she wrote:

U give my pussy one last lick. I moan one last time. I'm breathing hard and running my fingers through your hair. That was amazing. I have that look in my eyes and the adreneline now to suck your cock off. U stand up and I follow, I kiss u long and hard, tasting myself on your lips--i playfully bite your bottom one. I lick your neck and reach for your cock again--its instantly hard as I drop to my knees. I don't take it all into my mouth right off, but rather lick up the underside slowly from base to tip. I grab your balls and gently squeeze. One more quick lick to get it wet and then I take it in........all of it.........until I lightly gag. While I'm all the way down I pause and flick my tongue around the base and then slowly come up. All the way down and all the way up again a couple times. This time when I come up, I spit on the tip. I watch it dribble down a little and then lick the saliva off. A little ends up on my lip and I let a string of it connect my mouth to your cock. Our eyes are locked. With all the wetness, I take my hand and slide it down, then up, then down again while I take half of u in my mouth. Lick the underside again, and my tongue slowly makes its way to your balls. I'm lightly licking and sucking them while jerking u at the same time. Your cock is now back in my mouth and I'm rhythmically bobbing up and down. It takes a couple minutes of my perfect suction and rhythm before u cum. Hard. Into my mouth. I look up at u, swallow the whole load and then open my mouth to show u how good of a girl I am............

i responded:

oh yes, you are such a good girl. after the amazing head i sit next to you and lay down as you stroke my cock slowly. im still super sensitive so im bucking forward and laughing like a madman. i cant take it but i wont let you stop. you then lean in and kiss me, and i reach around and unhook your bra, exposing your tits to rub against my naked chest. i feel your nipples getting harder and we make out slowly and moan a little together. both already satisfied, i tell you i m greedy and i need to get on you. you just smile and reach for a bottle of lube. im on my knees on the bed and i put my hands on my head and tilt it back as i feel your soft, slippery hands work that lube all over my cock and balls. its making my dick so hard and swollen it kind of hurts, but in a good way. usually i need a couple of minutes to recharge but right now i want it bad. i open my eyes and look at you and tell you to lean over on your side. i want to enter you from behind and look at your pussy and ass while i fuck you. i massage your pussy lips with my head, and you start to move with me and you lift your top leg a little. i rub your clit with my hand and play with your pussy and massage your ass with my cock. then i put it in slowly until im all the way in. we both look at each other and say 'oh shit!' the lube and your wet pussy feel so good and i start fucking you as you hold your top leg in the air. i watch your sexy pussy take my cock and it makes me so hard looking at it. i then move your right leg over my left shoulder to get a better angle of us. i start fucking you faster, and i bite your leg as it is near my face and you love that. then you surprise me by reaching around with your right hand and touch my balls slightly as they pass by your hand as i fuck you. that sensation feels so good and i tell you to stay there and keep doing that. im fucking even faster now and i can feel it building up. im starting to sweat, and breathing heavy and i want to cum so bad. i tell you your tight pussy is gonna make me cum and you tell me you want it! i tell you that when i pull out i want you to jerk me off and make me cum all over you. i keep fucking for another minute or so, right up until i am ready. then i drop your right leg, pull my throbbing cock out and kneel closer to you. you grab my cock with both hands and stroke it so fast. i let out a yell as i explode. my cum is shooting out of your hands and onto your stomach as you stroke me so good. i tell you not to stop yet as i am holding myself up with all my might leaning on your bent left leg, panting, loving it.
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