Road Trip Orgy Part 2

The big road trip Part 2 [part 2 of 2]
By: Friskee_cpl (

The Big Road Trip Part 2
Although Kath and Kim are real people, the stories here are pure fiction. If you would like a picture of what Kath and Kim look like (not the real girls but uncannily close) send your email with a comment at the end of the story. Enjoy.


Kim and Kath hopped back into their old car and pulled back onto the Hume Highway.

"Well that was interesting" Kath said as she spread her legs and rubbed her red swollen pussy lips.

"I was meant to have them all, you bitch" Kim laughed.

"Sucked in"

"Did we pay for the fuel?" asked Kim

"Fuck yeah!" exclaimed Kath "Jesus you'd think they'd let us have the fuel for free"

"Maybe on the way back?" Kim chuckled.

Kath racked the seat back and grabbed a pillow from the back seat.

"Time for a kindy nap" she said. "I might give the old girl a bit of an airing too"

She lifted up her skirt and spread her legs as far as she could in the small space in the front of the car. She lay there with her pussy open for all to see as they trundled down the Hume. Kim decided to have a bit of fun so whenever they passed a semi or van she would slow down so that the driver could cop a look. The best one was when they passed a bus full of teenage boys on a football bus trip. Kim shook at the thought of all those boys fucking them through the night. Kath was oblivious to what was happening around her. Kim would occasionally move her hand over and rub Kath's clit as she slept.

As the girls approached Gundagai they pulled into the ‘Dog on the Tuckerbox' to fuel up and stretch their legs.

"Kath" Kim said, "Wake up, time for a feed"

"Oh fuck off," Kath said as she sat up to look. "Are we here already?"

"Yes dearest you've been asl**p for ages"

"bl**dy hell" Kath exclaimed

The girls hopped out of the car and wandered into the shop to get some tucker. Kath had neglected to put her knickers back on so that when she went into the shop she could feel some of the truckies cum still oozing out of her cunt.

"I'll have a hamburger and some chips," said Kath "I need to go clean up" she whispered to Kim

"OK" Kim said as she waited in line.

Kath entered the cubicle and grabbed a handful of toilet paper, had a piss, and dabbed at her pussy with the paper. She rubbed at her clit as she sat back on the toilet. She knew by the tingling sensation that she would be a horny bitch that night.

She exited the toilets and saw Kim sitting at a table with the bags open about her.

"What are the hamburgers like?" She asked.

"Good" answered Kim "They have beetroot, lettuce, tomato, onion... everything"

"Tops" Kath said as she grabbed a handful of hot chips. "Beats Macca's"

The girls sat in the sun and completed the meal. They wandered back to the car when Kath noticed some water under the car.

"Was that there before?" she asked Kim.

"Not sure" she answered

"She'll be right" Kath said as she hopped into the drivers seat.

They hopped back onto the Hume and headed once more to Sydney. The car was chugging along quite nicely until Kath noticed the temperature was rising in the engine.

"I think that water was from this car," she said to Kim.

"Oh fuck no," said Kim. "You'd better pull over"

"Are you in the NRMA?" Kath asked


"Oh now we're fucked" Kath said

They pulled into a roadside shelter and Kim pulled out her mobile phone.

"We can always ask" she said, "They usually just charge for non members"

She called the 13 number and spoke to someone on the other end. She had spoken to the local repairer and they said it was no problem for them to come out and fix it up.

"See" said Kath "no problemo"

"But we have no money" said Kim

"Remember the auto electricians?" Kath asked, "I never had to pay that bill"

"Ah yes that's right" Kim laughed "But after you fucked the three of them you were sore for a week."

"Well this time there will be only one and you will be helping me." She laughed. "Now get your knickers off and get ready"

The girls whipped their panties off and sat back and watched as the NRMA Mitsubishi Triton drove into the truck rest. Luckily for the girls the mechanic was in his 30's and not too shabby.

"Remember he has to fix the car before we offer him our wares." Kim said.

The girls hopped out of the car and met the mechanic as he got his gear out of the back of his cab.

"Hello ladies, I'm Jack," he said, "Having a few problems are you?"

"Nothing that you can't fix I'm sure" Kath giggled. Jack looked the girls over and smiled. "Could I see your membership card please?"

"Umm its in the car I'll get it" Kim said. She wandered over to the car and made a point of leaning over so that her skirt rose up her backside. Jack had a good long glance and then moved over to the car. He had a quick look about and as Kath leant over the engine allowing Jack a view of her firm tits he announced. "You need a new back water hose, I'll cut you one now"

"Thank you" cooed Kath.

"Have you found that membership yet?" He called out to Kim.

"Still looking," she yelled.

