Adventures at the Orgy Motel - The water skiers or

By: Friskee_cpl (friskee_cpl(at)

January. How I love January. This is the hottest month of the year and water skiers and their assembled flocks inundate the town. The water ski championships have been going for about 10 years now and the event attracts many overseas competitors. The motel was fully booked and had been for several weeks prior to the weeks festivities.

Despite the NO VACANCY sign shining bright out the front of the building we constantly have people ask if we have any spare rooms. For instance today we had no fewer than six cars pull in to the drive looking for a room. We keep a spare bed in our private suite for when we have our own visitors but other than that we have no room in the inn so to speak.

My wife Sharon had gone to Melbourne to visit her f****y and some friends Peta and Steve who, like us, enjoy a wild frolic or two. Although I had Gina and Irene at my disposal I was getting a bit frisky and with the spare bed in my room I decided to see what possibilities might arise. The moment I had decided that though, the majority of visitors were either old, fat, ugly or boring. Apart from watching Irene give Steve the chef a blowjob, the day was going to be very dull. The day quickly turned to night and the restaurant was booked out yet again.

We were flat out in the restaurant and the newest waitress Lisa was doing some serious flirting with Steve and I. Lisa was about 35 and was very tall, almost six foot. She has long straight reddish brown hair and although she isn't slim she isn't fat either. With Steve going hell for leather in the kitchen and Irene helping him and Gina and I looking after the front of house we weren't thinking of shagging at all. That was until I noticed a group of three people sitting forlornly in the corner. They were scouring the local travel guide desperately calling all the motels and caravan parks looking for accommodation.

They had had a few beers but had not ordered any food. To avoid being busted for breaking my liquor licence requirements they had to have food with their drinks.

"G'day" I said, "What can I get you?"

"A room for three would be nice," said one of the girls, a very busty blonde with a plunging black crop top and jeans.

I laughed and had a good look at the people at the table. Apart from the busty blonde the other two were a tall bloke that looked similar to Sylvester Stallone, but a lot thinner and a very cute petite black girl. She was a good foot shorter than him but cute, very cute.

"Sorry but we have nothing here" I said "Although I could find you something if you are stuck"

"What is there?" she asked

"Well you have two choices really" I said "You could try the B&B just on the Echuca Road or you could camp in our flat tonight and try something tomorrow" "Is that the Rosebud Guesthouse?" she asked, "Because if it is they are full."

I nodded and said "Well look I have a bed upstairs in a separate room if you are interested. One of you will have to park it on the floor though."

"I think we may have to" she said looking at the other two.

"Yeah that sounds OK," said the bloke in a very strong American accent. "You girls can have the bed."

"I could get a few cot mattresses and plonk them on the floor if you like." I told them.

"Sounds good, thanks," said the dark girl, "by the way I'm Ranasha and this is Lance and Julie"

"Hello I'm Marcus," I said, "Now that we have that sorted what can I get you to eat?"

I took the order and had a good look at the three of them as I did so. They were all very attractive and Ranasha oozed sexuality. Julie was a real blonde bimbo with ginormous tits. Lance was handsome and could hardly keep himself from throwing Ranasha on the table and giving her a right thorough tupping.

As the night progressed the three new housemates got d***ker and d***ker and I am sure Lance was going the grope under the table. Julie kept watching and smiling at me as I went about my duties. Gina was quick to pick up on Julie's behaviour.

"It looks like you may be lucky tonight Marcus" she said.

"Now what makes you say that" I said

"She is horny"

I patted her on the arse and gave it a nice rub "Now, now don't get jealous" I said

"But my pussy is wet and itchy" she said turning around. "Feel it"

Luckily we were behind the counter and out of sight. She lifted her skirt and lo and behold she had no knickers on. I rubbed my hand over her delicious snatch and felt the wetness oozing out. My fingers plunged easily into her and my cock was as hard as a rock. She lifted her left leg up onto a shelf under the counter and I was able to fully insert a few fingers into her. I sat on the chair and really got to work on her sopping gash. I had three fingers in her as I used my other hand to rub her clit. How no one noticed I don't know because Gina is not the quietest rooter around.

"Oh fuck, yeah," she said as I leant forward and kissed her swollen clit. I licked at it and with a quick suck of it she came all over my hand. She had to hold herself up on the bench to stop herself from falling over. As she came down I stood up and as though nothing happened I wandered into the kitchen to see what was happening. To my surprise the staff were all working diligently away. Lisa, Irene and Steve were all cleaning the kitchen and putting away the remaining foodstuffs. I had hoped to see them all shagging but such is life.

