How i found out my gf was a gangbanging slut

So this is the story of how i found out my girfriend was a huge slut and loved taking cocks. "jane" was always very outgoing and was a very fun person to be around. Here are some pictures of jane. But after dating her for a while, i started to notice something dark and naughty about Jane. She absolutely loved getting fucked at any time and any place. I had never experienced a girl quite as freak as her, she would let me fuck her face until i blew my load down her throat whenever i wanted. she would also let me fuck her ass and would say impressively naughty comments like "fill that ass up with cum!" At this point I started to feel like theres a high probability i wasnt the only person filling that ass up with cum, and i was right... Here are some pictures of Jane looking her true self,

I confronted her and asked if she had been sl**ping around, and after initially denying it she came clean after i explained that it was ok and actually kinda hot. I gave her the greenlight to sl**p with others, only if she would tell me about the experience. Heres what ensued!

The first experience happened when she was at a hip hop concert, heres our convo. • Her: Haha just cause ! I'm at a hip hop festival right now Working •
4/5, 9:31pm Me: Hahaha really? How's that •
4/6, 12:16am Me: Haha you seem so outta place there! •
4/6, 12:52am Her: Ummm what?! I blend in! I'm so cool! •
4/6, 12:55am Me: Haha it was a compliment, your the only one not looking like a teenager! •
4/6, 2:00am Her: Hahahaha I just hav been chilling with the best bboys in South Africa we r buds now •
4/6, 2:04am Me: Hahaha oh steph... Bboy groupie? •
4/6, 2:14am Her: Omg haha I will not be a groupie! I'll be a fan ..... Groupie implies other things •
4/6, 2:19am Me: Hahaha I know what a groupie is... •
4/6, 2:33am Her: Hahahah I'm being asked to be one right now •
4/6, 2:34am Me: Mmm •
4/6, 2:34am Her: Ya haha I don't know about this •
4/6, 2:35am Me: You should! I would love to watch or hear about it •
4/6, 2:35am Her: They want me to come to South Africa Haha • What happend with your bboys? •
4/6, 3:21am Her: We just got bk to the hotel.. Talib came bk too! •
4/6, 3:21am Me: Whaat That's sick Are you gonna do it? •
4/6, 3:31am Her: Oh my god I just ran ino him into the hallway and he invited me to come bk Her: Hahaha It was After party time! At 4 am! Whaaaaattt

After no more responses from her untill the following morning, i finally got to hear what happened that last night. She went on to explain how she met 3 pro b-boy dancers, and they convinced her to come back to the hotel with them. She said that it was the first time shes ever been with more than one man before, and enjoyed getting gang banged by 3 black guys. here is a picture of her and the guys she fucked that night These next stories get more descriptive and she does most the talking so enjoy! Me: that would do it for me you and a big cock filling you up •
3:18pm Her: hahahaha god my pussy needs a stuffin hahahaha •
3:19pm Me: haha im sure so tell me a good one you gotta have one interesting escapade •
3:19pm Her: wait that water is boiling let me put in the pasta •
3:20pm Me: ok •
3:23pm Her: its in way in deep hahah JK •
3:24pm Me: hahaha nice ok soo maybe the first time u saw it? or igf ther was a naughty placer u did it? •
3:25pm Her: rafael and i did i in a stairwell once cause he kinda f***ed me too i made him cum on the wall hahahaha i didnt want it on me (picture of her and rafael)