Jack pulled a long piece of hose out from the back of his cab and cut about 10 inches off. He grabbed two clips and returned to the vehicle to finish the job. In a matter of minutes he had the hose attached and the car was ready to go.

"I'll just get some water for you" he said as he went around to the side of the car. "Holy fuck" is all he could muster as two completely naked girls sat in the back seat of the car rubbing each other's pussies.

"We don't have membership," Kath said as she climbed out of the car. "I'm sure you won't say anything"

"Not a fucking word" he said as she rubbed the growing mound in his pants. Kim came around squatted down before him and quickly pulled down his shorts. Kath started undoing his shirt as he said, "You girls certainly don't fuck about"

"No point in that" Kath said as she sucked on his left nipple. Kim had his fat cock in her hand and she was licking the end of it as it grew in size. Jack grabbed Kath's tits and began kneading them. Kim began sucking his cock in earnest and Jack began groaning as she swirled her tongue over the head. Kath dropped down as well and Jack, for the first time in his life, had two girls swallowing his cock. Kim held it and wanked it as she passed it to Kath who would simply swallow it whole. Kim reached over and rubbed Kath's gaping wet box.

"Up you get girl." Kim said, "Time to fill that pussy of yours"

As Kath stood up she traced a line up his stomach and chest with her tongue before flicking her tongue at him. She spun around and lifted her right leg up on to the front wheel and bent over. Kim leant over Kath and pulled Kath's buttocks apart revealing to Jack her wet labia. Jack squatted slightly down and rubbed his purple knob over her slit before slipping it into her.

"Oh fuck that's good," she said as he quickened the pace. Kim rubbed his cock as it slid in and out before she walked behind Jack and grabbed and kneaded his balls as he pistoned into Kath. She slipped her hand down and rubbed Kim's clit and smeared Kim's juice all over the base of Jack's cock.

"My turn" Kim said as she sat up on the boot of the car and spread her legs. Jack pulled his cock out and moved over to Kim who parted the way for him with her fingers. Jack again rubbed his cock all over her snatch before he slipped it straight in. Kath came over and began sucking on Kim's right tit and used her right hand to rub Kim's clit. Kath slowly moved down Kim's torso and began licking on Kim's clit. Jack was over the top at the sensation of Kath's head on his cock and he pulled his cock out of Kim and fed it into Kath's willing mouth.

"Yeah suck that cock," Jack ordered. "Ahh fuck it I'm going to cum."

Kath grabbed his cock, gave it a few pumps and he shot a huge load up over her head and it landed on Kim's left tit. A few more shots hit Kath in the face and the remainder landed over Kim's dripping pussy. Jack almost lost the use of his legs as his orgasm shook his body. Kath moved up to Kim and they kissed each other as they smeared cum over each other's face. Jack began smearing his cum all over Kim's pussy and sliding his fingers into her.

"Well you girls certainly know how to settle a bill," Jack said as he left Kim and pulled his shorts up. "Don't forget to put some water in that before you leave, there's a tank just over there."

"Why thank you" Kim said

"And thanks for the fuck" Kath said to him as he climbed into his car.

Kim drove the car over near the tank and topped up the radiator using an empty drink container. It seemed to take forever to top up the tank and afterwards Kim poured some of the water over herself to clean up. Kath was already dressed but she threw some water over her as well.

"You need to look after your hygiene better." Kim said, "Here wash your face"

Kath gave herself a quick wash and the girls dressed completely before hopping in the car to drive off. The car worked perfectly as it cruised down the highway towards their final destination.


At about 7.00 the girls pulled into the crowded street in Newtown where the party was to be held. They had to park about three blocks away from the house and they grabbed a few bottles of champagne at the local bottle shop before they knocked on the door. The gentle rumble of music from within the house exploded as Kim opened the door.

"Kim!!" yelled Matt her younger b*****r. He was stark naked and his cock was semi hard and shiny.

"Hello mate" said Kim as she gave him a peck on the cheek. Kath moved into the house and wasn't at all surprised to see that most of the guests were completely naked. She gave Matt a kiss on the lips and gave his cock a squeeze.

"I see you've already started," she said nodding to a tall skinny blonde who was squatting between two men and alternately sucking their cocks. The girl was wearing nothing more than a silver mini skirt and her pussy was shaved clean.

"I was the third until you two showed up. Julie has being hanging out for it all day"

"I'm sure I can fix you up later" Kath said as she pulled her top off.

"No doubt you will" Matt said as he grabbed the bottles of champagne and took them to the kitchen.

Kath went over to the threesome and sat and watched. Julie stood up and spun around to one of the blokes and lifted her left leg up to him. The other bloke slipped his slippery cock into her sopping cunt and began pumping away. Julie then leant forward and took the other cock in her mouth. Matt came back to her with a glass off champagne and offered it to Kath.