The guest had all started to leave except for a table of two women and my three guests. Gina had started on the cleaning of the tables and I asked the remaining guests to come up to the bar. The two women were in their 30's and very sexy. The brunette was named Kim had short boyish hair and long legs. The other lady, whose name was Lyn had long straight blonde hair and was tall and tanned. They certainly looked after themselves. They both worked as physios and were on contract to look after any skiers that may have hurt themselves. Gina was eyeing them off as she worked away and I wondered if tonight she would get lucky.

"Thank you very much for letting us stay" said Julie the busty blonde. "It's very kind of you"

"Anything to help a damsel in distress" I said winking "Another drink? My shout."

"Sure" they all said.

I poured them all a double nip of whatever they ordered and then left them to it. Irene was in the kitchen alone when I went in and she was quietly smiling to herself.

"You look like the cat that's come home from the dairy Irene, what's happening?"

"Steve and Lisa"

"What about them?" I asked "Are they getting into some ‘rumpy pumpy'"

"Listen. Can't you hear them?" she said "In the storeroom"

I snuck over to the store door and had a listen to the sounds of shagging going on inside. Irene also came over and leant over me and started kissing at my ear.

"Is it making you horny?" she whispered

"I'm already horny." I said as I ran my hand up her leg towards her snatch.

She shoved her tongue down my throat and I slid my hand under her panty elastic and started rubbing at her pussy. It was very damp down there and I was able to easily feed a few fingers into her depths. She grabbed at my crotch and started to undo my fly. To make it easier I stood up and undid my belt and buttons and dropped my daks. She pulled my cock out of my undies and sucked and licked all over my cockhead. I held her head and began to pump into her mouth as she held my balls with one hand and rubbed her cunt with the other.

The noise from the store was getting louder and louder so I opened the door very quietly and looked in through the small opening. Lisa was on her back on a pile of flattened cardboard boxes with her legs spread wide and her top pulled up over her tits. Steve was glistening with sweat and pumping furiously into Lisa. He had one hand on her tit and the other was rubbing her clit. "Oh fuck yes" Lisa cried "Rub it harder"

I pulled my cock out of Irene's mouth and got her to stand to watch the show. She pulled her knickers off and I lifted her skirt to play with her pussy and arse as she watched.

We were both looking in when Lisa started moaning in orgasmic pleasure. Irene couldn't contain herself.

"Yeah that's right cum baby cum." She said

Only Steve noticed and being a bit of a veteran to theses scenarios he kept on pumping away and beckoned us in. Irene went straight to Lisa and began a heavy attack on her tits. Lisa at first was a bit startled as someone else took to her tits but she quickly came around when she saw it was Irene.

"I told you it was a good place to work" Irene said to her.

I lifted Irene's skirt and slipped my cock smoothly into her hungry pussy. She slid down Lisa and pulled Steve's cock out of her and began sucking the cunt juice off it. Steve began to pump into her mouth and I quickened the pace into her cunt. Lisa separated the two as she slid off the boxes but they quickly resumed. Lisa came around to me and gave me a huge sloppy kiss and then grabbed my balls. Lisa was a master at digital dexterity. She worked her hands all over my cock and balls and rubbed Irene's clit as she went.

Steve was calling Irene a slut and so on as he held her head sliding his cock into her mouth. I pulled Lisa's top off so that she was totally naked. Her tits were well formed and still firm after two k**s so I gave them a good squeeze. She responded by gently pulling my cock out of Irene and bending down to suck it clean. Irene took this as an opportunity to change positions so she stood up and threw a piece of cardboard on the floor.

"Lay down" she said to Steve taking control. "I want your cock."

Steve lay down and Irene squatted over his face "Lick me first" she said to him.

Irene worked her cunt over Steve's face pulling her labia apart and rubbing her clit over his lips and tongue. I was still enjoying the deep throating that I was receiving from Lisa. Irene slid down and slipped Steve's cunt easily into her pussy. The slopping noise that resulted was evidence of the moisture that was seeping out of her. She bounced away and I decided she needed another cock in her mouth. I moved away from Lisa who instantly moved down to Steve's balls who were wet with juice from Irene's gaping red pussy.

