handed the camera to someone else.

Judging by Mrs Franklin's reaction I could only guess that she knew the cameraman better than she did any of the other guests. The cameraman was naked and he fucked her with a passion unlike the others. I never did get to see his face and the only feature that distinguished him from any of the others was a scar on his right buttock. It was a jagged scar that ran for about three inches and I had a good view of it as he cum in her mouth.

It was then that I became suspicious of the whole package that I'd been handed. This time I watched the video with more than the eye of someone looking for cheap perversion. I also replayed our last meeting where she described the events that occurred at the party.

The video was only filmed by one person, not the three as she said had cameras and also there were three other women having sex at this party, not just the one that she called Mandy. There was no medical chair nor the fisting illustrated in the photographs. I came to the conclusion that the video was of a different night to the one that she'd said was used to blackmail her.

I recalled how when Mr Franklin had first come to visit he was plainly uncomfortable resting his right buttock on the seat. Maybe the scar on the right buttock of the cameraman was that of Mark Franklin's and that video was only made very recently.

Indeed Mr Franklin's first visit didn't quite sit right. Why would a man, emotionally stressed from seeing how his wife was behaving, then proceed to the point of having anal sex with her. Surely if he was angry with her to the point of wanting treatment he wouldn't be having sex with her straight afterwards.

Also his reaction, and her explanation of what had happened at Peter's party also didn't sit well with me. I couldn't help but think that not everyone was telling the truth.

Unless there is a trigger for behaviour, and a willingness for the offender to reform their ways, any kind of treatment, although profitable for me, is pointless. It was this information I was going to pass on to the couple.

I'd forwarded the video up until the last five minutes and had the player sitting on the desk behind me. The Franklin's came into the room holding each others hand. Mr Frankiln was still in his work attire and Sharon was in a singlet top and short flowery skirt. They looked very much like any other suburban couple.

I explained to them about differing therapies that are too detailed and unwarranted for this story before asking them a few pertinant questions.

"Mrs Franklin," I asked, "Do you really want to stop behaving the way you do?"

She chuckled to herself in a tone I'd describe as antagonistic. She was not a willing participant. Failure was imminent.

"I suppose I should," was all she could muster. Her attitude was convincing enough though.

I then asked them when the video that they'd made had been filmed. Again they had their story straight. They both declared it was filmed at the party she attended with Julian some months earlier.

Mr Franklin shock his head in his hand but I could only feel that what I was about to do would answer the question once and for all.

"Mark and Sharon" I said. "I believe that neither of you, for what reason I don't understand, are not telling me the truth about that video and several other events that you have told me about."

This had them suddenly looking at me with a surprised look on their faces.

"Mark could you do me a favour please and stand up and turn around," I said.

He looked at Mrs Franklin and stood right in front of her with his back to me.

"Now in order for me to clarify something I'll need you to lower your pants for me and let me take a quick look at your buttocks."

"Buttocks?" he said.

"Yes dear, pull your pants down," Mrs Franklin said "The good man wants to see your bum."

When he pulled his pants down there it was, the exact same scar that had belonged to the man holding the camera at a party he wasn't supposed to be at.

"That scar on your backside Mr Franklin," I asked, "How and when did you get that?"

He looked back over his shoulder at me and then down at the scar. "About three weeks ago," he said "I was trying to get through a fence on a property and got caught on the barbed wire."

"It's a nasty scar," I said. "However it is one that I've seen before."

As he stood there I spun around to hit play on the DVD just at the point where his scar came into view but I inadvertantly hit the stop button which meant that I'd lost the spot and would need to skip through to the end once more.

With my back to the couple I skipped through endless footage of Mrs Franklin and others fornicating in the room and minutes later I had found the spot I'd marked earlier.

When I turned back to the couple though, they'd already begun reliving what was on the screen.

In the minutes I'd had my back to them Sharon had grabbed Mark's penis and was sucking it for all she was worth. Her singlet top was pulled up over her exposed breasts and one hand was down in her underwear rubbing her genitals. Despite myself I found myself becoming aroused by the scene playing out in front of me. For days I'd been masturbating to the images and the video clip that I'd been watching. My professional reputation could be seriously harmed if word of this were to escape into the community.

I could feel my penis becoming turgid and as I watched her saliva hang seductively down from his erect member I, for a moment anyway, wanted to also be given the same delicious treatment. I was however dumbstruck and as I silently sat there watching her fellate him I think that they thought I was in agreeance with their actions. They were however, wrong.

"I'm going to have to ask you both to stop," I said, "This is totally inappropriate."

Rather than stop, Mrs Franklin lifted her backside off the chair and pulled her underwear off. Her delicately trimmed and wet vagina was exposed to me.

"Are you sure you want us to stop?" Mr Franklin said. "You are more than welcome to join in."

Suddenly, and without expectation, I became angry. This wanton couple were attempting to seduce me, trying to lure me into their world of selfish, dangerous excess. I stood up and moved towards them both.

"You will stop this now or I will be f***ed to call the police," I said knowing how lame a threat that was.

Mr Franklin just laughed.

"Police," he said, "We've already done police."

I had no idea what he was talking about but I found out soon enough.

"And plumbers as well," Mrs Franklin said, "Two plumbers really plugged my holes."

"I don't get you," I said, "I don't understand."

"I bl**dy well told you back in our first meeting," Mr Franklin said, "You don't listen well for a psychologist."

Mr Franklin pronounced my profession as persychologist, emphasising the p sound.

He continued. "Remember when we first chatted and she'd been with the miners?"

I nodded in silence.

"Well that was M, then there was the optometrist." To emphasise the point he gently prodded her eye with his penis.

"That was O and now there's you. P for persychologist."

"An alphabetic list." I said in wonder.

"Indeed," Mrs Franklin said as she stood up and removed the remainder of her clothing. "It's our third time through and today we're going to fill P for the third time."

"I'm afraid not," I said sticking to my original decision to be freed from this couple immediately. "I insist that you both put your clothes on or I will be f***ed to call the police."

"Really," Mrs Franklin said. "After all those stories we told you you don't want to experience it for yourself."

"Stories?" I asked "They weren't true?"

"Oh they're true alright," Mr Franklin said. "Maybe the part about being kicked out of Coolamein was fictional but we did go to that party and she was fucked by the miners."

"When was the video filmed?" I had to ask.

"Oh at home about a week after Mark came to visit," she said. "Are you sure you don't want to fuck me?"

Deep down I did. But certainly not here and not now. And that was what I told them.

"Undoubtedly you are an attractive woman and yes I would be a liar to say I don't want to have sex with you, but as you're currently a client of mine I simply cannot do anything. Not here and not now."

She raised an eyebrow and smiled. "When then?"

"Well firstly you'll have to pay your account and then sign some paper work saying you no longer desire therapy," I said "and then you are quite welcome to come to my house tonight for dinner with a good friend of mine."

"Who is he?"

"His name is Matt," I said, "He's a Quantity Surveyor."

"Excellent," she said.

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6 months ago
great story!
9 months ago
Awesome story. Reminds this Sir how far and how repeatable is pet has come as well as myself. I could just see my pets past in this story with the toga party. My how she has grown. Sir William Owner and Master of sub dee
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Very horny. Love your style xx
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fantastic story. well written and sexy as hell :P
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Great story - all the detail adds to the credibility. Well written and very arousing.
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Excellent story. Part Psychologist and part detective, huh?