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She was at the kitchen counter when he walked in from work. All she had on was an oversized t-shirt of his. She was thirty and he was fifty. He could not believe she had fallen in love with him. He was her teacher in school and had tutored her till they had sex one night and from then on he could not get enough of her young sexy body. They had been married ten years and still lusted for each other. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck. She turned her head so he could kiss her mouth and suck her tongue. As he kissed her he put his hands under her shirt and cupped her tits. Then he ran a hand down to her pussy and rubbed her as she spread her legs for him. He smiled and told her "You are wearing my favorite underwear. None." She replied "I knew you would be here soon and that is what you like."

His one hand rubbed her tit as his other found her pussy hole and inserted a finger in her. She moaned and leaned back against him loving his touch and how he always made her so wet. He pulled on her nipple as he finger fucked her and rubbing his hard cock against her ass. He told her "Let's get naked and fuck on the table right here. I want to feel your pussy around my hard cock and cum deep inside you." She told him "Fuck me where ever you want. I love having your hard cock in me and feeling your cum fill me."

He pulled her t-shirt over her head and she was naked. He then as fast as he could took all his clothes off. His cock was hard and throbbing sticking staight out needing her pussy. He sat her on the table and licked and sucked her nipples. He told her "I never get tired of your big tits. I love kissing them and sucking the nipples." As he kissed and sucked her tits she reached down and grabbed his cock and stroked it. It was hard and poking leaking precum ready to fill her wet cunt. He then pushed her to her back and spread her legs. He looked at her bald pussy and the clit that had got hard and swollen. Later he would take time and suck it and make her scream as she would cum many times.

He then placed his cock to the entrance to her cunt and knew it would be wet and warm. He pushed his cock into her and gasped at how good she felt even after fucking daily for over ten years. He never could get enough of her tight hole. He pushed in deep and heard her moan. She also loved fucking with her sexy endowed husband. She told him "Go deep and fuck me hard. I want it hard and way inside my cunt. Fuck me like it is the first time you ever got in my wet cunt." He then began to pound her cunt and fuck her deep and hard. He was ramming his cock in and out of her feeling her cunt spasm and grip his cock each time. She then screamed "Faster. Harder. Fuck me. **** me. Make it hurt Fuck me like I am a whore." He then began to fuck her so hard and so rough just like he knew she wanted it. The clock ticked away and they fucked longer and longer till he finally filled her with cum.

He pulled his cock from her cunt and replaced it with his tongue. He licked the cum from her and tasted how good they tasted mixed together. He then kissed her letting her taste the cum from both of them. She sucked his tongue then told him "Lay back and let me lick your cock and your balls. I want to suck your cock till you are hard then you can fuck my ass. I want to feel that cock in my ass the first time tonight right here on the table. Then we can have dinner and fuck in front of the TV before we go to bed." He laughed "I love what a nympho you are darling. You love my cock as much as I love your cunt." He layed back as she began to lick his cock down each side. Then she began to lick and suck his balls. His cock got hard fast as she sucked him and she then took him deep into her throat and sucked on his cock. He did not want to cum in her mouth as he was ready to fuck her ass so he then sat up and grabbed her and bent her over the table and pushed his cock to the opening in her ass and sunk it in quit and fast and deep. He then began to fuck her letting his balls slap against her pussy. She loved his cock in deep and she always loved rough sex. He fucked her long and hard as she moaned and pushed her ass back against him. He reached under her and played with her nipples and her clit as he fucked hard and deep. He soon was able to fill her ass with cum.

He pulled his cock out of her dripping ass and put in a finger and then put the wet cum soaked finger in her mouth to suck. He asked her "Like the taste of cum from your ass? Here is more." He then dipped his finger twice more and let her lick the cum from it. He kissed her swapping tongues before they sat nude and had dinner.

They moved naked to the den and watched TV and fucked three more times. At ten o'clock he asked her if she was ready to go to bed and have some of his cock. They then walked naked to the bedroom and spent the next three hours fucking non stop. They would sl**p for a couple hours then fuck some more. The two of them never got enough of each others cock and pussy.
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2 years ago
I like it. I would have licked the cum out of her ass then swapped the cum back and forth
2 years ago
Great story!