Following you in the mall

I went to the mall and weas walking along when I saw you . Your were wearing a very short powder blue dress and shear black pantyhose with some very sexy high heels. You stopped and bent over and rubbed your legs very slowly your skirt was so short I could see your beautiful ass . Immediately my cock started to grow hard making a visable tent in my shorts you just looked back at it and grinned . You stood up and walked farther along as I followed you watching your sexy legs and ass .Every so often you glanced back and saw me following you by now I was very hard anybody that walked past me could see the tent in my shorts. I followed you out of the mall to the parking lot . As the breeze blew your long blonde hair back I could smell your perfume it smelled so nice . You once again glanced back and bent over even farther your dress slid up farther expposing all of your ass . You looked right at me and slowly run your hands all the way up to your ass .I could clearly see you were not wearing panties under your pantyhose .This made my cock jump in my shorts leaving a wet spot from my precum .You stood up and continued walking to your car Which was parked far away from to mall I followed you closer . As you approached your car you put your things in the back and as you shut the door I was right behind you . I grabbed you and bent you over the back of your car and pulled your short dress up and run my hand down your ass sliding my fingers in between your cheeks slowly rubbing your bum hole before moving closer to your pussy . Your pantyhose were soaked with your juices I run my finger in between your lips towards your clit rubbing it making you squirm . $I slid my finger back between your lips and pushed your pantyhose i your pussy finger fucking you hard as I dropped pulled my cock out of my shorts . It did not take long for you to cum on my fingers and I pulled them back and ripped your pantyhose open exposing your pussy and ass .i slid my cock in between your lips and thrust hard until I was balls deep inside you . I reached around you and you nipples were hard and I could tell you did not have a bra on . I pinched and pulled on them as I pounded your wet tight pussy hard . You were moaning and thrusting back to meet me as my balls smacked your clit with each stroke . I felt your pussy grip me tight and I fucked you harder until you cummed on my cock and balls . After you quit shaking I pulled my cock out of your pussy and start rubbing it on your puckered bum hole slowly pushing the head in then I stopped . You begged me not to fuck you there but I slowly pushed more of it in then stopped Pulling back until just the head was in then I thrust forward pushing you tight against the car not stopping until my balls were smashed against your pussy . Then started slowly fucking your ass at first then speeding up as I reached under you and began to rub your clit . I could tell by the way you were moaning that you liked it and was about to cum . So I rubbed your clit harder and fucked you faster as you started to cum you squeezed your ass tight andd this made me cum deep in your ass . I felt like I was going to cum forever .Finally I stopped spurting my hot cum in your ass . We laid there for a minute and caught our breeth then I slipped out of your ass and pulled your dress down and put my cock back in my shorts . I gave you a deep kiss and walked to my truck .
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3 years ago
3 years ago
good story,what mall was this..lolol.
3 years ago