The Adventures at the Orgy Motel - Another Orgy.

The phone just would not stop ringing.

"Hello Roots Motel" I said

"Hi, I know this is late notice but we've just arrived in town and we would like to book a room for 2 nights please." It was an American accented female voice. "It's for tonight and tomorrow night please."

"Is that a single or double?" I asked.


I took her details and deposit and wished her farewell

"Bye Jan" I said "I look forward to meeting you tonight"

Apparently Jan and her partner were a pair of consultants travelling the Eastern States of Australia consulting farmers on something or other.

It was Sharon's turn to sl**p in today and she was doing a good job of it. At least I thought she was sl**ping until I saw two workers and Diane our gardener, open our balcony door and walk in. I was just about to drop everything and run upstairs when the fucking phone rang again. It was an internal call from one of the rooms so I hoped it wouldn't last long.

"Reception" I said. "How can I help you?"

"Hello it's the Wilson's in room 8 here and we were just about to hop in the spa but it's making an awful racket. Could you come and have a look please?"

"Ah fuck off" is what I thought but "Yeah sure I'll be there soon" is what I said.

The breakfast crowd had dispersed and Irena and the newest chef Steve were tidying up.

"Irena." I yelled out "I'm just going to room 8 to have a look at the spa. Could you look after the front here?"

"Yes" is all she said so I opened the door went out to the Ute and got my toolbox and headed to Room 8. I hadn't been there when the Wilson's booked in so I had no idea what they looked like. I was pleasantly surprised when they opened the door. The bloke was tall, thin and rugged with a goatee beard like mine and his girl was a very cute skinny brunette. She was wearing a silk bathrobe and all he had on was a pair of silk boxers.

"Morning" I said offering out my hand "Marcus Root".

"Paul Wilson" he said shaking it "and this is Rae-Maree"

She also shook my hand and gave Paul and me a flirty glance. You can't miss a flirty glance when you see them often enough. I noticed Paul had a tattoo of an Incan sun on his right shoulder blade and his boxers had "Man with Large Cock" written on it accompanied by a picture of a man with a large rooster.

"It pays to advertise then?" I asked him as I nodded at his shorts.

Rae-Maree answered for him "It sure does" and we all had a bit of a giggle.

I went into the bathroom and Rae-Maree followed me in. The spa was filled with water and bubbles and when I turned it on the pump made a horrific grating noise.

"Ahh." I said pretending to know what the problem was "I won't be a sec" I put my toolbox on the floor and started to unscrew the panel on the side of the spa. Rae-Maree sat on the side of the spa and leant forward to look at what I was doing. She was very close to me and when she leant forward her gown opened up and I got a very good glimpse of her fine pert breasts. She must have known I could see them and she made no effort whatsoever to cover up.

"How's it going" Paul asked as he came into the room.

"It's looking good" I said obliquely referring to Rae-Maree's tits. I had opened the panel and I was looking for any obvious complications. I looked up at Paul and Rae-Maree and they were just looking at each other and smiling. Paul was no doubt enjoying the view down her gown because he was getting noticeably firm. Rae-Maree had opened her legs wider and was swinging them open and closed in anticipation.

Paul moved away back into the bedroom and called out "Rae-Maree could you give me a hand here please?" I went back to looking for the noisemaker and saw a piece of strapping had wedged itself into the pump. I simply pulled it out, pressed the on button and listened to the sweet hum of a quiet pump. With that smug look on my face of a man who had just fixed a problem I replaced the panel and picked up my toolbox. I was about to turn into the bedroom when I saw in the mirror a fantastic view.

Paul was lying on his back with his enormous cock poking out of his boxers and Rae-Maree was on her side sucking as much of it as she could fit down her throat. Her gown was open and thrown back over her torso. Her legs were spread and Paul was fingering her trimmed pussy. Paul's cock was about 10 inches I k** you not. It wasn't fat or thin but very nicely proportioned. For a small girl Rae-Maree's pussy was well stretched from the meat she was sucking on because Paul had three of his meaty fingers fully inside her twat and there seemed to be plenty of room to move.

They no doubt knew that I would spot them and it seemed to be part of the game. I pulled my shorts down and let John Thomas out of his Reg Grundy's and began a slow wank as I watched the action reflected in front of me.

"Oooh fuck shove ‘em in" she said between sucks, "Yes rub my clit, fill my cunt"

She said all of this loud enough for the guests three rooms down to hear. I decided to torment them a bit longer and make them wait. Besides I was enjoying the view. Rae-Maree hopped up onto her knees and pulled her gown off. She glanced quickly at the mirror and saw me watching. My cock was bursting and she knew what I was up to so she ran her hands down her petite little breasts and carried on down to her trimmed pussy that was glistening with moisture. She knelt down into a doggie style and continued to suck on Paul.

