making love to a real sweet lady

I start by kissing your soft lips while caressing you all over .I continue kissing you very deeply as my hands feel your soft hot skin . Slowly moving to your ears nibbling on then as you moans and hold me tighter. Taking my time I nibble on one then the other . Moving down to your neck I move your soft silky dark hair to the side as I nibble and kiss on your neck taking my time as my hands move to your big tits gently squeezing and teasing your nipples as they get harder under my fingers . Slowly I leave a trail of light bites and kisses down to your tits kissing them all over until I reach your hard nipples i take them in between my lips and lightly bite and suck on them and flick my tongue across them as you moan louder you put your hand on the back of my head and pull me tighter to your bit tits . My finger tips are lightly moving all over your soft hot skin you taste and smell so sweet . As I a trail off kisses and light bites down towards you stomach I stop and lick and kiss your belly button as your start to squirm under me I move up and kiss you on the lips before I slide down your body .I kiss all around your pussy moving to your thigh leaving a trail of tender kisses and bite down your thigh and leg all the way to your foot . I lick and suck on your toes and kiss your foot .Moving to your other foot licking and sucking on your toes I look up and see your pussy juices runng down into your ass ; I work up your leg and thigh when I reach your pussy you grab my head and push my lips into you begging me to eat you and make you cum .I lick and suck on your lips tasting how sweet you are before I reach your clit when I finally get to it I lighty flick my tongue across the tip of it you moan load and deep as I start to suck it in between my lips as my tongue moves faster across the throbbing tip until you flood my mouth giving me all your creamy juices to swallow
I move back up and kiss you deeply as I slide my hard cock into you fucking you hard thrusting as deep as I can in you tight pussy . You lift up to meet every thurst telling me to fuck you faster and don't stop soon I feel you tightrn your grip on my cock and you starting cumming .Afetr you cum we roll over and I suck on your nipples as you ride me harder you lean down and we kiss and suck on each others tongues until we cum together .I tell you I can't hold back much longer and you tell me your almost there to as we fuck harder and you grip me tighter we both lose it and cum . We lay in our sweat and cum and kiss and hold each other for some time .
Then we go and take a shower together washing each other when you drop to your knees and suck on my balls and lick them slowly as I get hard you lick up my cock and suck it in between your lips . put my hand on your head and start fucking your mouth as you give me the best blowjob ever .Your holding and squeezing my balls as you suck harder as my nuts tighten up you move to the head of my cock and nibble on it and work your tongue around it until I cum in your mouth.As you swallow every drop I tell you your the best cock sucker there is . I pull you to your feet and kiss you mdeeply before turning you around to face the wall . I kiss down your back as I get on my knees I grab your ass cheeks and spread them apart I start licking from the top down until I reach you tight bum hole licking it and kissing it then as you push back I fuck it with my tongue as I insert a finger deep in your wet pussy and finger fuck you and rub your clit with my thumb and tongue fuck your bum until you shudder and cum hard .
We finish washing each other off and get out of the shower and dry each other off .Then I carry you to bed and we cuddle and kiss each other until we fall asl**p in each others arms .

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3 years ago
yes,you treated her so well.again,i love the shower part,would be lovely in my new one!!!
3 years ago
very hot! I like the shower part best :)) (fantasy of mine I guess :D)