Road Trip Orgy Part 1

The Big Road Trip - Part 1 [part 1 of 2]
By: Friskee_cpl (

Kath and Kims Road Trip.
THE NIGHT BEFORE. Kath lay back on her bed fingering her cum soaked cunt as Kim mounted the cock of one of the lads they picked up at the Cricket club. The girls had been at the end of year presentations and they had brought home four of the lucky players for a private party. Kath had already fucked three of the lads and they had all shot their loads into her tight pussy. Kim now had her back to the bloke she was riding and her nicely hairy pussy was soaked in her cunt juice. The other three blokes were sitting on the lounge and only one of them had a revived cock. The other two were too pissed.

Kath beckoned him over to her and he stood and walked over.

"Fuck Kim's mouth" she said to him and he went over to the other side of the bed and slipped his cock into her waiting mouth. Kath crawled over to the cock that was pounding into Kim's pussy and she began licking at his balls. She pulled the cock out and sucked it down her throat. She put it back into Kim's cunt and then began sucking on Kim's clit. This of course sent Kim crazy and a huge orgasm racked her tiny petite body. Kath grabbed the cock that had fallen out of Kim and began sucking it again. She could sense that he was going to explode so she aimed the cock at Kim's snatch and gave it a few pumps. Sure enough it exploded. Great loads of creamy cum sprayed up onto Kim's stomach and dribbled onto her pierced belly button. The bloke in her mouth pulled his cock out and sprayed another load onto her face and down onto her boobs. Kath began licking at the cum that lay on Kim's well fucked torso.

"I hope you boys have had enough for tonight," Kim said as she slid of the fellow below her. "We need to get some sl**p."

The lads all got up and began to get dressed and the two girls just lay there playing with the cum that was drying on their bodies. The girls could have been mistaken for s****rs they were so alike. They were both very slim and petite with nicely formed tits. They both had pierced belly buttons and Kim had a tattoo on her right buttock. Brunettes both of them, however Kims hair was shoulder length whilst Kaths was down below her shoulder blade. Neither of them shaved or waxed their pussies. They enjoy doing a bit of muff diving when the boys were scarce. Which was rare. At 22 years of age the girls had already had a wealth of experience behind them.

"What time will we head off in the morning?" Kim asked

"Oh about 10 I reckon" Kath answered. The girls were travelling from Albury in the South of New South Wales up to Sydney for a 21st party at Kims b*****rs. "We should get there at about 5."

They both crashed out on the bed not bothering to have a shower.


Kim awoke to find Kath was in the shower having a quick tub. Kim threw the sheet off and slowly spread her legs wide apart opening her pussy to the air. She ran her hands down the side of her body until they reached her pussy. She slowly began to rub her sticky fanny as she recalled the previous nights events. The juices began to flow as she rubbed her clit. Kath came out of the shower with her hair wrapped in a towel and her dressing gown on.

"Oh for fuck's sake girl stop rubbing that and get dressed" she laughed.

"Oh Kath you know how horny I get after I've had my period"

"You had your period two weeks ago Kim."

"I know and I'm still horny" Kim said as she stuck a few fingers into her pussy.

"Just get dressed" Kath said as she threw her a small singlet top mini dress "Save yourself for tonight"

Kim begrudgingly threw the dress over her head and gathered a few essentials into a small bag.

"Do you think we will need this?" she said as she picked up her vibrator.

"We won't need it tonight but the way you are acting you may need it on the trip" Kath answered with a chuckle.

"I'll take it then"

The girls locked up the house and managed to get on the road just after 9.30. The old Corolla had seen better days and the air conditioning was knackered. Kim had deliberately left her knickers off so that she could entertain herself as she cruised the Hume Highway. Kath was the first to take command of the wheel and she was keen to get to the party. She had met a few of Kim's b*****rs friends before.

Kim was lying back in the passenger seat looking bored even after only 20 minutes in the car.

