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ATTENTION. If you want to become our friends please be aware of the following conditions.

1. If you are trying to scam me by pretending to be a hot and horny lady in Australia with a name like Anashukea well I'm afraid you are wasting both your time and mine. In other words, fuck off Russian scamming cunt.

2. If you are male and your profile picture is of your ugly dick please let it be known that it's your least appealing bodily part.

3. If you don't have anything to show in your favourites or your profile well bad luck. If you just want to take from a relationship it's probably why you're watching porn and pulling your pud.

My name is Crown Prince Alphonso Delores Hogsbottom - Emptier of Rooms. I live in a Bluestone castle which is shrouded in a cloud of indifference and protected by a firewall of ignorance. My spouse is Lady Jester of Knickerbottom - Flouncer of Skirts. Our age is determined not by the passing of days, weeks and months, but by the patterns formed by the slow movement of a granite boulder being nudged by a glacier.

Writing is my professional life. I write all bloody day. But that writing is really boring crap about subjects like 'The effects of rising salinity levels on the 2009 - 2010 Canola harvest in Central West NSW' Which explains why I only write a few stories a year. On occasion I may write something like 'Rarely can one land manager solve a salinity problem. While sometimes causes and effects can be seen within a single farm; mostly the cause and effects cross property boundaries. Everyone can get their cocks out and fuck the landholder's wife.' Thankfully the editor usually picks it up.

To make our way financially we sell our souls to various governmental institutions looking for ways to spend the taxpayers hard earned crusts. She is in education and I do creative stuff with websites etc. Don't ask me about SQL, PHP or other smart stuff. I just like making pretty pictures.

Getting to do, in a literary sense, all the things that we would never do in real life. Being able to create characters that are relaxed in their sexual choices and empowered enough to follow them. In particular we like writing stories about couples that enjoy each other and the company of others. Although some stories are about deceit and and revenge, they are mostly about a couple or an individual that freely admits to having sexual desires that need more than one person to satisfy them. I enjoy developing the stories so that the situation is either truly believable but yet so outrageous that it can only be described as a stroke story.

Lady Knickerbottom likes to write but only uses a quill dipped in organic squid ink sourced from a sustainable squid hatchery 30 kms off the Victorian coast. She uses ancient parchment and has the stories memorised by a crack team of idiots before the pages are burnt in a sacred urn. Needless to say, she doesn't get much written and I - Marcus - do 98.372% of the writing. She usually doesn't even read them as she is too busy flouncing her skirts.
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24 days ago
wow love your profile xx
1 month ago
Thnx for your feedback on my wall!
1 month ago
1 month ago
How couple
1 month ago
hi therr Aussies I am Igorr frrom the CCCP and I hope yu like my dick avatarr
2 months ago
wow great collection of videos and favorites! thanks for sharing!
2 months ago
At last, a story teller of worth.
Enjoyed your blog, you videos make me wish I was
around in the seventies.
keep up the great work

Capt'n Jack Sparrow
2 months ago
Thanks for accepting my invite, sorry to hear about the shooting with the idiot down there yesterday. Spent time in Sydney , loved it liked Sydney better than the west coast, Perth , an Townsville area
2 months ago
Great blog
2 months ago
Excellent Profile and Content, thanks for taking the time to post
2 months ago
3 months ago
Great collection! Love Love Love it :)
3 months ago
thank for invit...
3 months ago
Hot vids!
3 months ago
3 months ago
Wonderful profile!

4 months ago
Great vids
4 months ago
Just read your last story & Now I love your wife. You are a lucky man to have her........
5 months ago
Love your site & especially your stories.....
5 months ago
love the vintage
5 months ago
Outstanding collection of classic porn! Thanks for sharing!
5 months ago
Great to see you're still here! Love your work and glad to see another story on Literotica so recently... Reminds me of the club I used to visit at Lisarow... keep up the great work!
6 months ago
Thanks for the add !!!! Like the pics and videos
6 months ago
A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y wonderfully written profile. A big thumbs up from this sapiosexual ;)
6 months ago
Going by your profile, you have a serious sense of humour :) . Good to see!
6 months ago
6 months ago
Thanks for the add.
7 months ago
No cock avatar,but pussy avatar is ok hehehe!!!
7 months ago
Thanks for accepting x
7 months ago
Thanks for your comments!!!

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