Tied up and spanked before a hard fucking

I come in the bedroom and you were lying in bed wearing nothing but a black shear thong with black stockings and your 7 inch black strappy heels . There was a pair of your torn stockings on the chair in the corner I picked them up and kissed you on the back waking you up . I pulled your arms behind your back and tied your wrist together with one stocking .Next I use the other one and tied your ankles together so you could not go anywhere . I started caressing your ass then I shocked you with a whack whack whack whack on your ass . You tried to move away from my hand but couldn't . I delivered a series of swats to your ass it is getting red . I stop and rub your burning ass and when you least expect it whack whack whack come more swats .I hear you say ouch that last one really smarted as you rub your ass the best you can . I reach down and rub your pussy through your thong which is soaking wet . I know your really getting turned on by this . I take off my shirt and jeans so I'm naked Then I pull my leather weaved belt from my jeans as you see you try to cover your ass with your hands and try to kick me at the same time . I grab your hands and push them up holding you tight and swat you 10 times with my belt just hard enough to make it really sting . Your kicking your legs screraming ouch that hurts stop it . But as I rub your ass your deeply moaning . I give you 15 more swats one right after the other as you squirm and moan . When you hear the belt hjt the floor you immediately start rubbing your ass it is turning a deep red . I lightly drag my finger tips across your warm ass and kiss it . By now I'm very hard and ready to fuck you . I drag you to the foot of the bed pulling your legs off the bed . Next I start licking your pussy through your thong which is throughly soaked with your creamy juices .I slide my fingers under the waste of it and pull it down to your ankles . As I start eating your pussy I reach up and spread your burning ass cheeks wide licking from your clit all the way up your ass . Slowly licking right back down I stick my tongue deep in your pussy and rub your clit making you cum hard . Yo7ur moaning fuck me baby but I continue to lick you making you cum again.As I start licking back up to your asshole I pit my thumb in your pussy and slowly fuck it as I rub your clit . Licking tiny circles around your tight little hole slowly I push my tongue in it you push back to my face and moan don't stop babt your really squirming now and squirting all over my hand and the floor .I move up behind you and rub my cock on your pussy teasing your clit . I put it at the opening of your pussy and thurst hard going in until my balls are touching your clit . I grab your hips and start thrusting in and out fucking you hard. You squeeze tight on my cock and start moaning as you cum again . Pulling your hair back I pound you hard and fast I know I'm going to cum soon and pull out and drag you to your knees on the floor and put my cock in your mouth . Holding your head I fuck your mouth pushing in all the way and my balls tighten up and my cock swells as I cum down your throat. I pull you up to your feet and untie you and kiss you as I lay you on the bed . We kiss as we caress each other and you grab my cock and start stroking it as I start to get hard you move down and suck on my balls and stroke me a little longer before you lick up my cock and start giving me a amazing blowjob .As soon as I'm fully hard you mount me and start riding me hard . as I lightly bite and suck on your nipples . Your pussy is gripping my cock tight and you cum again . I lift you off my cock annd put you on your hands and knees I get behind you and fuck you real slow . Slowly I push a finger in your tight ass and fuck both holes at the same time you moan deeply and push back to meet me .Soon you cum all over my cock I pull out and rub it on your asshole ad slowly ease a little in then I stop . I stay there and soon you slowly push back taking moreof my cock . I start slowly fucking you going a little deeper each time soon I'm all the way in and fucking you slow and steady as I grab your tits and squeeze them . I moan and tell you I'm going to cum soon and you tell me to fuck your ass harder as you rub your clit as I cum in your ass you squirt all over the bed soaking it .
You fall to the bed and my cock is still in your ass we lay this way and kiss until my cock gets soft and pops out of your ass .Then we take a shower together and fuck again in there before we go back to bed . We take a short nap and fuck again.
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3 years ago
those "7 inch black strappy heels" are a dead giveaway....i love reading about how you will tie me up and fuck me...omg!!!!!!!!!!