3:25pm Me: hahaha nice ok or the first time u did it whichever is hotter •
3:26pm Her: with him? it was terriblei •
3:26pm Me: yeqa •
3:26pm Her: i got so werided out his dick was huge and he was allll over me and then he had troubl cumming cause it was like 1000000000 degress out •
3:27pm Me: hahah well tell me a good one then •
3:28pm Her: wellllll i dunno the first time he was on me like an animnl •
3:29pm Me: oo yea? •
3:29pm Her: yaaaa like on top of was werid... i made him take me from behind because i didnt want to see him really cause he was waaayyyyyyy toooo into it for the first time •
3:30pm Me: hahahaha •
3:30pm Her: he wanted to shower and started listingin me where he wanted to fuck me •
3:31pm Me: haha did u do them •
3:31pm Her: no hahaha none actually just the stairwell and once outside at once of the weddings but i was d***k and he wasnt so again he couldnt cum ha •
3:32pm Me: ooo tell me those •
3:32pm Her: wait the pasta is ready hahaha •
3:33pm Me: whaaat im so hard •
3:34pm Her: hahahha ya i pulled down his pants (i was WASTED) and gave him head like behind a buliding in the parking lot people were like around the corner it was so stupid ahhahha •
3:35pm Me: haha go in detail •
3:36pm Her: welll i gave really good head had his dick in my mouth and licked his balls at the same time... that was impressive but to be honest i dont remember much hahahaha and then he fucked me from behind for like 20 mins WAIT shit im on reserve battery power...hold on a sec •
3:37pm Me: oo yea? ok tell me one u remember then hahaha thats hot that u took the initiative tho •
3:43pm Her: hahaha i know i was wasted we wearing dancing and then i grabbed him and told him to fuck me •
3:43pm Me: so naughty •
3:43pm Her: i kno im bad and he at first didt want tooo •
3:44pm Me: haha pussy •
3:44pm Her: hahahah he was scared 32 yrs old and scared classic •
3:44pm Me: jesus i guess it just took a littl cock sucking •
3:45pm Her: i think he knew how d***k i was tooo hahahaha •
3:45pm Me: haha nice •
3:45pm Her: thats probably why he didnt want to •
3:45pm Me: god i wouldnt have cared •
3:45pm Her: but ya... •
3:46pm Me: i woulda fucked u in a stall •
3:46pm Her: hahahaha oh ya? •
3:46pm Me: fuck yea but aight so one u remember •
3:47pm Her: i hav todl you two! that no one knows about •
3:48pm Me: psh well go in detail like a story donyt jus mention thdm hahaha •
3:50pm Her: hahahahaha •
3:52pm Me: or if you dont rmember those maybe the time someone else came on ur face but give me somethin haha •
3:53pm Her: nauthgy secrets well daymn internet is acting wierid •
3:54pm Me: Hahaha please continue ... your killing mee whhhhhy i can see that ur typing, jus whatsapp me if u cant send it shows that ur typing but im not getting any messages, whatsapp me! •
4:07pm Her: im here! •
4:07pm Me: haha jesus what happend •
4:09pm Her: im here im here i dont know what happened i think the f****y is almsot bck •
4:09pm Me: ahh so hurry •
4:10pm Her: hahahah omg what did you want again •
4:10pm Me: a good story of a big dick or ur other time someone cam on iur face •
4:11pm Her: hahahha you did! and maybe one other person but i dont think so •
4:11pm Me: yea so that one •
4:11pm Her: i have let pepople on my chest but i dont think that actually happen ed if so i dont remember •
4:12pm Me: ok so big dick story hot one •
4:13pm Her: hahaha omgggggg no i dont like telling you them •
4:14pm Me: yes cmon u just did and then now im gonna be blue balled again haha just tell me one so i can be done •
4:14pm Her: i already told you 2 but there is one •
4:15pm Me: ok tell me it but more detailed haha •
4:15pm Her: hahahahaha wellll •
4:15pm Me: not jus we had sex somewhere the end haha •
4:15pm Her: his and rafas were the biggest i ever took •
4:16pm Me: tell me a story of it •
4:16pm Her: this was my first fuck buddy an isreali guy....very very cute....dark...was in the army....came over for vacation...he was here for 1 wk...... we fucked a lot in one wk hahahha.....but he annoyed me in the end but he was hot and had the BIGGEST hink it was bigger than rafas he was the first guy i did anal with he wanted to do it so bad worst idea ever •
4:18pm Me: ok so lets hear a story abou t it haha •
4:18pm Her: we meet outside of a club but anyway he was with GW friends and i was with the girls and i pointed him out to my friend tiff and i was like..who is he he is hot hahaha and then i claimed him and tiff talked him to get him to come over and over he came hahaha we talked all night and then did ou receive that •
4:20pm Me: last thing i goty was talked all night and then •