"Where's Kim?" he asked.

"Dunno" she said as she grabbed the glass of champagne in her left hand and Matt's cock in her right.

"Happy birthday" she said as she dipped his cock into the glass and then it licked off. "Great party."

Julie literally fell to the floor and landed in a doggy position as the fellow who was drilling her pussy slipped underneath her and began licking at her pussy. His cock stood proudly into the air. The other guy dropped to his knees and continued receiving his blowjob.


Kim went wandering through the house and counted about 30 people. That is she counted 10 women and about 20 men. She spotted one young slut with small tits and a tiny waist bouncing up and down on a huge cock as she caught a face full of cum from a geeky boy with a huge dick. Kim grabbed a glass of champagne and went outside to say hello to someone she had seen earlier. Kath's mum.

"Hi Gayle" Kim said as she wandered into the BBQ area.

"Kim!!" Gayle cried out enthusiastically "How are you darling?"

"Good thanks. What's happening?"

"I'm just enjoying the company of these lovely lads." Gayle said. "Have you met Dean my new man and Les his friend?"

"Hello" Kim said. Kim could not forget the time that she went to Kath's house one day unannounced and caught Gayle in bed with two men. Winking at Gayle she said, "I'm glad you came prepared."


Matt's cock was as hard as steel as it plunged into Julie's arse. Kath had firmed him up with a good hard blowjob and when Julie mounted one of the fellows and proffered her arse to anyone who was willing. Matt, of course, did the noble thing and filled her hole. The other fellow who was getting the blowjob sat next to Kath and began wanking at his cock.

"Hi" he said to Kath, "I'm Tom"

"Hi Tom."

"Julie is one real hot piece," he said.

"Well you have quite a nice cock their Tom," she said as she grabbed a hold of it "My pussy needs filling. Lets not fuck about any longer" She stood up and whipped her skirt and panties off. Her willowy frame spun around so that she could watch Julie and Matt and the other fellow continue the double penetration. She rubbed her slit a little to spread the copious juice and then squatted down onto his tool.

"Oh fuck yeah" she called out "Fuck me hard Tom, fuck me hard"

Tom reached around and grabbed one tit with his left hand and rubbed her clit with his right. The juice flowing from her cunt was seeping down onto his balls. Kath reached down and grabbed his balls and took over the rubbing of her clit. Matt was pumping hard into Julie's arse just before he pulled his cock out and quickly moved to her face and pumped a load into her open mouth. This was too much for Tom and with Kath squeezing his ball bag he unloaded a huge dump of cum into her pussy. Kath also began to shake as her first orgasm of the night shook her body. The fellow under Julie had pulled his cock out of her pussy and had shot cum all over her pussy and arse. Julie just lay there in a daze. Kath rubbed her clit with the cum that was oozing from within her.


Kim had a nice long chat with Gayle and although Gayle wore nothing more than two nipple rings and at 42 was the oldest person at the party, she was still incredibly sexy. Her body was slender and her high cheekbones kept her looking sensational. Gayle was sitting between Dean and Les and as she began stroking their cocks Kim excused herself and went back into the party.

She walked past Kath who was kneeling before Tom and licking his cock clean. She went upstairs to see what was happening. There was only three other rooms plus the bathroom and she could hear some noise from the main bedroom. Not being shy she opened the door and peeked in. On the bed were two Asian girls in a 69 position licking each other's clits as they plunged dildos into their pussies. Surrounding the bed were four men all stroking hard cocks. Kim was quick to lose her clothes and she went over to the boys who were all staring with crazed lust at Kim.

"Fancy inviting two lesbians to an orgy," she said as she grabbed a cock in each hand "my b*****r has no idea."

"Hey we aren't lezzos," said Li

"We are just putting on a show," Po added "and if I'm right and you are Matt's s****r Kim you don't mind a good tongue lashing either"

"I sure do," she said as she hopped onto the bed and lay on her back. Po and Li went to either side of her and each one suckled a nipple. Kevin, a friend of Matt, spread her legs and went down on her pussy. One fellow called Tim lay across Kim's face and fed his cock into her mouth. Another fellow called Sean plugged Po from behind whilst Andy did the same to Li. The room was alive with the sound of wet, wild sex. Kevin grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down the length of Kim's pussy before plunging it home. Li moved down to Kim's snatch and began kissing at her pubes. Kevin, never missing an opportunity, pulled his cock out of Kim and let Li lick his cock.