Jokingly she said "Are we there yet?"

"Fuck off" replied Kath.

"Do we need fuel?" Kim asked.

"Yeah we'll get some at Culcairn."

The car bounced along the highway and as soon as they spotted the Caltex Truckstop they pulled in. As Kath prepared to fill up the tank Kim noticed two men with towels etc going into the mens shower/ toilet block.

"You fill up Kath I'm going to have a piss."

"Ok" said Kath oblivious to Kim's real intention.

Kim threw on her sandals and almost broke into a trot as she headed for the amenities block.

"I never did have a shower this morning" she said as she wandered into the shower area.

She went around the door and stood in front of not two but three men who were all standing about in various levels of nakedness. One bloke was naked and in the shower, the other two were down to their undies.

"Sorry love wrong room" one of them said

"I don't think so" Kim said as she quickly pulled the dress off.

"Ohh fuck" said the trucker with the tattoos.

Kim stood before them naked and with a determined walk she opened the door to the shower cubicle where a young lad of about 24 was showering. He had soap in his eyes and when he felt Kim grab his cock and press herself against him he nearly hit her.

"What the fuck...." he said

"Shoosh" said Kim as she dropped down and took his cock in her mouth.

"Holy fuck." he said

The other two truckies were now naked and firmed up as Bill, the older rougher one, grabbed Kim and spun her head around. He grabbed his cock and f***ed it into her mouth.

"Suck it you little tart"

"With pleasure" she said looking him in the eye.

She took his cock and licked around the head and then slid it down her throat. She could taste his precum already and she knew from experience that sometimes the most aggressive lovers always came early. The brunette decided to show him up and she greased his pole with spit and wanked on it furiously.

"Wanna cum on my face?" she said looking at him "Cum over my pretty face" When she moved her hand down to rub her clit it was the last straw for him and he let loose a huge stream of cum onto her face. Large globs hit her nose and ran into her mouth. Cum shot into the air and landed in her hair. It rained onto her eyes and she was blinded in the right eye by the stinging semen.

"Ohh fuck yes you little slut." he said almost collapsing.

She rubbed his cock on her face and sucked the cum out of it. The other two blokes were waiting nearby but Kim needed to wash the cum out of her eye. She stood up and entered the shower stream and doused her face in the water. The warm water washed the sting away and she gave herself a quick wash before proceeding. As she washed her pussy she looked at the two remaining men.

"I need something to fill this little hole" she said "Lie down"

Bill had picked up his mobile phone and was calling someone when Steve lay down on a few towels on the floor. Kim squatted over him and dropped down onto his cock. She leant forward and pulled the other truckies cock into her mouth.

Meanwhile Kath had filled the car and was inside the service station buying some lollies and chips etc for the trip. The attendant behind the counter was very cute and she glanced quickly around the restaurant and noticed only one other truckie over by the coffee machine. He was also young and muscly. The attendant was about to serve Kath when the phone rang. He apologised to kath and picked up the phone.

"Hello Culcairn Roadhouse Mark speaking"

"G' day Bill"

"Who's in the shower?"

When Kath heard shower her ears pricked up.

"Sorry she's what" he said turning away from Kath.

"I'll lock up and be right over" he said hanging up. "That is 34 dollars thanks luv"

He took the money and gave Kath her change. He called out across the restaurant to the other truckie. "Hey Mick, come with me, we need your help."

"Whats going on?"

Mark snuck over to him but was still in ear shot of Kath.

"We have a goer in the shower block."

"Fair Dinkum?"

"Yep lets go"

"Excuse me ma'am" Mark said, "We have to lock up"

"Why what's the problem?"

The two blokes looked at each other and chuckled.

"We umm have a situation in the shower blocks which needs our urgent attention." Mark said as he ushered her out the door.

Kath watched them break into a trot as they jetted towards the showers. Once she noticed that Kim was not back in the car her suspicions were confirmed. She took a deep breath and headed towards the shower block. There was no way that Kim was going to have all the fun.

