The Neighbor

She was sitting in just her bra and panties relaxing when the door bell rang. She opened the door not thinking about what she was wearing. It was the neighbor down the street. He looked her over from head to toe before he asked her "Is your dad home? I need to talk with him." She told him he was gone for the day but she would have him call. Bob then came on into the front room. He pushed her to the wall and told her "You look very pretty and sexy in your skimpy underwear." She looked at him and asked "What do you want Bob?" He replied "I think I want to see you naked baby. I want to see your tits and pussy. Want to show Bob your sexy body? I bet you like showing it off." He then pulled her close and kissed her shoving his tongue in her mouth and she responded by sucking it. He kissed her again as he unhooked her bra in the back and let it fall to the floor. He then pushed her just a little from him and looked at her tits. He put a hand on her ass and ran his other hand over her tits.

He told her "You have nice tits and you like showing them to me don't you?" He kept rubbing them as she replied "Looks like you really like my tits Bob. Why don't you kiss them and suck my nipples." Bob told the horny girl "First lets get you out of these panties so I can see your pussy and play with it. Are you a virgin or do you like to fuck?" As she shed her panties she told him "I love to fuck. Do you want to fuck me?" He laughed and said "Do you want my old cock? If you do I can show how it feels to really get fucked by a man. I am going to fuck you like I fuck those street whores. I am going to like having a pussy this close to home to fuck. Now take your sexy ass to your bedroom and let's play house."

She grabbed Bob's hand and took him to her room where she laid on her bed and watched him strip naked. She liked his hard sexy body and he was in great shape for his age and she imagined he would fuck her really hard. He laid beside he and kissed her once more as his hands roamed over her tits. She had nice tits for a young girl with hard nipples and he then moved his mouth to them and began to suck. He went back and forth between nipples sucking them hard before his hand went to her pussy. She was shaved and already quite wet. As he sucked each nipple his finger pinched her clit and then went to her wet hole. He then pushed a finger in her and it went in easy. He added one more finger and as he sucked her nipples he finger fucked her till she came and covered his fingers.

He then said "Spread your legs darling. Bob wants to eat pussy." As she spread her legs wide he moved his mouth to her pussy and began to lick and suck her clit. She moaned and came several times as he then licked to her wet hole and licked her cum. He sucked and kissed her cunt till his tongue slipped inside her and he tongue fucked her making her cum again. He commented "I bet that cunt wants my big hard cock. I am now going to show you how a man fucks pussy." He got between her legs and pushed his cock into her wet cunt. She was tight but easy to slip into and he then began to push his cock in all the way. She moaned and he asked her "Do you like that big cock baby? Do you like how it fills your cunt?" She told him "Your cock feels so good. It is so big and hard. I want you to fuck me hard and deep." Bob then gave her her wish and fucked her deep and hard. He pounded her young pussy going almost out then back in fast. He felt her get wetter and wetter and he rammed her again and again. He was able to fuck a long time before he filled her cunt with his big load of cum.

He rolled off her and laid on his back and pushed her face to his cock. "Let's see how good you can lick and clean my cock before you suck it for me." She then began to lick his cock cleaning it for him before he told her "Open wide. Here comes my cock. Suck it hard little girl." As she opened her mouth he pushed his cock in and she sucked him good. He could tell she had sucked cock before and was quite good at it. He then grabbed her head and pushed his cock in further. "Take it all. Take it down your throat. Suck me baby." He pushed in till she was down to his balls and sucking him and gagging. "Good girl. Gag on that big cock but keep sucking." He kept forcing it down her throat and letting her get air then back down her throat as she gagged and covered his cock with spit. He loved making her gag and kept throat fucking her for a long time. His balls were soaked with her drool as she gagged on his cock as he held her head and fucked her mouth. Just as he was ready to cum again he held her head on his cock all the way and filled her throat with cum and would not release her till she swallowed it all.

He then pulled her to him and kissed her sucking her tongue. "You make a great cocksucker. You will learn to not gag on my big cock. Now give me a tit to suck before I fuck you one more time. Tomorrow I want you to come to my house where it is private and let me fuck you more. I want to stick my cock in your sweet ass and then you can clean me as I fuck your mouth and throat. We will do this every day as I need a young fuck toy, and you are so hot and a great pieced of ass. I am replacing the street whores with you baby girl. You are so hot to fuck. Now let me fuck you and get dressed before your dad gets home. Bob then pounded her cunt one last time for the day and as they got dressed and went to the front room her dad came in the back. Her dad smiled and said "Bob, how nice to see you. I hope Bev was good company while I was out." Bob laughed and said "Yes, she was wonderful."
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