"Oh fuck this is too much," cried Sean as he quickened the pace into Po's pussy. Po reached under and grabbed his balls, which sent him right over the edge and he pumped a huge load of cum into her tight pussy. He seemed to pump for minutes before collapsing onto the bed. Po was rubbing her pussy before deciding to get Kim to clean her out. Po moved Tim out of the way and squatted down onto Kim's open mouth. The sight of Po's cum filled cunt being licked out was all it took for Tim to lose the plot. He bent Po over the bed head and rubbing her arse whilst pumping his cock he sprayed an immense load all over her pussy, arse and Kim's face.

Not to be outdone, Kevin grabbed Li by the back of the head and pumped his cock a few times before spraying her face and Kim's cunt with his pearly nectar. Li did the right thing and licked and sucked at Kim's fucked and wet pussy. Andy was lucky last and he pulled out of Li and moved to Kim's mouth and Po's pussy. Li, seeing what was going to happen, spun around and grabbed his cock and sucked it off. The remaining boys sat back, still with hard ons, and watched as Andy jizzed all over Kim and Li's mouths and Po's pussy.


Kath didn't know the name of the man who's cock was in her pussy, nor did she know the origins of the cum she could taste in the shaved pussy she was licking. She did know that the girl was a bit of a Paris Hilton look-a-like, that is she was a bit skanky. She did, however know Mike and Rod the two fellows feeding their meaty cocks into Paris's mouth. Kath had cleaned off Tom's cock when the stranger had simply knelt behind her and started in earnest to fuck her. Tom had moved away when he saw Kath's mum outside being doubled on the lawn. The Paris look-a-like, who opened her legs for Kath and said, "Lick me", replaced him. Mike and Rod hopped up onto the lounge soon after. The fellow ploughing into Kath came as soon as Rod squirted a load down onto Paris's fine, pert tits. His cum was still oozing out when he was replaced by another anonymous pole. This fellow pumped into Kath for only a short while before pulling out and squirting down her back. Mike knelt down and after pumping his cock he blew over Kath's face and Paris's shaven pussy.


Gayle was in full flight as Les and Dean fucked her arse and pussy.

"Yeah fuck my pussy, fuck my arse, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she cried out.

"Here suck my cock and be quiet," said Tom as he held her head.

"Oh fuck yeah another cock," she called out in joy.

A small crowd of about 10 had surrounded the moaning quartet on the lawn and were cheering them on.

"Fuck the old slut" came a call "cum all over her."

One fellow got the vegetable oil from the side of the BBQ and poured it onto Gayle adding to the already slippery sensations. Les and Dean scooped it down onto Gayle's pussy and arse and resumed fucking her with a renewed frenzy.

Two other blokes got closer and scooped some oil off her back and began wanking their cocks.

"You boys want to fuck my arse and pussy?" she asked.

"Fuck yeah" one said.

"Ok, you two hop off," she said to Les and Dean "You can fuck me anytime."

The two pulled out and Tom moved away as Gayle stood up and said to the shortest one, "Lie down." He lay on the grass and Gayle turned his back to him and squatted down on him. His cock slipped easily into her arse. She leant back and with her right hand rubbed her pussy.

"Now fuck my pussy," she said "fuck it good and hard"

He squatted down and began his assault on her slippery, oily cunt. Les and Dean were now standing on either side of her face and Tom was at the top of her head. The fucking continued to the sounds of the lewd yells from the crowd.

"Cum all over her" was a familiar call that came true when the young bloke in her pussy pulled out and blew a sensationally huge load all over her belly. Les then followed suit by shooting straight into her mouth. She almost gagged but swallowed it all like the true professional she is. Tom shot a watery load all over her hair and onto her forehead whilst Dean blew all over her face. The young bloke fucking her arse had reached around and was now rubbing her clit and pussy. Gayle grabbed his balls and as he exploded into her arse she too squirmed with orgasmic ecstasy.


As Kim left the room she looked back in as the four men were fucking Li and Po in the arse and pussy. She went downstairs to see Kath still licking Paris's bald snatch. She knelt down beside her and rubbed the cum of the previous shagger around on her back.

"Let's go upstairs," she said "just for a while."

They went up into the bathroom and Kath turned on the bath. Kim sat on the toilet, opened her legs wide and began rubbing her pussy. Kath put one leg up on the bath and began rubbing hers. The two girls continued in silence simply massaging their own clits and fingering their twats. They looked into each other's eyes and slowly built themselves into an orgasmic frenzy. After they came down and got a grip of their senses they both embraced, kissing and fondling each other.

"Do you know something, Kim" Kath asked.

"No what"

"I fucking love you" Kath said

"I love you too you silly dickhead" Kim said laughing.

And with that the girls hopped into the bath and cleaned themselves off before returning to the party below.

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3 years ago
love the stories
sometime being slutty is much fun
3 years ago
Very very good! I love Kath and Kim BTW, but they are just funny girls on my TV :-)
3 years ago
outstanding i hope part 3