4:21pm Her: oka perfect so ya we talked all night went to TKE to smoke with m friend mitsu who lives there and we were just alking and stuff and then he starts touching me a lot and im like okayyyy...lets go on a tour of TKE hahahh so i took him on a tour we went to the upstairs bathroom and i turn to wash m hands and he grabs me and pushs me against the sink and we start making out he gets really fiesty nd starts fingering me and what not.... •
4:23pm Me: sexy •
4:23pm Her: i got scared someone was gonna walk in so i led him bk downstairs we sat on the couch where NO one was hahaha behind the party alone and start making out crazy and he is like on top of me and im on top of him it was nuts...and then ellen walks in on us •
4:25pm Me: were u guys jus makin out when she did •
4:26pm Her: so we are like lets get out of here and i tell everyone im walking him back and we leave and as we are walking im like im not having sex with you and then he is like im here for a week please •
4:26pm Me: hahah •
4:26pm Her: and i was like fuck....ya ......this can be my first fuck buddy! he is cute. fun and here for a short time...perfect ... and ya he was fingering me when she walked in hahaha but ya so im like okay we will can just come to my plcae for a little in the elevator to my room in guthridge hahaha he attacks me ggrabbing my asss he was a hornnnnnn guy hahaha •
4:27pm Me: goo onnn •
4:27pm Her: that entire wk i hooked up with him and then that weekend was actually the weekend i hooked up with steven ross ahhhaa.....crazy week...but the isreali had already left so it was okay...but anyway.....we make it to my rooom and we are like alll over each other like rushing into my bed shoes fling offf clothes getting ripped of we were both sober tooo •
4:28pm Me: ok tell a fuck story tho haha •
4:28pm Her: he didnt smoke weed cause of the army and shit.... •
4:28pm Me: you told the whole build up •
4:28pm Her: but ya •
4:28pm Me: but didnt get to the good stuff haha •
4:28pm Her: so we are in the bed and he is jacked so tan and cute like super cute and then he warns me about his dick •
4:29pm Me: ... •
4:29pm Her: he said girls hav told him its huge and that he wants to prepare me and i should be warned. i was like ...who the fuck is this guy and then he pulle dhis pants down and it was HUGEEEEEEE perfect circumsized cock up and ready to fuck me i ate that shit uppppp hhahaha •
4:30pm Me: nice tell me •
4:30pm Her: i couldnt fit it alll •
4:31pm Me: oh yea? •
4:31pm Her: he would push my head into his cock and make me eat it i couldnt fit it alll but i tried my best how he loved my body type he was so strong it was hard and my dark hair he got ggressive too.. lifting me it was ice that was my first hard fuck nice* throwing me around like i was nothig he told me how sexy i was he would push my head into his cock •
4:32pm Me: keep going •
4:32pm Her: yaaaa....and then the first time i said no to anal... 3rd time we had sex we did but anyway for this time he was the first guy to fuck me doggy style he made me like it •
4:33pm Me: oo i wanna hear bout the anal toop haha niiice •
4:33pm Her: but his big cock hurt me i was sore the next da but ya he was also the guy who told me he wanted to **** me he told me i was like so cool and fun ahaha •
4:34pm Me: true •
4:34pm Her: he siad he loved fucking me cause i was fun and sexy ahahah he was a flatterer •
4:34pm Me: and good at taking cocks •
4:34pm Her: yaaaaa •
4:34pm Me: so keep goin •
4:35pm Her: he liked my tits a lot he used to grab them he grabbeb my neck tooo and my hair first guy to pull my hair tooo •
4:35pm Me: i bet u liked that •
4:36pm Her: it was like he couldnt get enough of me....such a turn on he would pounce on was hot and so ya..... he even gagged me one time the only time i ever let someone he took my underwear and shoved it in my mouth after telling me he wanted to **** me he flipped me around fucked me doggy stlye and grabbeb my hair •
4:36pm Me: nice you mustv been so horny •
4:37pm Her: all this at the same time the gagging was a bit much.....not sure i liked it...but it set him off like no other... he fucked me so hard that tie time* •
4:37pm Me: tell me bout the anal •
4:37pm Her: like i was sweating he came all over my backk and bed with his huge dick omg it was so big he used to hav to prepare me to put it in i needed to be warned he even ate me out one time when i had my period cause he said he couldnt wait to hav me.....hahah he was nuts •
4:38pm Me: tell me about when he fucked your ass •