Irene quickly grabbed my cock as she went to town on it. Lisa must have done something spectacular to Irene because she came soon after she started to blow me. Her body shook and quivered as the waves of pleasure crashed over her. I was feeling the need to shoot my load and decided that Lisa would be a fine receptacle for my sprog. I moved behind Lisa and spitting on my cock I slid it into her doggy style. Lisa was very tall so the position we were in was very comfortable. Irene hopped off Steve leaving his dick for Lisa to feast upon. She did what was expected and took to his member with gusto. Irene was sitting on an old chair fingering her pussy and watching the show when she smiled and got Steve to hop up. She lay on her back on the cardboard and slid underneath. Soon enough I felt her tongue on my balls. She spread her legs wide and Steve wasted no time in sliding into her drenched slot.

All this attention was too much for me and that welcome feeling of impending orgasm filled my nether regions. I pulled my cock out of Lisa and aimed it at Irene and after a few pumps I let loose a good load of cum that splattered onto her face and into her eyes. I whacked it back into her cunt and sent the rest of my load onto her cervix. I was fascinated watching Irene attack Lisa's pussy licking and tongue her hole. Lisa came again as Irene sucked on her swollen clit and slid a few fingers into her cunt.

Steve at that moment announced his orgasm and pulled his cock out spewing a load over Irene's belly and Lisa's face. I got Irene to lick my cock clean as Lisa licked the cum off Irene's belly and Steve's cock. I was shagged and I lay down next to Irene for a rest. I heard some noise in the kitchen and as I turned I saw a quick glimpse of some jeans moving away from the door. Someone had been watching.

"I'll leave you to them Steve" I said to him as I pulled on my pants. "I'd better go back out front."

I threw my shoes back on and straightened myself up. Lisa and Irene were both licking at Steve's cock trying to get some life back into it. I told them to lock up when they were finished and all Steve could do was raise his hand in acknowledgement. I wandered out to the restaurant and discovered that Gina and the two other ladies had disappeared. Ranasha, Lance and Julie were all at the bar deep in conversation and laughing.

"Hi" said Julie, who I noticed was the only one wearing jeans. "All finished out the back?"

"Yes thanks." I answered. "Has Gina left?"

"She went with those two other ladies" Lance said "and they weren't too bad either" Ranasha gave him a dig in the ribs.

"Shall we head off?" I asked

"Are you sure you're up to it?" said Julie as she flicked her hair in that flirty way women do.

"Up for anything" I said winking. "Just let me check something first"

I went into the reception area to see what room the two ladies were in. They were in Room 12 that was right at the end of the building with a window that looked over the levy bank. An ideal hiding place for a compulsive voyeur.

"OK" I said, "Lets head off" We gathered our belongings and three d***ken visitors and myself took a detour around to Room 12. I opened the gate as I shooshed the other three quiet. I had planted some advanced shrubs in the yard a few months back when they finished the levy bank and I knew they would make great cover.

"Marcus, where are we going?" Julie asked.

"I suspect a show may be in the offing."

"What kind of show?" asked Lance.

"A very special show" I said and I wasn't wrong. We snuck through the bush and turned towards the window of Room 12. Gina and the two ladies were all naked and indulging themselves on the bed. Gina was in a doggy style position licking and sucking at Kim's cunt whilst Lyn was shoving a big fat dildo into Gina's pussy and a thinner white vibrator into her arse. Lyn was wearing a strap on dildo that was at least 12 inches long.

"This is one horny motel you have here." Julie said.

"We try to please" I replied.

Gina had grabbed a spare flesh coloured dildo off the bed and was driving it into Kim's pussy as she licked at her clit. Lyn was smacking Gina's arse and calling her a slut. Lyn pulled the two dildos out of Gina and positioned herself behind her and easily slid the strap on cock into her. Gina was calling out for Lyn to fuck her hard and Lyn really did quicken the pace. Kim was pulling on her nipples and squeezing her fine tits when she started bucking in orgasm throwing her cunt up towards Gina's face.

Lance was standing in front of Ranasha who had wrapped her arms around him. Julie was right next to me completely transfixed by the scene in front of me. I put my arm around her and gave her a gentle squeeze. Gina had lifted one of her feet up onto the mattress so that she had one leg bent and the other straight. Kim spun around and lay under Gina and bought her head up to her pussy. This sent Gina off and she started screaming, as she does, about being fucked hard and so on. I was sure that Ranasha was pulling on Lance's cock but I couldn't see for certain. I stood behind Julie and began kissing at the nape of her neck. She didn't mind at all so I moved my hand to her ample breasts and gave them a gentle squeeze.

