Wife has feet fucked for money

My wife teaches piano lessons and makes a good living at it charging $60 an hour. One day she came home upset because a f****y with four k**s that all took lessons decided that they could not afford it anymore and were dropping out, taking with them almost $300 a month. I knew the dad of the f****y and he and i had talked before at a poker game that we both played in. The night Tim and i talked at the game we were both d***k and somehow got on the topic of fetishes. Tim told me he had a foot fetish but said his wife had ugly feet so he usually paid strippers to let him jerk of to their feet. i thought nothing of it that night but now that tim was about to pull his k**s out of my wife's piano classes i had to use that information to my benefit. my wife jennifer has sexy feet, perfectly manicured size 9's. Her soles are smooth and her toes are long. i didnt tell tim that night but i also have a foot fetish but have a hot wife who's feet get me off. jennifer enjoys jerking me off with her feet and having me cum on them. she has even licked my cum off of them before (when she is d***k). that being said jennifer is very comfortable using her feet to please a man. i decided to use tim's fetish to keep his money coming in. i told jennifer about tim's foot fetish. she said immediately that she already knew because she caught him staring at her feet all the time. she even said one time he offered to rub them for her since she had been on her feet all day. i was a little pissed about it since i knew what tim really wanted to do was cum on my wife's feet, but at the time jennifer didnt think anything of it. i told jennifer about tim paying strippers to jerk off to their feet and she knew where i was headed. i told jennifer that i would be ok with her using her feet to seduce tim and keep him paying for lessons. i was even ok with him cuming on her feet if need be. jennifer was really hesitant and blew off the idea. as the time came closer for tim to renew his contract came close though and the thought of all that money dissapearing jennifer started coming around. eventually she agreed to do it. after all that money paid for her benz that she loves. we decided that jennifer would were her usual skirt and peep toe shoes to work with a low cut top. she got a spray tan and a pedicure and we put our plan into motion. jennifer called tim and said she needed to meet him for a parent/teacher conference. tim agreed and met her alone at her studio after work. part of the plan was for me to be in the studio next door, in case something went wrong of jen felt uncomfortable she could quickly call me and i would be there in a second. so tim showed up and i was next door, were i could hear everything that went on and could also see through a small crack in the wall. jen told tim to have a seat. tim sat down across from lyn. it was a hot summer day and jens legs were gleaming from the tan and a little sweat. also her shoes were old ones that put off a little musk in the summer after they'd been worn. i knew this would make tim crazy. jen started talking to tim and before long i saw his eyes wander down to her feet and so did she. a couple of times jen let her foot and shoe graze his legs as she talked about piano music. tim didnt care about that anymore. then jen started dangling her shoe and even let it come completely off one time. the shoe fell by tim and she asked him to get it. tim did. i could see him getting a nervous look on him when jen asked him to set it by her foot. tim "accidentally" managed to rub his hand against jens foot as he did so. jen giggled and tim asked if she was ticklish. she said she was right on her arch and put her foot up in the air to show him. tim's mouth was all but watering at this point. as jen put her foot up she uncrossed her legs showing off her white thong. if you've seen the pictures i've posted you know jen also has a nice ass and i'm sure tim could see a little of it too. jen showed tim the spot on her arch that tickled, setting her foot on his lap. she had him where she wanted him. then tim said to jen "remeber when i offered to rub your feet, what do you say i rub your feet while we talk, its the least i can do for tickling you." jen giggled and said "tim what if your wife walked in or my husband, it would look kind of bad to have my foot in your lap." tim said "your call". jen replied "well my feet do hurt, lets do this, i'll just lock the door in case and that would give me time to put my shoe on." tim agreed. with one shoe off jen went to the door and locked it. then came back to tim and put both feet on his lap. jen asked tim to forgive her if her feet smelled a littl. tim said he didnt mind. the two then went on talking piano until tim made his move. after rubbing my wifes long feet and toes for five minutes he was about to bust. tim started slowly pressing jens soles on his cock wich was half way down his leg by now. jen pretended to not notice and kept on