Kim now had her back to Steve and had his cock up her arse. The other truckie was lining himself up to her gaping cunt. Mark and Mick were getting undressed and already were sporting mighty stiffies. Mark and Mick held Kims legs apart as the unnamed truckie slammed his cock into her pussy.

"Ohh I love two cocks fucking me" Kim cried out "Fuck me boys, fuck me"

"You naughty little slut" Kath said as she entered the room "How dare you get started without me?"

Kim popped Mark's cock from her mouth. "It was only meant to be two of them"

"Well you'll have to share" Kath said and then quickly pulled her top off, revealing her pert, hard nippled breasts.

"You two over here" she said to Mark and Mick.

Kim complained "But I want a dick to suck on"

"Here, get this hard again" Bill said as he stood up

"Ah well better than nothing" she said as Bill fed his semi hard cock into her mouth.

Kath had taken her mini and panties off and she was sitting on the bench seat with her legs spread wide open. Mark and Mick were on either side of her and she was wanking on each cock. Mark moved forward and slapped his cock against her face. Kath licked the precum of the knob and then slipped the cock into her mouth. Mick got down on his knees and began to work on Kath's dripping pussy. He licked all over her hairy gash and slipped his tongue as far as he could into her moist hole.

"Yeah suck that cock, make it hard" Bill yelled. "Ahh fuck I'm gonna cum" yelled out the truckie who was pumping Kim's cunt.

"Cum in my cunt" Kim cried as an orgasm shook her body.

"Ahh fuck yeah" was all the truckie could say as he shot load after load into her hot pussy. His body shook and then stiffened as he pumped the last few millilitres of sperm into her body. He pulled his cock out of her cunt and as Kath watched the cum drip down onto Kim's arse and Steve's cock Kath had a huge orgasm over Mick's face.

Mick pulled Kath forward and then slipped his cock into her pussy. Bill moved his now hard cock down to Kims cum dripping hole and plunged it in.

"Take that you little slut" he said. "Shove your cock in her mouth Greg"

Greg, the other truckie, plonked his cock into Kims willing mouth. Kath wasn't happy with the position she was in so she moved Mick onto his back and then mounted his cock. She slid down on his tool and then looked back at Mark who was beating his meat watching the show.

"Well if she can have two cocks in her so can I" she said.

Mark spat on his cock and moved in behind Kath and gently slipped his cock into her arse. The sensation was one of Kath's favourites and she came again. Greg's cock was hard again and Kim was going to town on it when Bill proclaimed to everyone that he was going to cum again.

"Here cop this" he said to Kim as he pumped a load into her sopping cum filled cunt. Kim came again as he emptied his balls into her. Her nipples were nearly bursting as Greg squeezed them. He wanted another go in her cunt so he moved Bill away and once again filled her cunt with cock. Bill was well and truly over it and he sat on the bench seat rubbing his cock and balls.

Kath was in a zone as the two boys alternately pumped into her pussy and arse. Mark was the first to shoot his load and he filled her arse with his cum. Mick was soon to follow and he sent a load into her cavernous hole. Cum dripped out of her arse and onto her pussy mixing with Mick's cum and her juice. She slid of the cock and slid down Mick's body to lick his cock.

Kim hopped off Steve and was now on her knees with Steve and Greg wanking their cocks over her face. Her cunt was wide open and globs of cum were hitting the floor. The two blokes almost came in unison with Steve shooting a huge load onto her mouth and face. Greg also fully emptied his balls as he added to the cum beard that she had developed.

Kath was now crawling over to Kim and they both kissed exchanging the cum that Kim had on her face. The two girls stood up and hopped into the shower and began to wash away the mornings activities. They had to keep clean they had only been on the road for one hour.

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love all the DP and cum pouring out!
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Great, well done.
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excellent start
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Real nice story. I love Kim's dirty talk.
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Great story!
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Great more plz :)