The view in the mirror was of her profile but when I stuck my head around the corner I was greeted by her great arse and puffy pussy lips waiting for me to ram my cock into. That was too much for me so I wandered around the corner and kicked my undies off and they stopped, looked and smiled at me standing there with my dick in hand oozing precum. Nothing was said as Rae-Maree slid her hand between her legs and parted her sopping pussy lips. I moved over and rubbed my cock over her pussy lips enjoying the warmth and moisture that oozed out of her cunt.

"Fuck her man" said Paul, "Fuck her hard"

With that said I gave her no warning and rather than slip it in slowly I gave her about eight really fast and hard pumps. This caused her to let go of Paul's cock and give over to my attention.

"Ahh fuck yeah" was all she said as an orgasm racked her fine frame. "Fuck, fuck, fuck"

I continued the pounding she so obviously enjoyed and I was amazed at how much juice she was exuding. My crotch was soaking in her wetness. As she came down from her orgasm she reached under and grabbed my balls as they bumped against her. I kept on sliding into her but she had other ideas. She moved up and squatted over Paul with her back to him and grabbing his huge cock she slid onto his dick with hardly any effort at all. I stood at the end of the bed and watched his cock slide in and out of her neat trimmed pussy. Her petite frame was glowing red and she began rubbing her clit as she bounced away.

I noticed on the side table a digital camera so I picked it up, turned it on and went over to them.

"Would you like a memento of your visit to Roots Motel?" I asked.

"Oh yeah" said Rae-Maree as she spread her legs wider revealing more of her snatch. I began snapping away and she was a real performer. I took a few short videos of her as well. She swapped positions and turned around so she faced Paul. This revealed her arse to me so I went over for a closer inspection. After a close look and slipping two fingers into her arse without any complaints I knew she was ready for some doubling up. Paul even moved his legs apart to allow me easier access onto the mattress. I put the camera down and spat on my cock greasing it up. I rested my cock against her arse and easily slid it into her hole. I grabbed the camera and holding it out to the side I did another quick video grab and some other still prints.

I really enjoyed fucking this chick's hot arse and she really seemed to enjoy it also. She lifted herself off Paul who slid upwards and fed his cock into her mouth leaving her arse and pussy to me. I slammed into her hard and alternated between her arse and cunt.

"I'm gunna cum all over your fucking face slut," said Paul.

This statement for some reason made me want to cum as well so I pulled out of her cunt and quickly, and easily, flipped her over onto her back. Paul and I moved to her face and she grabbed our cocks and slipped mine into her mouth. Slopping nicely all over my hard rod I rubbed her wide-open pussy very gently on the clit and as she reached another orgasm, so did I, spewing a large load all over her face and into her mouth. Paul also exploded all over her face and he aimed a large proportion onto her tits. Rae-Maree scooped it up and sucked on her fingers enjoying the two different flavours.

"I'd heard that this Motel was good for group sex" said Rae-Maree "But I didn't think it was this good. That was fucking fantastic"

I had to ask, "So we have a bit of a reputation do we".

"Irena is a friend of ours" Paul said wiping his cock over Rae-Maree's face.

"Ahh I must thank her when I get back to the office."

"Maybe you could both come over for her lunch break?" Paul asked

"We'll see. Hooroo" I said as I pulled on my pants and left the room.

I wandered down to the office and I noticed a hire car parked in the drive. I went over to the door but the bastard thing was locked so I reversed back up to our rooms upstairs. I remembered about the two blokes and Di upstairs so I broke into a bit of a trot.

I got to the door and opened it slightly to have a look inside. And what a sight to behold. Here was Sharon sitting with her back to one of the blokes with his cock up her arse whilst she sucked on the dick of the other and here was dainty little Diane plunging a vibrator into Sharon's gaping cunt. Needless to say I went in. The two blokes look startled but Di and Sharon both smiled. Di shoved the vibrator fair up Sharon and then spun around on the bed.

"Don't just sit there," she said "Come over here and make yourself useful".

I wandered over and pulled my cock out of my pants. Di sat on the edge of the bed with her legs splayed wide, her cunt glistening in the light. She grabbed my cock and licked the knob swirling her tongue around it. Di is a petite girl with a blonde bob haircut and small tits. She has a muscly frame and works out regularly and as a result she has a really great arse and a flat stomach.

"Umm" she said "Can I taste someone else on your cock?"

"You sure can" I said "A young lass in Room 8"

"Ohh this is so good" she said as she went back to devouring my cock and licking my balls. The fella feeding his cock into Sharon's mouth pulled out and was about to move down to her cunt, which was still stuffed with a vibrator, when the fucking phone rang again. We all gave a bit of a jump but Di simply rolled back onto the bed, grabbed the phone and spread her legs. I dived into her pussy licking her cunt lips and shoving my tongue into her hole.

