The Policeman's Balls

The Policemen's Balls
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The Policemen's Balls
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I live in a small town one and a half hours drive from Orange in Central West New South Wales. I work in Orange once a week at a local educational centre teaching adults about video and digital photography. The pay is good but unfortunately I have spent quite a bit on speeding fines on the way back home of an evening. Not only are the fines a worry but also if I get busted once more all my points will be gone and I will lose my licence.

Sharon, my wife, and I had developed a plan to see if we could escape any more financial pain caused by my speeding. The plan was so simple it was ridiculous. We lived two houses from the corner of our block and in the next street was the local police station itself. After discussion with a few other locals we discovered that if the police cars were in the drive then the road was safe because the road was under the care of our local constabulary and not the Orange Local Area. So all Sharon had to do is check to see if the cars were there at about 10.30 at night and I would call on the mobile to see if was OK to floor it home. Well this worked really well and for about five weeks every time I called they were there. All I had to do is worry about the Kangaroos and bolt home.

One other thing you should know is that in our town we have no digital Mobile service until we get within 5 ks of Orange. We could use CDMA but I haven't got around to it yet. Anyway I was tootling along to work when the phone beeped with a message. I pulled over to listen to the message to find out that my class for the night was cancelled. Apparently I was on strike with everyone else and not needed. Oh well I thought it's nearly six o'clock I may as well just turn around and head home. So I did just that and swung my brand new Ford Falcon around and cautiously drove home. I didn't bother calling Sharon because I figured that they were probably out and about at that time of the night.

I got home at about 7.45pm as it took a bit longer with all the Roos at sunset. I drove past the cop shop and both cars were in the drive and lo and behold the place was shut up. I thought that was a bit strange as it was normally manned until midnight. I pulled into the drive and hopped out of the car. The thing about new cars is that they are very, very quiet and I was able to hop out of the car in near silence. I opened the back gate and wandered around to the back of the house. Our bedroom is right at the back of the house overlooking the town and as I walked past my eyes caught a glimpse through the curtain. Here was Sharon, totally naked, sitting on the edge of the bed with two police officers standing in front of her, in their uniforms, with their cocks jutting out of their pants. She was wanking one and then sucking the other as they slowly disrobed.

I was shocked to say the least and I stumbled backwards in amazement at my wives lascivious behaviour. Now Sharon and I are not new to group sex and we have enjoyed many a romp with other men and women in the past. This scene however was occurring without any prior consultation and it was that I didn't know that upset me more than the fact that she was screwing two coppers on our bed. The window was slightly open and I could hear what they were saying through the fly screen.

"Oh I love to suck your cocks" Sharon said, "My pussy is wet, fuck it's wet." She rubbed her pussy and wiped the juice all over the older cops cock and then licked it off.

The younger cop had a good amount of precum dripping from his cock and Sharon took great delight in licking it with her tongue and slowly engulfing his cock with her mouth. She had the older bloke by the balls and had his cock resting on her wrist. She was giving his sack a good squeeze and would alternate between the young bloke and the older.

Sharon is 28 and has an excellent thin petite figure. Her breasts are not too big and not too small. They are very pert and firm with small nipples and areolas. She has a great flat tummy and some piercing in her belly button. Her pubes are trimmed lightly so that she can wear a G-String. She has long dark curly hair which is great to hold onto when we do it doggy style.

"Lick my pussy" Sharon said as she lay back on the mattress and spread her legs far and wide. The older cop jumped forward and buried his face into her pussy. The younger one went to her face and fed his cock to her which she devoured. From my angle I could see the cops tongue licking her swollen clit and copious juices flowed onto the sheets. I then had a brilliant idea. Video camera. I had all my gear in the boot of the car so all I had to do was sneak out the front and get it. But I was torn. I wanted to watch and I wanted to tape it but common sense prevailed and I ducked out the front and grabbed the video bag and tripod from the boot.

When I returned the younger bloke was still pumping his fat cock into my wife's mouth and the older cop was sliding his nightstick into her pussy as he licked at her clit. Her body was glowing red which was a sign that she was about to have, or had just had, an orgasm.

"Suck my clit," she cried and as he did so she had her first climax for the evening. Her back lifted off the sheets and she pulled the cock from her mouth and screamed in delight just as I turned on the camcorder and placed it against the flyscreen. I watched through the viewfinder as the young cop pumped his cock and set forth a stream of cum all over Sharon's face. Sharon returned the cock to her mouth and sucked hard on it pulling the cum into her throat. I grabbed the tripod and clipped the camera onto it freeing my hands to go to work on my cock.

"Oh fuck John I love your cum" she said smearing his load over her face with his rigid pole. So that was his name.

"You better stay hard like you always do. I want that cock in my arse later." She said.

"I'll cum fair up your arse later lady. Don't you worry about that" John said, "Suck my balls you slut."

She gathered his balls in his hand and sucked on them as she pulled on his donger. I had dropped my pants to the ground and was stroking my cock when she rolled over and went into a doggie style position with her face towards the window.