4:38pm Her: but ya.....i think the anal time was the gag time too but ya he asked me if i would do it and we talked about it before and i was liek you hav to be careful this is my first time and he said it was his first time doing anal too and tht he wanted to do it with me i told him to go slow he liked spittign tooo....spitting on my pussy and then he spit on my asss to get it ready •
4:39pm Me: mmm •
4:39pm Her: and he started putting it in.... and he stuck it in wayyyyyyyyyyy to fast i tensed up...couldnt handle it and screamed and told him to pull out.... i laid on the bed for like 5 mins unable to move that was my first anal exprience •
4:40pm Me: ... •
4:40pm Her: hahahaha then we just fucked regular we fucked in the TKE house the last night he was here and then i remember i ran over to hang out at nicks place with his cum all over me and then the next night i fucked steven rosss •
4:40pm Me: he didnt even get a few thrusts? •
4:41pm Her: ahaha i was such a skank that week he got like one good deep thrust and i couldnt take it •
4:41pm Me: ahahahaha thats hillarious •
4:41pm Her: ya i was sitting on nicks couch with stavs cum on my leg •
4:42pm Me: hahaha youv gone places with my cum on you •
4:42pm Her: hahaha yaaaa •
4:42pm Me: soo naughty •
4:42pm Her: i hav but ya those are probably my diriest stories NOT including you i know •
4:43pm Me: hahaa u must be really horny npw •
4:43pm Her: i had a phase im on my period im not horny in the slightest sorrry but those were some good times crazy •
4:44pm Me: haha ohh i guess not then •
4:44pm Her: but good •
4:45pm Me: haha yea i had that phase too its called freshman/sophmore year of college •
4:45pm Her: hahahah i knowwwwww lorrrrdddd what a messs •
4:46pm Me: hahah i do miss those days tho •
4:46pm Her: i have fucked 12 guys in about 2 rs hahahaha but hey did you liek that stroy •
4:46pm Me: haha yeah yea thats a lot im at like 28 in 4? •
4:48pm Her: same pace as me i guesss but did thestor work? are you blue balled •
4:48pm Me: haha not blue balled well done altho i still really wanna see you get fucked •
4:50pm Her: goood hahaha your lucky i do this for u •
4:50pm Me: haha yea i know and your gonna have your own room so that could be hott •
4:50pm Her: hahaha not happpening i would neever let ou watch! tooo werird and i hav no prospects anyway •
4:51pm Me: whaaat before u said u would haha that would be the sexiest thing •
4:51pm Her: ya right! i dont think that guy would like it •
4:52pm Me: it would he woulldnt know •
4:52pm Her: i do hav a MASSSIVE mirror in my room but my internet situation at my apartment is fucked still let me try to find a guy first! hahaha •
4:52pm Me: hows that possible •
4:52pm Her: what? •
4:52pm Me: haha yeah work on that girl! that u dont have internet and im sure that theres plenty of attractive guys that would fuck you in a second haha •
4:58pm Her: hahaha wow thanks dan! i feel real great now •
4:58pm Me: hahaha jusss sayin thats a compliment!! or an attempt at one haha sorryv •
5:06pm Her: hahahah no thats okay thank you dan for thinking me fuckable •
5:07pm Me: hahhaha your extremly fuckable and your welcom hey btw, if i edit the video so that i cut out the parts where ur face is in it should i post it? •
5:07pm Her: FUCK NO •
5:08pm Me: haha no?? no ones gonna recognize your ass hhaaha •
5:13pm Her: please no •
5:13pm Me: haha id only do it if ud agree altho it would be pretty hott •
5:16pm Her: hahaha no!!!!!!! wayyy not allowng •
5:17pm Me: haha awe •
5:17pm Her: you know lawrence right> •
5:17pm Me: yes whatta bout him •
5:18pm Her: well the last day he was here...he was a bit d***k and said that we "had something"..... "something sexual"......... would you watch that •
5:18pm Me: would i watch you and lawrence? •
5:18pm Her: ahahah ya •
5:18pm Me: i thought he left tho? but yea i would •
5:18pm Her: i mena he is gone but i mean if you are throwing that idea around.... i gotta see how far ull take it •
5:19pm Me: hah ayeah i would is he gonna be there or somehting? i jus wanna see you be dirty i dont care with who haha •
5:21pm Her: no hahaha god no..i was just was sweet of him though hahah d***k and the last day he was here.... •
5:21pm Me: pussy •
5:21pm Her: but ya i know...i just wanted to see what kind of video you were picturing and what! why is he a pussy hahaha •
5:21pm Me: haha he waited to the last day •
5:22pm Her: he said i was alwas with a guy so thats how he knew me but he liked m taste in music hahaha what a gooof but ya i was just wondering if it mattered if a knew the person you are a werido •
5:23pm Me: what? i dont really know him i saw him like once

