Fucking you in the shower

I was going to paint for you as we moved furniture I looking at your bit tits and your nipples were so hard I thought they were going to bust right through your thin top . As you bent over your ass look so nice in those shorts that Imy cock was making a visible lump in my jeans .I knew that you knew I was looking at your ass and tits as you saw my hard lump . I started painting and a little later I heard the shower . I walked down the hallway and saw you did not close the door all the way . I stood there and looked in and saw you in the mirror as you were rubbing your nipples under the water . My cock got so hard I was rubbing it through my jeans . I stripped in the hall and walked in the bathroom and pulled the curtian back and joined you .At first I did not know how you would react but you said what took you so long. I just kissed you as we wash each other . Then I stared licking and sucking on those beautiful tits and nipples first one then the other . I was movig from one to the other as you held my head .Soon you were moaning and pushing me down to my knees . I then started sucking and licking on you pussy lips tasting how sweet you were .As my lips reached your clit I felt you grab my head tight and begged me not to stop .As I sucked hard on your clit my tongue was flicking back and forth across the throbbing tip of it . I slide a finger deep inside you and hit your g spot as I continued sucking and licking your clit . You grabbed my head tighter and started to moan I knew you were close to cumming so I put another finger in your ass.Fucking both your tight holes and sucking harder on your pussy Soon your legs were shaking and you were flooding my mouth with your creamy pussy juices . I continurd sucking on you until you quit shaking . Getting up we kissed again then you pushed me back to the wall and said my turn . You were licking and biting my nipples which made my cock jump you reached down and stroked it a few times before dropping to your knees . you held my cock up and started sucking my balls in your mouth one at a time . Then slowly licking up to the head of my cock . Licking around thye head of it and lightly bite it before you took it in your mouth . I moaned as you started bobbing up and down on my cock . I told you you were the best cock sucker I ever had . This just made you suck me harder as you held my balls as gently squeezed them . My hand was one the back of your head as I fucked your mouth moving with you . I told you I was about to cum and up moved up to the head of my cock and held it there as you stoked me . My balls got tighter as I cum in your mouth . You sucked hard to get all of my cum . When I thoght you were done you kept sucking until I was fully hard again . I pulled you up to your feet and pushed your back to the wall and lifted up your leg . As my cock rubbed against your lipps you grabbed it and pulled it to you wet hole .I pshed forwaqrd and slide in all the way to my balls . You wrapped your arms around my neck and kissed me as I grabbed your ass and picked you up you wrapped your leggs around me tight as I started thrusting in and out with slow thrusts . Soon we were moving together fucking each other hard . The harder we fucked I could feel your pussy grab me tighter as you cum on my cock .I fucked you some more like this as we continued to kiss . Then I put you down and turned you around Putting your foot on the edge of the tub and bending you over I slide my cock back in you and starting fucking you again as I reached around and cupped your tits in my hands pulling you back hard to meet me . Soon you were cumming again after you quit cumming I pulled my cock out of your pussy and rubbed it over your tight ass hole . You moaned yes baby fuck my ass and fill it with your cum . I was well lubed with your pussy juice so I slowly pushed the head of my cock in you . as I was pushig in you pushed back to me and I was all the way in your ass .I waited a minute then I started slowly fucking your ass as I smacked your ass you moaned loud so I smacked it again and pulled gently on your hair and started fucking you harder .As you reached back and grabbed my balls this pushed me over the edge and I cum filling your ass .

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3 years ago
Just had a new bathroom,i knew i had missed something...nice story!!!!
3 years ago
that siko person must not be able to read english very well. but damn hun that was hot... def had me playing while i was reading !!!! (added to favs)
3 years ago
Bad so bad