Roots Motel - The sales reps

Roots Motel - The sales reps
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What a view. Here I was watching through a balcony window my wife pull a cock out of the cleaner's arse, who was also sucking on a cock, and cop a face full of cum. Never mind that my wife was also getting sandwich fucked by two sales reps. It's a good thing that I had another sales rep on her knees in front of me sucking my cock while she shoved a vibrator into her pussy otherwise I would have been a touch peeved.

How did we get to this debauched stage? Well I did help Sharon and Gina end up with four sales reps from various companies and I certainly recall how I had embarrassed Avery by pointing out the thick veiny vibrator in her handbag.

"Vince who?" she asked quizzically

" is he?" I asked again "Old Vince... does he get much work?"

"I must be pissed because I don't understand a word," she said.

"Vince the Vibrator" I said pointing on the floor as the veiny flesh coloured shape of a girl's best friend poked out of the top of her bag.

"Oh fuck," she said as she blushed and looked away.

"Don't worry about it," I said, "Sharon has a few of her own"

"Really?" she asked "I use one because I am single. What's her excuse?"

"She's a slut" I said laughing "She just loves fucking, I mean just look at her now" I pointed over to a small table where was sitting between two male sales reps who were both on the hunt for cunt.

"She will probably end up with either or both of them tonight" I said

With a shocked expression on her face she said "And you don't mind?"

"Fuck no" I said, "All I need to do is give her the nod and off she will go"

"Bullshit" she said.

"Nah fair dinkum all it takes is for me to go over and have a bit of a chat and give her the nod and she is free to do as she pleases...and therefore" I said doing my worst impersonation of a cool dude" I am free as well."

"Ohhh I see." Avery smiled "and I suppose that you have your eye on someone"

"Yeah I do actually" I said as I got up "But she is going out with some bloke called Vince."

She laughed and kicked out at me as I wandered over to Sharon and the two lucky men.

"How are ya fella's?" I said to them both as we shook hands. "I see you've met the good wife."

"I'm Dave," said the younger good looking one "We're from Wyckoff engineering just up here to do some work on the levee bank."

"So you're not sales reps," I said, "That's a bl**dy relief"

"Don't you like sales reps" asked the older bloke

"Nah they keep trying to shag the staff" I said and we all laughed.

"Sorry mate," I said looking at the older fellow "I missed your name"

"Ben" he said "Beer?" he asked

"Yep that'd be great," I said and Dave and Sharon nodded.

From where I was sitting with Deb I couldn't see around the corner of the restaurant where Gina the Filipino cleaner was chatting to two other blokes who were definitely sales reps. Gina was looking very, very hot tonight and she was wearing a short black skirt with a black Singlet top with no sign of a bra and probably no knickers either. I looked back at Avery who was looking a wee bit pissed. Avery picked up her handbag and went into the Ladies dunny.

Ben came back with the drinks and as he passed the drink to Dave I gave Sharon the nod. It was nothing more than a quick rising of my eyebrows and a look in her eyes and she knew that she was right for the night. Her smiled confirmed that she got the message and she instinctively reached out with each hand rubbing each blokes thigh and said,

"Would you two like to come back up to our suite for a few drinks on the balcony, the river looks great of a night."

They looked at me for approval and I said "I'll be up in a minute you lot I'll just clear up here."

I had no intention of running up to them straight away. I had to give them time to get started.

Gina was well on her way to picking up so I wandered over to the three of them.

"Sorry everyone I've got to close up for the night"

"Just one more drink" asked Gina.

"Nah sorry" I said "But you can nick upstairs because we are having a few on the balcony".

"Thanks mate" said one of the blokes "This is Michael, or Mick and I'm Pete'

"G'day" I said shaking hands.

We had a bit of idle chatter and I sent them packing upstairs with some more piss. I was sure that Gina wasn't wearing any undies.

I had a quick look around and remembered that Avery was still missing. I thought that maybe that she had slipped out while I was chatting to Gina and Co. because the view was blocked. I locked the doors and till and went into the Ladies to check. One of the cubicles was locked and I could hear groaning and humming coming from within. I dropped to my knees and had a look under the door.