"Hi Irena what's happening?" she said. Like most phone conversations all I could hear was what Di was saying.

"Who are they?"

"Uh Uh"

"Sounds interesting"

"Three blokes"

"Ok I think they will last but you'll have to hurry"

"You beaut" I thought as I sucked on her puffy lips

"You lot better save yourselves because we have someone from the US coming up here soon apparently she wants to be ganged whilst her hubby watches."

"That sounds great," said Sharon as she slid off the fella underneath her. "Better not let you blokes explode just yet."

Di didn't budge as I laid there licking her sweet pussy. Sharon came over and threw a leg over Di's face and lowered her pussy to her mouth.

"Now move away Marcus like a good boy and just watch whilst we wait for our special guests" She said.

I pulled away as she dived down to munch on Di's fanny. The two other blokes had sat at the chair wanking on their cocks as they watched. Di and Sharon were really enjoying themselves when the door swung open and in walked four very horny people. Irena entered first wearing a very short wrap around skirt and a halter neck top and behind her were two older and slightly chubby people who looked extremely excited, especially the woman when she saw our three cocks waiting for her. Steve the new chef came in last sporting an obvious hard on through his shorts.

"Everyone this is Jan and Ron" said Irena "Jan wants some fun."

Jan was very quick on the uptake and she went straight to the two workers who stood to meet her. Jan literally tore her clobber off and dropped to her knees and began tugging on the cocks in front of her.

"Suck those cocks baby," said Ron as he too stripped off "Suck them dry"

Ron's cock was a reasonable size and Irena took him by the cock and walked him over to the lounge. She got him to sit and she stripped her gear off in a quick flick. Steve went over to Sharon and Di when Ron intervened.

"Hey guys please all of you fuck my wife" he pleaded "Fuck her like she's never been fucked before."

Sharon and Di hopped off the bed and Jan took the hint and stood up to walk over to the bed. Jan pushed one of the workers onto the bed and leant over doggy style and began sucking his cock when Steve took his gear off and went over to Jan and slid his cock into her dripping cunt. Sharon and Di went to the lounge and sat next to Ron who was getting sucked by Irene who was between his legs. Di went back to work on Sharon's cunt, licking and sucking well.

The other worker stood next to Jan and fed his cock to her and she alternated between them both for a while before slipping out from Steve and moving up to the worker and sliding down onto his cock. Steve spat on his cock and without even a "How's ya father" He slipped his cock into Jan's cunt as well as the workers. This woman could take some cock. The other worker and I both went to her face and fed our cocks to her as she was pounded from behind.

Sharon leant over and was sucking on Ron's cock with Irena and I was being sucked nicely by Jan.

"Fuck her ass" called Ron "Fuck her ass"

Steve pulled out and slipped easily into her arse. Jan stopped momentarily enjoying the sensation as Steve pumped into her. The sensation was too much for the worker underneath her and he screamed that he was cumming as he shot a load into her pussy.

"All of you cum in her cunt" called Ron as he shot a load over his belly and into Sharon and Irene's mouth. Jan was in a fever and she slid off the worker underneath and told him to go and she rolled onto her back with her legs spread wide. The cum was oozing from her crack and she slipped two fingers in for a taste. The other worker couldn't hold back and he shot his load onto her face and onto her tits. I took the initiative and moved down to her cunt and slipped my cock into her well-greased hole. Steve fed her his cock and it wasn't long before I too emptied my balls into her hole.

I looked around and Sharon and Di were busy coaxing some life back into the workers and Steve took my place feeding his cock into Jan's pussy. Sharon had done the work on one of the workers and she sat him on the lounge and spun around and slipped her cunt over his cock. I wandered over to have my dick cleaned which she did really well. Steve and Jan let out a tell tale moan as they came together. Ron hopped off the lounge and went the growl on Jan's cunt licking her juices and our cum together. Irena slipped underneath and sucked his cock back to life. Di was being doubled by a worker and Steve. I was hard but had no chance of cumming again so I just enjoyed the sensation.

Ron was really engrossed in licking Jan's cum filled cunt and he was really hard from Irena's sucking and he slid up to Jan's cunt and slipped his cock into her. Jan came again and Ron pulled out of her cock and clumsily moved to her mouth and shot a small load into her waiting mouth.

Sharon was bouncing away on the workers cock squeezing his balls as he groaned and shot another load into and onto her cunt. The other worker and Steve both came into Di's holes and we all had a break when yet again the phone rang.

"Hello" I said "Rooters Motel" and we all laughed.

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very nice
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Great story. Can you send me directions to this motel? lol Thanks for posting.
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this is another great add to the series
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Very HOT story. Super sexy.