"I think we should move on, don't you?" I asked.

"bl**dy oath" said Julie.

Lance and Ranasha had a quick fumble with their clothes and we snuck back to our residential suite. I showed them the lay of the land and Lance went into the bathroom to relieve himself. I poured some more drinks and as Lance returned from the toilet I excused myself and headed into the bathroom for a shower. Julie grabbed a few CD's and put some music on. As I closed the door I looked over to Lance and Ranasha who were all over each other. Julie was dancing by herself and her breasts jiggled as she jigged.

The shower was a delight and the warm water helped revitalise my jaded body. I had begun to wash my old boy when I heard the door open. Through the steamy glass I saw the shape of Julie.

"I need to use the loo, is that OK?" she asked.

"Go ahead" I said soaping up my cock.

I could see her quite clearly undo her jeans and pull them down as she sat on the bowl. I was as hard as steel. She trickled a fine stream of piss into the bowl and I could see her looking over at me. Her legs were open wide and she was rubbing at her pussy.

"You seem to have something that needs a helping hand," she said.

"Most definitely" I said.

I opened the door and Julie stood up and hopped out of her jeans. Her snatch had been trimmed down to a landing strip of fine pubes and when she pulled the black halter neck top off my cock nearly shot its load there and then. She had fantastic boobs that were not overly large but sat very nicely on her petite frame. She stepped into the cubicle and grabbed my soapy cock in her hand. I grabbed her boobs and massaged them as she pumped my cock in her slippery palm. We kissed and I bought her closer to me pressing my cock against her belly. I ran my hands down her back and grabbed onto her arse.

"Wash the soap off" she said and I spun around into the showers stream. Julie squatted down and when I turned back she took my cock in her hand and began sucking and licking at my knob. I moved back into the water allowing it to run down onto her. The sight of this blonde on her knees in front of me with water cascading down over her head and onto her tits as she licked and sucked at my cock was awesome. She had excellent tongue and hand action and was pumping at my cock whilst swirling her tongue around my knob.

She had no problem licking the precum off my cock and I started to wipe my dick over her face. The sensation from her blowjob was almost bringing me off so I got her to stand. I grabbed the shower hand piece off the holder and told her to lift her leg up on the tile ledge. I aimed the spray at her open pussy and she went right off.

"Oh fuck yeah," she cried, "That is fantastic"

I used my free hand to massage her great tits and she was rubbing at her clit when a knee trembling orgasm rocked through her body. I thought she was having a fit the way she was shaking but she soon calmed down.

"Let's go see what the others are up to," I said. She could only nod.

We towelled off and Julie took longer than usual to dry her crotch.

"That will never dry," I said.

I opened the door with the towel around my waist and my cock semi hard pressing against it. Julie didn't bother. She just walked out naked. I thought that Lance and Ranasha would be in the spare room shagging themselves senseless, but I was wrong. They were in my bed shagging themselves senseless. The bed was rocking as Ranasha rode Lance for all he was worth. His cock was slipping easily into her pussy and the moisture from her cunt glistened nicely on her ebony flesh. She had a tattoo of a rose on her back and her 34c tits were firm and hard as Lance squeezed and tugged them as she rode away.

"Woo Hoo," said Julie, "A little orgy."

She went to the bed and knelt next to the couple as they pumped away. My cock was back to full strength and I dropped the towel. I wandered over to the bed near Lance and Ranasha's face to see if it was OK for Ranasha to give it a lick.

"Do you mind?" I asked Lance. He shook his head and gave Ranasha the OK. She lifted her right hand and grabbed my cock and I enjoyed the look and the feel of this strange dark hand leading my cock into her mouth. She had a fantastic technique. She would suck nearly my entire cock down her throat and then slowly let it out as she flicked and rolled her tongue over it. Julie was rubbing over Ranasha's back and playing with Lance's cock and Ranasha's pussy lips as they fucked. Lance had taken to fingering Julie's cunt as she knelt beside them. Julie leant right over to Lance's cock and began to lick at it as he drove home into Ranasha. I was really enjoying the show and the sensation of Ranasha's perfect blowjob.