The first thing I saw was Avery's handbag spilling its contents onto the floor. The next was Avery's left foot with a pair of white lace undies resting over her high heel shoes. I looked under further and saw her perched on the edge of the toilet bowl with her legs spread wide apart shoving Vince the Vibrator into her cunt with her left hand and rubbing her clit with her right. Her tits were both jutting out of the top of her little black dress and her nipples were hard, very hard.

I reached into my pocket and grabbed a five-cent coin and also pulled my hard cock out of my pants. I put the coin into the slot of the door and gave it a twist.

"Fuck" she said coming out of her daze.

I didn't say anything I just walked up to her with my cock in my hand.

"Oh yeah" is all she said as she reached out grabbing my cock and sucking it into her mouth.

Nearly all of us men would agree that no two head jobs are the same and every woman has a distinctive style. Avery's style was very much of the tongue. She swirled her tongue around my knob slopping spit all over her hand and using the lubrication to help her wank on my cock. I stood to the side of the bowl as she spread her legs wider and quickened the pace of her thrusting with Vince. Her left hand was busy wanking my cock as she sucked it hard. She leant back onto the cistern and lifted her feet up onto the side of the cubicle near the door. She pulled down her black dress letting her great tits completely free. I reached down and began kneading and squeezing her delightful largish boobs. She shoved Vince into herself right up to the hilt and started rubbing her clit with her right hand. I squeezed and pulled at her nipples and she furiously rubbed at her clit as her first orgasm for the night swept over her.

"Oh fuck yes, yes, yes" was all she said as the sweet sensation of the big ‘O' carried her away. The f***e of her orgasm was enough for her to squeeze Vince out of her slippery cunt and it hit the floor with a thump.

"I need a cock" she said "A real one"

I am a gentleman so I naturally obliged.

"Come here" I said opening the door.

We moved over to the basin where I turned her around so that she was facing the mirror. I dropped my pants to the floor and kicked them off into the corner. I pulled up her black dress and rubbed my hands all over her pussy feeling the wetness that oozed from her hole. I smeared some onto my cock and pushed her forward so that her pussy lips were ready for my near splitting cock.

She reached under and parted her pussy lips and I bent my knees and slid into her moist quim. Her pussy was on fire. It was as if somebody had poured warm oil into her snatch. She was rubbing at her clit as I started pounding into her. The cunt juice was spilling onto my balls as I slopped into her. I really was close to shooting my load and when she grabbed my balls as if she was going to rip them off I shot a huge load into her cunt.

"Oh fuck" I said as I emptied my balls into her. I kept pumping into her for as long as I could but my knees were feeling weak and I needed to sit. She was rubbing her clit and when I scooped up some mixed cunt juice and cum and slipped two fingers into her arse she came as well.

I had to sit and I walked back onto the chair in the corner of the room. My cock was still hard and shiny from the mixture of cunt juice and cum. I watched Avery as she rubbed her pussy smearing the juice all over her nether regions.

"Shall we continue somewhere a bit more comfortable?" I said

She was speechless and she just smiled and nodded. I gathered up my pants and put them on. Avery was now sitting on the chair rubbing the cum in and around her pussy. She had poked her tits back into her dress and she was just sitting there with her little black dress up around her waist, her shoes still on with her knickers still hanging off her ankle. I had an idea.

"You won't be needing these," I said lifting her foot and removing her panties. "Come along now."

She grabbed her bag and Vince and we wandered back into the empty restaurant.

"Where to?" she asked.

"Well you didn't believe me when I told you Sharon could have whoever she wanted" I said "So I suppose I'll have to prove it."

We climbed the stairs and I was about to walk right in when Avery interrupted me. "Shhh, listen"

I could hear the cries of pleasure of someone being very nicely fucked. It wasn't Sharon's voice though. It was Gina's.

"Yes fuck my arse and my cunt" is what gave it away. Gina was very, very vocal and if Gina was in our room so would Sharon be. We walked around the corner onto the balcony and looked in through the window. We saw to our delight Gina being sandwich fucked by Michael who was fair up her arse and Dave who was barrelling into her pussy. Ben and Pete were sitting on the bed on either side of Sharon who was wanking the two sizeable red cocks. She had her legs looped over each bloke and her pussy was oozing cum and her tits were shining from a recent showering of semen. She had obviously already milked them both.

I reached under Avery's dress and rubbed at her pussy hair. She grabbed her tits and began squeezing.