• sha have any good lookin friends there •
7:15pm Her: like girls? •
7:15pm Me: no, but yea i guess that too haha •
7:18pm Her: hahahah ummmm well one of her friends was nicee but none cute.... its weird...i saw a guy that loooked just like you on the bus today.. he was cute dan! •
7:19pm Me: haha well yea... hed better of been •
7:20pm Her: i forgot how cute you areeee •
7:21pm Me: hahahha ohh yea? •
7:22pm Her: yaaaaaaaa and warm hehehehe •
7:23pm Me: i miss your warm places... •
7:24pm Her: hahahahaha yaaaa i miss you in them i guesss man i need your sexxx •
7:26pm Me: ahhh i know i want to fuck you so bad •
7:26pm Her: me kaitlyn was telling me i was spoiled and she is right •
7:27pm Me: haha how so? •
7:28pm Her: sex wise and a lot of other ways i guess.... i mean just getting sex and good sex from you who knew how i liked it god damn it •
7:28pm Me: yeaa i miss it so the last time was no good at all? •
7:30pm Her: what do you mean •
7:30pm Me: the last time youfucked •
7:31pm Her: did you not hear my entire story?!?!?! •
7:31pm Me: most i think i don remember u said he like pulled out and came on ur stomach after onluy a little bit •
7:34pm Her: hahah yessss it was terrible i told you all the details crazy man you remember •
7:35pm Me: so it wasnt good before he pulled out tho ? •
7:35pm Her: not at all! he was uncircumsized..but once he showed me his dick i couldnt be a bitch and say....i dont do un circumsized...though i reallly dont like them •
7:36pm Me: haha but if its inside u whats the diff? •
7:36pm Her: it feels diff •
7:37pm Me: haha reaally •
7:37pm Her: well ya! •
7:37pm Me: like u can feel the skin in your pussy? •
7:37pm Her: that skin up top moves and its werid its like it doesnt fully stay in •
7:37pm Me: ooh •
7:37pm Her: but they all appear bigger i think •
7:37pm Me: was he the biggest uv had? •
7:38pm Her: nooo rafa and the isreali were •
7:38pm Me: oooh you said u deep throated him too right? •
7:38pm Her: who •
7:39pm Me: and he almost came? the germano ahh i miss that •
7:44pm Her: and no i didnt deep throat hahah he couldnt handle that he practically came when i sucked on it through a fucking condom haha •
7:45pm Me: haha, i like how the first time u told me the story you said he didnt fuck you without a condom •
7:46pm Her: what? what do you mean •
7:46pm Me: haha nermiiind u said he got it up again, but u didnt let him in you and he just jerked off on your chest haha but i had a hunch you were skippin something •
7:49pm Her: nono.....i sucked on it....he made me stop and then we fucked for 2 seconds...then he came then he got up again and jerked off on my stomach uncircumsized cum is thick too...ickkkyyyy •
7:50pm Me: haha yea i was gonna say theres no way he just randomly stood over u all of a sudden and started wackin it haha goddd i need to fuck you!!! •
7:51pm Her: hahahahahhahaha yesss pleaseeee i want you to let it all out on me and use meeeeee •
7:52pm Me: you have no idea •
7:53pm Her: ahhhhh •
7:53pm Me: i need your ass i would eaaaat it • i want to fuck you • Thursday •
8:09am Her: hahahahah yessssss •
10:02am Me: you get to use me agian? •
10:02am Her: hahahahahaha no...we didnt go out out no creepers •
10:02am Me: oo sorry i had sex •
10:04am Her: oh wow okay well i did tooo •
10:04am Me: ohhh yea? •
10:04am Her: ya •
10:05am Me: haha i was joking but cool you tell me not to fuck someone then you do well now you gotta tell me about it •
10:06am Her: hahahaha it was d***k sex •
10:06am Me: was it good? •
10:06am Her: ya •
10:06am Me: and with who •
10:07am Her: no one hahaha •
10:07am Me: javi •
10:07am Her: well yaaa •
10:07am PICTURE OF HER AND JAVI (middle two) Me: i told you... ahaha i knew it •
10:08am Her: wellll you had sex with the same girl but whatever •
10:08am Me: no •
10:08am Her: cant wait till you come! •
10:09am Me: haha •
10:09am Her: ha •
10:09am Me: so tell me about it ya sounds like it haha •
10:09am Her: come on...... •
10:10am Me: i wanna heearr •
10:10am Her: uggggg no isnt that werid i didnt ask when it was with thtat girl and i still dont want to know •
10:11am Me: No I want to hear, haha u already told me that u did it soo •
10:12am Her: ya but thats all thats important hahaha •
10:12am Me: Noo •
10:12am Her: i was getting in shape and practicing for you •
10:12am Me: Lemme hear I know there's a goo part to this •
10:12am Her: yessssssssss and noooooo •
10:13am Me: Tell me!! •
10:13am Her: he fucks like you but different faces haha •
10:13am Me: How did you guys fuck •
10:13am Her: what do you mean? •
10:14am Me: Where and what positions •
10:14am Her: well in the bathroom ....the living room ....the floor....... he got lazy so i was on top a lot •
10:15am Me: Hahaha How about in the bathroom? •
10:15am Her: in front of the mirror...that was hot •
10:16am Me: We're u bent over? •
10:16am Her: ya over the sink he told me i was a pro •
10:16am Me: Niiice Go thru the story •
10:17am Her: hahah welll we were on the couch everyone wwas running around the apartment and then we started hooking up on the couch he got on top of me and then was asking to go to my room but kailtny was in there so we couldnt •
10:18am Me: Hmm •
10:18am Her: so he pulled me into the bathroom pushed me against the wall •
10:19am Me: Keep going •
10:20am Her: and it got heated we steamed up the mirror he went down on me while i was standing •
10:20am Me: Haha •
10:21am Her: then literally pulled down his pants and slipped it in, and started fucking me agasint the wall for a good while •
10:21am Me: Oooo man •
10:21am Her: then he bent me over not agaisnt the sink...that was later and fucked me while my face was pressed against the walll •
HER AND JAVI 10:22am Me: Yess •
10:23am Her: and then we moved to the living room realy fast and did it on the couch •
10:23am Me: are these seperate occasions? •
10:23am Her: what do you mean? anyways •
10:24am Me: like did he already cum •
10:24am Her: nooo.....MAJOR d***k dick he only did once, but after 2 hours pretty impressive actually •
10:24am Me: ooo well continue •
10:25am Her: ya 2 hours ...crazy....but anyways i was so tight he could even fit it in at the beginning and it hurt me a bit but ya i was on top riding pretty well •
10:26am Me: niice •
10:26am Her: but ya then we were on the floor and i was giving him head •
10:27am Me: deep throating im assuming •
10:27am Her: ya but it was tough and then we fucked some more •
10:28am Me: you love being naughty •
10:28am Her: and then i gave him head some more and then i rode him for a while like a work out •
10:29am Me: hahaha •
10:29am Her: and he came •
10:29am Me: in you •
10:29am Her: fuck no •
10:29am Me: haha where mouth •
10:30am Her: no he was on the bottom so basically on himself •
10:30am Me: hahaha any doggystyle on the ground sex? •
10:31am Her: noooo ctually •
10:32am Me: thats a wawste of a perfect ass •
10:32am Her: hahahhahahaha it was hurting me though! cause he would go so fast he did the thing you do........ shove it real deep •
10:34am Me: haha well dont get to use to it •
10:34am Her: what do you mean? •
10:35am Me: dont do it a lot before i come especially when you tell me not to on the same night you queef! •
10:36am Her: i know that was just coincidence..... •
10:36am Me: hahah yea... •
10:38am Her: it was but i mean you had been fuckign that girl who liekd you thats werid for me •
10:39am Me: haha ok its cool just dont let him come hang out when im there •
10:40am Her: i will try my best but dont worry we are friends •
10:42am Me: You shoulda saved some adderal

