Discovering Daddy's Secrets

My s****r used to work at a video rental store in the VHS tape days. She would bring the XXX

movies to my dad when someone complained there was a bad section or something. I worked there part

time and was very familiar with the Adult room, and the hardcore gay movies. I was staying with my

parents while my mom had surgery, so I was alone with my dad for several weeks. I had noticed

several gay movies in the latest box from the vid store, but I assumed my dad skipped those being

a southerner raised in the bible belt. I had plans one evening and was getting ready by showering,

shaving, etc. It was just us guys, so I left the bathroom wide open and didnt bother covering up

walking around the house. I was semi erect from my shower and while I was getting ready would give

it a few pulls. I caught motion in the doorway and saw my dad standing there staring at my cock

with raw lust. I could see his cock was hard and was straining the material of his jeans. This

turned me on, so I let my cock get rock hard and began to pose in sexy positions. I could hear dad

panting and groping his cock while watching me. Suddenly, he left hurriedly. I waited a minute,

then walked into the livingroom buck naked and half hard. He could not stop staring at my cock and

ass. I let him look, then got up to get dressed and leave. I went out with my friend, but I wanted

to go back and get my dad horny again. I was with my best friend, so I told him about what

happened and that I wanted to seduce dad. He was straight, but he and I had been fooling around

since we were k**s. We were supposed to go to the bars, but I offered my friend a blowjob to let

me get back home. I sucked him off on the way home. He acted straight, but came quickly every time

I sucked him. His wife wouldnt swallow, so he loved to fill my mouth with his cum and would

sometimes kiss me passionately afterwards, then get embarrased. I came in quietly and could hear

moans and sex sounds from the back of the house. The light was on in my room and the door was

slightly open. I peeked in and saw my dad's huge, rock hard cock and watched him masturbating. I

glanced at the TV to see what turned him on and lo and behold, it was a gay threesome with an

older man and two young twinks. I quietly stripped naked and slipped into the room. When he

finally saw me, he tried to hide his cock and turn the tv off, but managed neither. He was

stammering, but looking at my nude body with lust and desire. I told him to leave it on, I liked

gay xxx. He looked embarrased, then said "so do I, dont tell your mom tho". I stepped closer,

letting my cock brush against him as he stood up to move away. I reached out and grabbed his rigid

pole and he stopped moving away. I told him he could take his lust out on me any time, and he

nervously touched my cock, then I kissed him deeply and urged him to let go and be gay tonight. I

dropped to my knees and began sucking him off, he groaned and shuddered, saying how we were nasty

men, I could taste his approaching orgasm long before the first huge jet of spunk filled my mouth,

he began fucking my mouth, saying "suck my fucking cock you faggot. Make me cum boy, i****t loving

boy, etc. He started moaning louder and trying to pull his cock out of my mouth, but I sucked it

harder and told him to cum in my mouth. He groaned and his cock exploded in my mouth. I had never

suck a cock that big or swallowed that much cum before, Shot after shot flew out of his big dick

and I gobbled every bit. He sat down on the bed to recuperate, then began playing with my cock and

then he started sucking it greedily. I told him to stick 2 fingers up my ass and ram them in and

out. After a few minutes of that I came like a fountain. He choked and licked, finally swallowing

my cum. He was already hard again, so I sat on his cock and rode it until he blasted his load into

my intestines. We made love all night long and every chance we got afterwards. I went on a trip to

the south with him the next summer and we had raunchy, cummy, gay sex every night. We would offer

my sex to truckers, my 15 year old ass hanging out of tiny shorts. My dad would watch and join. My

uncle caught me blowing dad and a horse in their barn on that trip. My dad was horrified, but I

ran out to my uncle and offered to do anything he wanted. He followed me back and asked to touch

my dick. I let his hands explore my body, then I kissed him deeply and told him to use me to

fulfill his secret desires. I took them both on and was watching my uncle kissing and talking

dirty to my dad when he dumped his load in my eager mouth. We had a great visit and even tried

sucking off a llama, a chimp, and a little boy we picked up and m*****ed in the woods. I wish I

could do it all again! I still suck my uncle when he gets randy, but my dad is gone now. My uncle

makes his little son suck me off and the boy loves it. We are going to the circus this year......

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1 year ago
2 years ago
very hot
2 years ago
sex w/dad and uncle hot animals not so much
2 years ago
It's hot but the animal stuff doesn't work for me.
2 years ago
Very hot
2 years ago
Great story, love the family sex.
2 years ago
not doing it 4 me. its physically not possible to be turned on by family. rotten old 60 year old sausage
2 years ago
mmmm hot story