talking. then tim started rubbing his cock with her left sole through his pants. now jen made her move. she said "tim, please tell me your not doing what i think you are." he didnt say anything back. she said "it wrong for you to even be rubbing my feet. you should rub your wifes. the only person that rubs my feet is my husband and he gets to do more than just rub them." tim said "my wife hates foot rubs so getting to rub yours just got me going a little, i'm sorry." jen said "dont be sorry. the same thing happens to my husband when he rubs them. he says there sexy. i just think they look like feet." tim said "they are pretty. i've always thought so" jen said "yeah i see you looking at them all the time.one time i was really embarrased because my husband and i had messed around before the lesson and he had you know what on them and i thought you saw his stuff on my toes." tim said "you let him do that on your feet." jen said "yeah he's my husband" tim replied "my wife would never let me do that, even though i've asked." jen said "thats too bad. its fun" then jen just gave him a look. "how long did you tell your wife the conference was" tim said "an hour" jen said "we still have twenty minutes left and i've said everything i need to except one thing. i really need you to keep paying for lessons. and i know about the strippers my husband told me." tim looked embarrassed. jen continued "dont worry i dont blame you, so i have a proposition. i will give you my feet to do whatever with if you promise to keep paying for lessons." tim didnt hesitate and pulled his cock out. it was big. he immediately put jens feet together and jacked off with them. jen was happy he took the deal. tim fucked my wifes soles for a little bit then started sucking her toes while he rubber her legs. then jen did something i didnt expect. she grabbed his cock and started jerking it. jen looke by at me when she did it, then motioned to the clock, we were running out of time before the next parent was coming. i gave her an approving grin. jen continued jerking his cock. tim was having a good time sucking jens feet he was obsessed. jen told him to cum. he said he wouldnt because this was his dream and he wanted it to last. so jen stood up took her top down revealing her a cup breasts then took her skirt down (see the pictures i've posted, its an ass that would make anyone cum). i was in awe. we had just over 8 minutes left to make tim cum and leave. tim immediately went to her tits and started sucking them, while squeezing her ass. i could see jen was getting a little aroused. tim sucked her tits far off her body, then dropped down and pulled her panties down. i couldnt believe jen was standing there naked, this was suppposed to be about feet. tim started fingering my wife, and she let him. i didnt know if she was enjoying it or just wanted to let tim do whatever he need to to cum. as tim fingered jen he sniffed her shoe and licked the inside. then tim started licking her pussy. jen groaned. tim quickly flipped jen over and started licking her asshole, then he brought her sole up to her ass so he could lick them both. tim's dick was getting huge. tim started fingering both jens holes and again she didnt complain. she did moan more though. eventually jen started moaning more deeply then i heard her familiar climaz moan. tim had mad her cum. i was getting a little mad at this point. stick to the feet i had told her. now that jen had cum it was tims turn, he flipped jen back around to face him, sat her down on the chair and brought her feet up to her mouth. then tim slammed his cock through her soles and into my wife's mouth. i could see jen making a sucking motion. this was not what we had talked about. jen was now blowing this guy. tim didnt last long now, he came and incredibly i saw jen swallow all his goo. jen told tim he had to leave, tim quickly got dressed but said he was taking her shoes so he could jerk off later to them, jen said "whatever just leave" when tim left i came in and didnt know what to say. jen jumped in "i had to make him cum, the next parent while be here in two minutes. dont worry i only pretended to cum." i knew she was lying. jen got dressed. as i left i knew i looked a little disturbed. jen came over and said "dont worry these feet, ass and pussy are yours. others can fuck them and cum on them but they'll always come home to your cock. and tonight i'll show you." i left happy thinknig my wife had swallowed some guys cum to keep our income coming in. i love jen.
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great story
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Let me do your wife 's feet
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We really wanted to see pics of your wife but I guess you left X. Too bad.
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Awesome story :-D
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love it
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this is fucking hot