i know...... ugggg and i havent drank in 2 wks!!! isnt that exciting!

2 weeks. So u didn't drink when u were on stage??

oh shit haha that night and the first night were the only nights i drank haha frist two night thats it! thats pretty good a whole wk! not a sip!

Haha I was gonna say are u that naughty even sober

ahahah DUH im a nuaghty girl dan

Haha I know That's why u sexy

oh thats why? hahah JK! thanks bubbb but come on..... i hope thats not it cause thats only something ppl know when they have been with me hahaa

Haha what are people always surprised after you fuck

not surprised just impressed i dunno hahah

what do they say? i have no porno so this is good

that i give really head i mean i feel like i didnt show u my best when u where heere u were injured

whats your best? you learn some new tricks?

no........its the same i do......but its when the guy is laying down and im on top

yeah what b do u do


didnt mean thayt

well i mean i start kssing slowly down their chest lick the area right before this where pants hang their* and maybe move to the balls lick those... put one in my mouth


roll my tongue around it suck a little put the whole ball in my mouth and heat it up then move to the next one then from there slowly start licking the dick the whole shaft starting from the bottom and working to the tip

omg keep going sexy

then i lick around the tip

you have an Awesome fat tounge for that too

roll my tongue around that a bit up and down all the way around then i wrap my lips around the tip suck on it a little like a little tug and then slowly slowly glide down


wetting the whoole thing then i rub my tongue along it with my lips still wrapped around u like that move a lot i keep my lips still and move my tongue

yea i think everyone would haha

hahha and then i keep my lips wet and rub the dick to make it warm and wet and hard then ill try shoving it deep deep down so ican swallow it and then i go fast even if i choke alittle and then slow again up and down in and out till ur bursting and you want to cum but i wont let you


so i go slow again then faster and i keep rubbign it slower i slap it against my mouth and shove it bk in i gtg soon but ya i do that

well i just did, but u can continue if ud like

hahaha perfect timeing!


