My lifes experiences

The story of my life's wishes, desires, lusts, and experiences.
Let me begin at the beginning where most things do!
At the ripe old age of nearly 14 years young and knowing little of the world beyond the farm, the depression, world war two and all its aftermaths, I wanted to explore life outside the f****y / school enviroment.
How did I manage to do that? simply just don't go for six months or as long as I could without detection.
Well there was and is an old saying " do the 'crime' do the time" > No, I did not go to jail or reform school.
Having just come to the new school nobody knew me nor as it appeared wanted too > see I was the boy from the bush/farm and my interests were different.
I had already decided that the big smoke wasn't for me.
You can take the boy away from the bush but you can not take the bush away from the boy> You see us bushies love where we come from and all about it. Well so I thought > I had seen dogs, cats, cows, sheep and all in sundry having 'mating' sessions and that was all as it should be.
Now did schools or parents mention or discuss the human involvement in such activities well the blunt answer to that was no!
So I was not at all interested in such matters as I continued my excursions into the big wide world and I did it alone.
One day sitting on the lawn by the river in town an man came and sat down beside me and was having a 'chat' > Now a chat is what us country people enjoy heaps.
So we sat and we chatted had a few laughs ( must admit did not understand some of his jokes)
Then without so much as may I or can I he started to take my penis out of my shorts and rub it up and down.
Now the penis I knew was solely for the purpose of having a good old 'pee' shaking it and putting it back for use next time.
I asked what was he doing and why?
He replied he knew what he was doing and why because he liked rubbing young penis on people when he got the chance.
He then as he continues his un invited task asked me was I still a virgin boy and had I had any exciting wet dreams?
Well he lost me I had no idea what he was talking about and furthermore had lost interest in the conversation and was more interested in what he was doing and what was going on in the pit of my stomache and lower.
He continued to rub this 'thing' of mine which was now larger than it had ever been and was throbbing like mad.
Then I came to a point where I needed a 'pee' and I needed it real bad so I said I had to go to which the only response I got was he just kept rubbing it faster. I tried to get up and he said no young man I am going to make you 'cum' and then you are going to do likewise to me and then I will make you 'cum' a few more times today.
Suddenly my boyish now more manish 'pee' thing exploded and so did my brain. Wow! white fluid went every where.
He cleaned me up and then took his manhood our wrapped my hand around it and told me to rub it till it exploded as well.
Well I was in shock not at what he had really done and achieved with me but it was at its size.
The only time I had seen something that big was on a bull or a horse sometimes back on the farm.
After his 'artillery' weapon had exploded with about the same f***e of a nowaday space rocket he put his around me and the second course was about to be served. Nice too!
Moving on from this and after many discussions with this man and his talk about girls and women my interests turned to the femanine side of life.
I met this lovely school girl we go aquainted and as both were curious we found out that we fitted perfectly.
She had wonderful breasts and real puffy nipples they were wonderful and I learnt how to fondle caress and suck them.
Time friends moves on and I had many female meetings two lovely wives ( both deceased) a daughter and a son both died in a car crash.
When you have the opportunity to be close and intimate with a female mate - treat her, love her, adore her and make sure that her feelings lusts and desires are fulfilled first and then friends ( male and female) you to will be made to feel that you are the one in fact the only one.
Then you feel adequately satisfied and life's special and that you will really understand what your "pee" thing is for and how you to pass that information on in the future.

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