to my fwb

she got this one.

im filled with butterflies as i knock on your door. when you answer and open the door my stomach drops because you look so stunning. we made plans to make a nice light dinner and have some good wine. so seeing you in a flowy navy blue cocktail dress and sexy shoes made me excited. we smile and laugh at each other before we embrace and i kiss your cheek. the sexual tension is really thick. i show you the wine, and i lay the fresh scallops i got on your kitchen counter. as you turn toward the stove to attend to the soy citrus glaze you made for them i come up behind you and quietly smell your neck and kiss it gently. you moan and say to do it again. this time i work from behind your ear and give you little ones all the way down to your collarbone. i gently lick on my previous path upwards and then kiss you more downwards again. i can feel my cock getting hard and i press it into your dress so you can feel how aroused im getting. you reach around with one hand and pull me close, and i hug your body and pull you even closer. we both let out a sigh and whisper to each other how we missed one another. as we embrace i reach down and give your tight ass a little squeeze, and i dive into your neck again and kiss and suck it harder as you squirm into me with delight. i reach down further and rub your thigh as i make my hand up your dress and glide across your inner thigh and graze your panties with my finger tips. you are startled, give me a sexy laugh and turn around quickly and as our noses touch i kiss you softly and sensually on your sexy lips. we pull each other in closer as we kiss so sensually yet frantic. the tension has built up so much we are attacking each other in a good way. im holding your head as our tongues touch and our lips go wild. then i suddenly grab you and pick you up and bring you into the front room and sit you on a chair. as i kneel in front of you i caress your legs from the bottom up, massaging and making my way up to your hips. you lean back as i reach your panty line and put my fingers inside the tiny waistband of your thong. i kiss your knees, then your thighs, and your upper thighs as i pull downward, and i tell you i need to taste you. i pull them completely off and i look at your perfect pussy and look up into your eyes and tell you i missed you. then i go down and start kissing and licking your pussy lips gently, one side at a time. you love it and start to moan for me and saying my name. im squeezing your thighs as i put my tongue inside and you moan even louder. i reach up to rub one of your breasts and i notice you already have them exposed for me. those perfect and perky tits waiting for me to squeeze and play with. after a little more sucking i feel you are getting close and i slide a finger inside your moist pussy and i flick your clit with my tongue, your moans and breaths are getting louder and faster as i feel your legs shake a little. then you let out a 'oh god ! im going to come baby! don't stop don't stop OOHH!!' and as you come for me i keep working on your clit as you slide down off of the chair and we are both laying on the floor. as you collect yourself im unzipping your dress from behind and then i take off my shirt and tie slowly as i look at you and smile. you get up and then push me over as we kiss so deeply again, this time you're rubbing my chest as i caress your back and squeeze your ass from the side. your hands get lower and find my belt as you undo my pants and take them off. im already so hard and as you grab my cock i moan and pull you closer. 'you see how hard you make me baby' i say as you take the head and start to lick it all over. i lay flat on the floor and moan loudly as you work your sexy lips all over my shaft and cup and caress my balls with your hands. after a minute of this i look down and you look up. 'you look so sexy on my cock baby' 'so fucking sexy' i say as you take it out of your mouth and stroke it fast. 'i missed your cock so much' you say as you keep it close to your face but are still stroking it. then i cant take it anymore, i need to feel it inside of you. i pull your face to mine and as we kiss deep and hard i put your legs around my body, flip you over so i am on top of you and i get ready to enter you. as i massage your sweet and wet pussy lips with my hard tip we lock eyes and i ask if u want me to fuck you. you say 'oh god yes baby, give it to me so deep like we used to' we kiss some more and i massage your lips with my cock still. then we lock eyes again and i position my cock inside the opening of your pussy so i dont need my hands anymore. you reach down from the side and massage my balls and tell me to do it and to put it in. i take both hands and hold your head and kiss your face, we lock eyes and don't look away from eachother as i push inside your warm and sexy pussy. we both moan and laugh at how good it feels, and as i start thrusting inside you slowly we never look away. we fuck for a few minutes and then it gets sexy hot and heavy. im rubbing your tits and lowering my head down to suck on your nipples, grabbing your ass from underneath, you're grabbing mine, you're also rubbing my chest and massaging my arms as we grind and move as one. it's so hot and sexy i can't take any more. i start goping faster and i tell you you're going to make me come. you get louder and tell me to go faster and tell me to come for you. 'cmon ! come for me baby! you fuck me so good i want you to come!' im sweating and panting as im getting closer, going faster and deeper. as im about to come i pull out and get on my knees and you grab my cock and start jerking it for me. 'i want you to come for me baby' you say as we are staring into each other. i let out a moan and say 'oh god baby! ohhh! oh fuck! and as i explode through your hands you smile and say 'ooohhhh yes baby' and i am speechless. all i can do is kneel there as you stroke my cock so good and come for you. we smile at each other and after a few more strokes i fall onto you and we hold each other and make out on your floor.

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