i gotta finish my papers and shit hahaha nice



dont be giving out too many professional bjs

3:41pm omg dan they cost more than u think ahhaha JK • •
3:43pm Me: But your a girl... •
3:44pm Her: its still fun to go! •
3:44pm Me: U gonna pick up a male hooker? •
3:45pm Her: hahaha ew no we did see a sex show though it was great •
3:45pm Me: Ohh yea? •
3:46pm Her: ya i got on stage with rachel and she touched my boobs i was wasted •
3:46pm Me: You had your boobs out? •
3:47pm Her: noooo hahaha •
3:47pm Me: Then get off the stage •
3:47pm Her: !!! hey! i mean we were dancing and i had to eat a piece of banana off her tit it was HILARIOUS •
3:48pm Me: Jesus •
3:48pm Her: ya hahaha it was fucking crazyu •
3:49pm Me: Like pretending it was a cock? •
3:49pm Her: no hahaha i mean it was just a piece but i guess overall it was probably supposed to represent that •
3:50pm Me: Haha yea probably What else did u do, now that I'm hard •
3:51pm Her: hahaha welll we saw a guy and a girl fuck on stage they were bad and then a striper who had a ribbon up her vag and pulled it out slowly and tied up a guy from the crowd and then a stripper who wrote the name of the club on a guys chest with her vag and then another stipper who put a candle in her vag and did upside down dancing shit •
3:53pm Me: I want to hear about you being bad tho •
3:53pm Her: well she came up to me in the corwd and pretended to eat me out •
3:54pm Me: Yea? •
3:55pm Her: and then she touched my boobs dragged me on stage and wanted me to shimmy on the pole ahhaha so i did and then she told me to shake my butt on the pole and i did •
3:55pm Me: Yeaaa •
3:55pm Her: then she put me bk in the line other ppl did shit and then she told me to get on my knees •
3:56pm Me: Ands •
3:56pm Her: and eat the banana so i did •
3:57pm Me: Please tell me u flashes ur tita •
3:57pm Her: and that was it sadly she told me i had nice boobs though! but then it was done •
3:58pm Me: U ate a whole banana on ur knees? •
3:59pm Her: hahahahaha yes but ahhhh •
3:59pm Me: Omgg •
3:59pm Her: hahaha •
4:00pm Me: Like deep throat •
4:00pm Her: hahah it was onnly a piece dan •
4:00pm Me: Oo You mustv been really horny •
4:01pm Her: hahah i was •
4:01pm Me: Did u kinda want to get fucked on stage •
4:02pm Her: hahah ya i guess thats my fantasy... getting fucked in front of ppl mmmmmmm i gotta go shower now and wash the dishes we are going to the redlight! woot woot! ill tlak to you later bubbbb think about fucking me in front of ppl •
4:04pm Me: Haha Jesus that's worse than stripping Ur crazy •
4:05pm Her: WHAT! •
4:05pm Me: But ok cya •
4:05pm Her: hahaha nooooo •
4:05pm Me: ? •
4:06pm Her: im not worse than a striper pp * •
4:06pm Me: That's def worse than stripping Haha sorry •
4:07pm Her: hahahaha well would u do it ? •
4:07pm Me: Any guy would •
4:08pm Her: would do it on stage? ?really •
4:08pm Me: Umm have sex anywhere •
4:08pm Her: hahahahhahahahaaha •
4:08pm Me: But most girls def not I think your too crazy for me •
4:09pm Her: what! i mean i hav no other fantasys •
4:10pm Me: Haha just getting fucked on stage? You craZy •
4:11pm Her: hahahahaha i mean i guess but okay i gtg !!! bye bubby goodluck! •
4:11pm Me: I just honestly don't know if I could ever trust u •
4:11pm Her: wat dan! trust me with what thats like a very serious claim •
4:12pm Me: Your so wild •
4:12pm Her: • i dunno i feel bat •
3:29pm Me: haha i mean you hang out wit her 24/7 but ok its ur call •
3:30pm Her: no its fine...typing is better •
3:30pm Me: haha ok •
3:31pm Her: is that okay? •
3:31pm Me: yeaaa only if u talk dirty •
3:31pm Her: hahahaa omg that will be hard for me •
3:32pm Me: i will be hard for you •
3:33pm Her: hahaha oh ya •
3:33pm Me: yeaaa u always get me hard •
3:34pm Her: always?? •
3:35pm Me: haha yea •
3:35pm Her: like even not when sexual •
3:35pm Me: hahaha no but when u try. u suceed •
3:36pm Her: hahahaa wait im offended! you should hav said yes •
3:37pm Me: i dont have a boner wnen im out to eat with u is tht offending? •
3:39pm Her: hahahahaha no i guess •
3:40pm Me: haha yea tell me a dirty story of yours •
3:41pm Her: hahahaha like an actually one •
3:41pm Me: yea that would b hottt •
3:41pm Her: well i dunno hahahah let me think •
3:42pm Me: ook be really detailed too •
3:42pm Her: well the best ones are the ones we had like when we went to the strip club •
3:43pm Me: i know •
3:43pm Her: and you fucked me •
3:43pm Me: but i wanna hear a diff one •
3:43pm Her: and we watched in the mirror •
3:43pm Me: iv told u some of mine •
