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[Story] What a question in private brings

Here, is a story you will all enjoy hopefully.
A very sexually looking young lady, long blonde hair, standing around 5' 6" tall, slender waist, tight ass, and breasts around the 36 cup size and very firm and exciting puffy nipples.
During a quiet time at work she came to my office and asked if we could talk.
Granting her permission she came in and shut the door behind her and settled down in a visitors chair.
Well. what is it that you want to talk to me about.
She remained silent for a moment and then she said "could she come out to my home for a weekend soon? She wanted to get away from ... Continue»
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[Story] My sexual awakening

My sexual awakening started around 12 when I would wake in the morning with something large in my groin area.
I went to stay with friends near the beach and they had a lovely 14 year old daughter whose feminine attributes had already formed as it would appear her boobs were well developed.
We all went swiming in the surf not 2 rough just right.
All of us were just standing around talking and laughing and each time a wave would arrive I noticed that 'her' boobs would just float out the top of her bathers and when she was ready she would put them back only for them to float back out again.
S... Continue»
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