"See, what did I tell you?" I said.

"This is beyond our dreams," she said

Our? What did she mean by our?

"Who cares?" I thought

Avery put a leg up on the chair and I was able to have a better grope at her slippery quim. She was red hot and wet as I slipped three fingers into her cunt. I pulled my cock out of my pants and pulled on it with my free hand. Sharon leant forward and started sucking Ben's cock and Peter leant sideways and started spooning her. Sharon began really working on Ben's meat and Pete began rubbing her clit.

Gina was strangely silent as she must have been having an orgasm of immense proportions. She came out of it by reciting over and over

"I love big cocks, I love big cocks"

Sharon looked over and she saw Avery and I at the window and she almost immediately came. She was very vocal and she moaned very loudly as she visibly oozed juice over Pete's cock. Dave had pulled out of Gina's pussy and had pulled himself up so that she could suck on his cock. Avery dropped down onto her knees and began to lick and suck at my cock. I moved sideways so that she could watch the action inside.

Dave got up and motioned to Pete who pulled his cock out of Sharon and moved over to Gina who immediately sucked off Sharon's cum juice. Sharon let go of Ben's dick and climbed onto the floor instructing Ben to lie down as she did so. Ben lay on his back with his cock almost splitting as Sharon squatted down on it filling her completely. I knew what was next and so did Dave and he spat on his cock and greased it up as he squatted behind her lining up her arse.

Dave gently eased his cock into her arse and they quickened the pace alternately pistoning into her. Michael and Pete swapped sides and Gina took his dirty cock into her mouth without flinching. Avery had removed Vince from her bag and was pumping it into her pussy when Peter pulled his cock out of Gina's arse and spewed a huge load of cum onto Sharon's face. Michael had noticed us looking in and he popped his cock out of Gina's voracious mouth and he moved to the sliding door. He slid it open and surprised me by saying "Hello dear"

I then knew what was going on. Avery and Michael were a pair and they both had plans to pick up tonight. I doubt they thought it would be anything like this. Michael just walked over to Avery who slurped him down as she wanked on my cock. Inside Gina was revitalising Peter by giving him a double blowjob with Sharon who was still being doubled. We pulled Avery up and we went inside.

"Hello all" I said, "We have brought in the reinf***ements"

"Yeehaa" said Sharon and she motioned for us to come to her "I expect your cunt is wet" she said rubbing Avery's pussy.

"This is fantastic" Avery replied, "I love this motel"

"Well as an honoured guest I think you should be spoilt" Sharon said and she pushed Dave gently away and stood up.

"You there hop on the bed," she said pointing to Michael "you can take his cock up your arse"

Avery looked taken aback at her abrupt manner but she slowly smiled and hopped up on the bed and straddling Mick with her back to him she slid down filling her arse.

"Dave, fill her cunt" Dave quickly jumped onto the bed and scooped some juice out of her pussy he greased his cock and slid in. Avery nearly passed out. My cock was throbbing and Gina came over and began licking me.

"Ben" Sharon said, "Go get a blowie" and he too climbed onto the bed and offered his cock to Avery who took it on board. Avery seemed to have an orgasm as her eyes half closed and her nipples hardened more than usual. Sharon moved down between Gina's legs and she started sucking on her cunt. Pete wandered over and slid his cock into Sharon and began pumping away.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck" cried Avery and her mouth swelled as Ben filled her mouth with jizz. A small portion dripped out and landed on her shoulder. Dave added to the mess by pulling his cock out of her cunt and spraying a good sized load over her tits. Pete saw what was happening and he slopped out of Sharon and stood up next to Avery on the bed and fed her his cock that soon exploded over her face and tits. Gina hopped of Sharon and went to Mick's cock that was pumping into Avery's arse. She pulled it out and slipped it into Avery's pussy and began sucking on her swollen clit. Avery came again and I needed to shoot a load badly.

Sharon seemed to notice my need and she began sucking in earnest. Her saliva, mouth and hand technique was all I needed and I squirted into her face by the litre. Gina had also had some success and Mick was shooting a huge load up over Avery's body as Gina pulled on his cock. Sharon, Gina and Avery finished off the night by cleaning each other off. The sale reps went back to their rooms satisfied and us remaining four woke in the morning to some more steamy sex.

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