3:43pm Her: we once i had sex on a pool table that was hot becasue we had to be quiet and ppl were sl**ping inthat room the same room we were in •
3:44pm Me: tell it like a story •
3:44pm Her: okay so first we all get back to the apartment....we are laying down on the basement floor and sharing blankets hahaa •
3:45pm Me: dont leave out details •
3:45pm Her: then him and i were spooning on the floor and he started to touch me......rub his hands along my curves and he starts touching my leg trying to unbutton my pants grazign his hands along my boobs popping out of my shirt •
3:46pm Me: •
3:46pm Her: hahahaha and he starts to put his hands down my pants and under my panties •
3:47pm Me: ... •
3:47pm Her: and starts stroking me rubbing me fingering me...slowly and gently and i get really wet for him •
3:48pm Me: im so hard •
3:48pm Her: and i start unbuttoning his pants hahaha good and i start running my hands along his pants and feeling his dick how big it is and its so hard •
3:49pm Me: how big was it •
3:49pm Her: it was big long and hard thick i wanted to fuck it •
3:49pm Me: bigger than mine? •
3:50pm Her: just different ha and then i start rubbing it •
3:50pm Me: so yes haha •
3:50pm Her: with my hands and it gets bigger and harder and i slowly start moving my head down rubbing between his legs pulling down his pants (this is true btw) NOT true* •
3:51pm Me: wait what •
3:51pm Her: this is not true FYI •
3:51pm Me: no •
3:51pm Her: im just going along with a story i started ahahahah wait •
3:51pm Me: i want a true story •
3:51pm Her: im getting to the head part this is true so i started giving him head •
3:52pm Me: which parts tru •
3:52pm Her: This part is true •
3:52pm Me: ok so wat wasnt •
3:52pm Her: he asked me where i learned to give head cause i did it better than a black girl hhahaha so i kept sucking his dick it filled my whoe moth •
3:53pm Me: be specefic •
3:53pm Her: whole mouth* it was hard too i starte sucking the tip moving my mouth around it like a circle formation over nad over he started curling his feet under toes* hahah he was moaning •
3:54pm Me: were u on ur knees? •
3:54pm Her: i made him feel so good no. i was crawling over him on the pool table •
3:54pm Me: ooo hot •
3:54pm Her: hahaha yea so i start sucking it good like im milking it my tongue all around it over and over •
3:55pm Me: could u take the whole thing? or was it too big •
3:55pm Her: he made me gage forcing my head to take it and i put it so far as far as i could and then he turned me over •
3:56pm Me: wait •
3:56pm Her: and right away started licking my pussy •
3:56pm Me: could u deep throat it all •
3:56pm Her: no it was too bug big* but..this is true •
3:56pm Me: really? •
3:56pm Her: he started licking me really well like sticking his tongue in me loving my taste he told me i tasted good and then he put his finger all the way in warming me up for his dick I may hav to hurry cause marina is here and wants to leave soon but anyway ill hurry •
3:58pm Me: noo •
3:58pm Her: he wiggles out of his pants and his dick is just way up out in the open while everyone is sl**ping and he f***es my legs open fast and i yell at him cause he didnt hav a condom and he jumps off and gets one and comes back and eats me out again and told me to sit on his face he told me i had a hot body and he wanted to fuck it so he lays on top of me and sticks his dick way deep on the first one he surprised me and i tensed up almost painful and then he sartes fucking me hard and fast and i tell him to slow down he was too excited and i was so tight and tense cause he surprsied me and then he slowed down and was calmer and fucked me slower but still hard then he got too excited and had to pull out a bit and told me how good i felt •
4:04pm Me: ... •
4:05pm Her: sorry hahah but ya he went back in and kept fucking me sweating and pushing deep i was moaning it felt good and he put all his weight on me it felt so good and he would rub me at the same i would shake a little but he would keep fucking me then he started getting really excited and went a little faster i felt him get harder and he just kept going faster moaning breathing hard until i knew he was going to and he kept pushing faster and then he told me to get down and he wanted to cum on my facce but i didnt want to let him soo he gets ready and i let him cum all over my stomach... he kept going so much cuming and cuming on my stomach and then we snuck back to the couch and where everyone was ....... and went to sl**p but people totally heard he was so loud • Picture of her and pool guy

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