Julie had about three of Lance's fingers in her cunt and when Lance pulled his fingers out and Ranasha licked the juice off them. I was lucky my cock was free otherwise I would have exploded. Julie pulled Lance's cock out of Ranasha and licked and sucked the juice off it. Julie then stood on the mattress and as I moved around to where she had been she squatted down onto Lance's outward stretching tongue. Ranasha moved up to meet her and she immediately went for her tits. Ranasha was going crazy for Julie's behemoth breasts. I grabbed my cock in hand and stood on the mattress as the two kissed. I slipped my cock between their lips. The feeling was ecstatic. Two beautiful women sucking and licking my cock as it slid between their lips. I alternated between the open mouths, first feeding Julie then Ranasha. When I pulled my cock away they would devour each other.

"I need a cock," said Julie suddenly.

"I can help you there." I said.

Julie hopped off Lance's sopping face. Ranasha dove down to suck on his lips. Julie lay down on her side with her head at the base of the bed rather than at the top.

"Spoon me," she said, "I want to watch."

I slipped behind her and as she lifted her leg I slipped right into her. Her pussy was drenched. I ran my hands up to her tits and gave them a squeeze. Ranasha hopped off Lance and they also formed the spoon position. I noticed at this stage that Ranasha's pussy was shaved clean. They however laid in the opposite direction to us and we were treated to a very close up view of Lance's eight inches of cock slide deep into Ranasha's pussy. I was rubbing at Julie's clit and really pounding into her when Ranasha leant forward and sucked at Julie's clit. This sent Julie off again and Lance also began to lose the plot.

"Oh fuck baby, I'm gunna cum" he wailed.

He pumped into Ranasha's hairless cunt and Julie quickly pulled him out, gave him a few tugs and he shot a bucket of cum all over Ranasha's pussy and onto Julies face. I was nowhere near cumming just yet so I pulled out of Julie and moved her into the doggy style. She was licking the mess of cum, cock and cunt that was Lance and Ranasha. She had a feast as she licked the cum off the organs in front of her. She looked back at me and she had huge gobs of cum all over her face. I slipped my cock into Julie's pussy and kept on fucking her. Lance, the horny bastard, was well on the way to recovery and his cock was nice and hard.

"Can I fuck Julie?" he asked Ranasha

"Only if I can fuck Marcus," she said.

"Deal" he said

I pulled out of Julie and Lance and I stood up and swapped positions. Ranasha lay back and spread her legs wide revealing her cum soaked pussy. Julie's face was close by so I offered my cock to her mouth. She accepted it greedily. Lance slid his cock into her and for a moment Julie was well and truly stuffed with cock. Ranasha was busily finger fucking her pussy so I decided to do the right thing and fill her neat bald snatch with cock. She saw me coming so she pulled her pussy lips apart in invitation. I lay over her and slid my cock into her delicious wet pussy. I rejigged my angle so that I could toy with her breasts and clit as we fucked. The sight of her lying there with her tits pointing up was fantastic.

Lance was really pumping hard into Julie and when Ranasha looked over to him he slowly slid his glistening cock out of Julie's pussy and slowly slide it in again. This, along with my rubbing her clit, sent her over the orgasm barricade and she shook and squirmed as an orgasm washed over her. Julie stopped Lance for a moment so that she could get closer to us. She moved over my cock and began licking at Ranasha's swollen clit. I would pull my cock out and let her suck it as we went.

Lance was really pumping hard and I could detect that he was going to cum again soon. He pulled his cock out of Julie with a pop and moved to Ranasha's smiling face. I also pulled out of Ranasha and moved next to her face. Julie leapt at the opportunity to have the hairless pussy all to herself and she crawled into position. Lance gave his cock a few quick pumps and shot a substantial amount of cum into Ranasha's open mouth. I also let loose at this time and sprayed her face with jizz. She had cum all over her face and tits. She also rocked with another orgasm as Julie hit the right spot.

Julie looked up to see the cum splattered face of Ranasha and moved up her torso to lick at the cum on her face. Lance and I almost collapsed from the effort. I sat on the edge of the bed playing with Julie's pussy and Lance just lay there watching his girl enjoy the attention she was getting.

Lance and I sat back on the lounge and had a cleansing ale and watched the girls swap positions and begin a 69er. They kept it up for what seemed ages and both enjoyed rollicking orgasms. I dozed off at one stage and woke to see Lance still fucking Ranasha. Boy did these guys have some stamina. Julie was asl**p on the spare bed and I wandered over to the two of them, gave Lance a pat on the back and toddled off to bed. I needed more sl**p. The ski championships had another week to run after all.
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simply amazing very hot and sexy and such a turn on loved it
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a great addition to the series
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awesome story
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Excellent. You are a fantastic writer.
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good stuff