"Fuck me Bill" she said "Shove that fat cock of yours into my pussy." Bill grabbed what was admittedly a well-hung fat dick and stood behind her. He spat on his hand and rubbed it on his cock and then slid his cock into her moist quim. The look on her face was one of intense pleasure and her eyes rolled back into her head as another orgasm racked her body. John had moved around in front of me so that now all I could see was his hairy arse. Not an attractive look let me tell you.

"Lie down." She said to John as Bill quickened the pace. Thank god for that I thought but then something remarkable happened. Sharon looked up at the window and stared straight at the video camera and myself looking through the fly screen. At first the look on her face was one of shock and horror as she realised that she was busted but she soon relaxed when she saw me wink at her through the window. This gave her the signal to get on with the job at hand and act the complete slut.

"Fuck me harder Bill, stick a finger in my arse" she yelled and then went to work on John's still hard cock. She flicked her hair out of the way like a true porn star so that I could see her deep throat the red cock in front of her. I was almost ready to explode myself but I knew to save myself for the delights that would come when she was finished.

She let the cock in her mouth flop out and she looked at the camera as she said "You want to fuck my arse John? Do you want to cum in my arse John?"

"Fuck yeah bitch," said John "I'm gunna fuck you hard."

"And I'm gunna cum in your mouth you slut, fucking bitch" said Bill as he pulled his slick prick out of her snatch.

Sharon hopped up and got John to move over into the middle of the bed. She turned her back to him and crouched over him. This was her favourite position for anal as it allowed her or me to finger fuck her pussy. Bill stood on the bed waiting for his BJ as Sharon slid down onto John's slick cock. I was fit to explode. Sharon looked at me and smiled and licked her lips as Bill placed his cock at her lips. The view was tremendous. Here was my wife with her legs spread wide with a cock in her arse and another one being fed into her mouth. Her gaping pussy was dripping cunt juice and all I wanted to do was fuck it hard. She rubbed her clit and looking at me again slid 3 fingers into her cunt.

"Fuck my cunt Bill," she demanded "and then cum in my mouth."

Bill moved down to her cunt and after getting the right angle slid his mammoth cock in.

"Oh fuck yeah," cried Sharon as she came yet again. "Fuck, fuck, fuck"

That was just about enough for Bill who after only a few hard pumps pulled his cock out and came on her pussy and as he repeated ‘fucking slut, fucking slut' he moved his cock up to her mouth and shot the remainder of his load onto her face and in her mouth. The extra slipperiness from the semen on her cunt added to the sensation for John and he pushed home into her arse and emptied half his load into her bowels and pulled out splashing her pussy with more cum.

The two fellas laid there stroking there withering cocks as Sharon looked at me fingering her arse and cunt smearing the cum and cunt juice over her pubes.

The two cops climbed silently off the bed and began to pull their clothes back on when I realised that they would see my car when they left. I left the camera running and pulling my pants up around my hardened cock I ran to the car and pulled it out of the drive and went around the block and watched the two cops walk back around the corner to the cop shop. I waited until they were out of view and then bolted back to the house. I opened the door and began stripping as I ran down the hallway to the bedroom.

Sharon was lying there with four fingers in her sopping cunt and pulling on her nipples. I went straight to her face and fed my cock into her mouth. She instantly sucked my cock down and conscious of the camera outside we both played to it.

"Suck my cock you horny slut," I said pulling on her spare nipple. "Shove your hand into your cunt." I demanded.

"Yeah that's it lick my knob, use that tongue" I said " I'm gunna cum all over your fucking face"

"Let me fuck you first" she said, "Let me fuck your cock"

With that she hopped up and I lay on the bed with my legs facing the outside camera and my cock pointing straight up into the air. Sharon climbed up and squatted down onto my prick engulfing it in her warm moist quim. Looking up at her fantastic body and beautiful face I knew that I would soon be exploding inside her. She flicked her knees forward so that she could rub her clit and I could just reach her tits. With her right hand on her clit she moved her left hand around to massage my balls. That was the trigger that sent us both exploding. I shot an absolutely huge load into her pussy as she threw herself forward onto me bucking and moaning as she came.

We slowed down our shagging and Sharon moved onto my side. My cock was still semi hard and Sharon held it as she looked at me and said "So you got the message about no work tonight then"

"When did you know about that?" I asked.

"Know" she said smiling "I organised it ya drongo"


"I got Julie at your office to call you" she said sliding down to my prick "I told her it was for a surprise anniversary dinner"

"It's not our anniversary"

"She doesn't know that" she said licking my cock, "anyway I couldn't keep shagging those boys for too much longer without you knowing"

"Good thing I have them on tape" I said, "next time you will have to bring the morning shift as well."

And with that comment we sucked and fucked for a while longer and later we watched one of the horniest videos ever made.
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1 year ago
3 years ago
That's a good way to get out of the few tickets.
3 years ago
I hear ya Doc. The best of both worlds. Very lucky couple. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
You get the best of both worlds ... no more tickets, plus getting to watch Sharon get fucked good. Great story. Thanks for posting.