Sex and Cops....fml

alright yall this is my 1st story dont hate but it fuckin sucked i tell you what.

my 9th grade year i was dating a cheer leader she was in her 12th year and i played Varsidy football 3A aka small town blah blah blah we fuck she loves me

now the story starting out the day i wake up and send her it was a snow and i wanted to see, we hung ou for most of the day we shot guns and did some other bull shit, but i had my DL and a truck ext cab ford ranger, i thought i was a bad ass but it had started to get dark so i parked to try to get my dicky shicky on a back ass gravel road, she wasnt much into it being on the road and people could drive by (this story is the only time i have ever seen any 1 eles on this road its way the fuck outta town) but she desided ok if we see some 1 come we will just drive away, after a few mins she was gettin into it, after bumping my head a few times i got all her close off and really go into it, the windows are all fogged up and its snowing........a cop comes over the hill be hind us and turns on his lights..........(fuck me! shit! damn it!) and i jump up as best i could and true to put something on and i hear over the PA "Josh step outta ur truck pleace" i only have boxers on with a hard on i thought to my self (i dont think you want me to do that) i get out and look right at him in his pig rig and he got back on the PA "could you put some close on pleace" so i grab my pants and start puttin them on out side (my truck door still open i look at her under the blanket i had brought and said "you might wanna put your close on" then i hear the PA again "you can do that in your truck" so i get back in and get my close on and so did she and the cop walked up (i go to church with this man) and said "What are you doin josh" and not being vary happy looked over at my ex and shugged he said "well you might wana get a better place next time and left. after a few days i told my b*****r and buddys and they didnt beleave me so i went to the cop shop and asked for the video from the cop rig and showed them, i still get shit for pink boxers and the cop never said a word and has ever givin me a ticket 93 in a 55, driving down a 1 way street, burn outs in the parking lot
46% (4/5)
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4 years ago
you are taking the piss with that spelling aren't you???
4 years ago
it sucked so bad every time i see him he gets this look like i cough you fuckin
4 years ago
very good and funny
4 years ago
short but good