my cousin Judy part 2

As you know I have been spanking Judy everyday now when I get home work tonight she was naked in the corner just knowing she was in trouble again . I asked her to do the laundry and vacuum today before I got home . She had not done it when I asked her what she did all day she said I was watching tv and fell asl**p . So I grabbed her hair and pulled her to my chair I sit down and pulled her across my knee and proceeded to spank her ass it was still red from last night . I gave her 40 hard swats making her ass glow a bright red . I told her this is just a warm up to get back in the corner while I shower and decide the rest of her punishment . She started to rub her ass as it was really stinging so I made her put her hands on top of her head with her hands touching each elbow . Next I get a piece of rope and tie her arms up so she can not move them . Then she got 20 more swats before I went to shower . When I came back in the front room I laid a ruler , hairbrush , ping pong paddle and my belt on the coffee table along with more rope . Next I told her to get over to the coffee table at the end of it . I made her kneel on the floor then I pulled her across the table and untied her arms and retied each hand to the table legs .Next I spread her legs and tied them to the table them tied her ankles together . Grabbing her hair and lifting her head I asked her which item she wanted used on her . She knew not to beg me not to punish her so she wanted to know how many swats she would receive with what she picks . All I hold her was it depends either 10 ,20 , 30 or 40 . She picked the belt thinking that since it would sting worst it would be 10 swats she told me . Are you sure you want the belt I ask her she said yes sir . So I told her she should get prepared because it was getting her 40 swats . Now she got a worried look in her eyes . I gave her the first 5 one right after the other the rubbed her ass . The other 35 came one after the other she kept saying ouch damn the stings can we slow down . But I continued to put welts on her ass after the last one I rubbed some lotion on her burning ass . She really got turned on by this her pussy juices were dripping down her thighs . I put 2 fingers in her pussy and finger fucked her as my thumb rubbed her big clit soon she was cumming . Stripping my clothes off I get behind her and slide my hard cock in her pussy she was so hot and , thrusting hard into her she was moaning fuck me harder please so I fucked her as hard as I could . Soon she gripped my cock squeezing hard and she was cumming again . I pulled out and walked to the other end of the table grabbed her hair pulling her head up . I put my cock up to her lips she took my cock in her mouth and sucked hard as I fucked her mouth until I cum down her throat . I untied her and helped her to her feet and kissed her . All she could say was damn the was the best spanking yet as she rubbed her burning ass . I then ordered a pizza for supper when it was delivered she opened the door naked and flashed the pizza girl showing off her red ass.After we ate we spent the rest of the night fucking our brains out .
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3 years ago
i am quivering all over now!!!!!