she wrote to me...

Mmmmm...that's hot. I am impressed, but I want you to cum harder and so loud the street hears you. mmmmmmmmm
If you were fucking my tits I would be moaning loud, telling you to fuck these big soft titties.
I would squeeze my tits together nice and hard so you feel a variation of sensations as my tits jiggle all over your cock.

I would make sure that I was sitting behind you on the couch and wrap my legs and arms around you, as you watch the movie with your head on my chest. Then I would make sure i slip my hands through your zip and start stroking your cock and whisper in your ear what i want to do with that cock. I would make sure you start pumping into my hand as i stroke it nice and firmly.

I'd make sure that I start grinding my pussy against your back and moaning as im steoking you ad biting your earlobe. I would wrap my legs around you so it makes it difficult for you to move around. My other hand lifting up your shirt so i can tease your body and your nipples. I would make sure you start moaning as i tell you how wet my pussy is and what your body does to me. I would start speeding up the pace and get tighter around your cock and start telling you how i want you to fuck me and how im going milk you and make you cum.

I would make sure the windows are uncovered so people outside can see what im doing to you and how big your cock is in my hand.
I would then put your hand into my panties so you can feel how wet i am, so as im stroking you, your rubbing my clit as i kiss you nice and deep.
I would take my hands of your cock so i could rip off your shirt, so i can lick your body as i start stroking you again.
Feel free to rip mine off, I always think clothes look better on a mannequin anyway ;-)

I'd push you back onto the sofa and pull your pants off, boxers and all...
Then start sucking that cock deepthroat straight away, my hands behind my back as my mouth, tongue and sucking gets you nice and wet.
I would make sure you can easily get to my ass to slap it or do whatever you like to my body.
I'd make sure that im hoovering up the head of your cock nice and fast with my mouth, letting you feel the cold air, warmth of my mouth and breath and the bubbles in my siliva as i start sucking like a mad woman.
I like to suck real tight and then let the cock slip out my cock but i still have a killer grip on it as i look at your face gasp as i have a dirty look in my eyes. Then back down sucking all the way as i fast suck that cock and balls, gagging and choking but loving every second of it.

When your harder than steel im going lick from balls, thigh to stomach, chest nipples and then up your neck and then nibble, suck and bite your lip, till i kiss you so deep and nasty that you get completely crazy. Then sit down on that cock making my tight pussy suffocate your big rigid cock as you feel every muscle squeezing you as i take you balls deep, moaning into your ear. I like to dirty dance at this time so you feel my muscles twisting and gyrating on your cock as i take more of you into my tight wet pussy. I put your hands on my ass and make you push me deeper onto your cock even when i hit the base of it.

I'd mess with your mind, with simple dirty talk like:
"I want more of you in me, make me take more, deeper push me deeper on your cock"
"Stretch this tight pussy" "Fuck me like an a****l"
"Fuck the shit out of me" "Make me say your name"
"Damn your stretching this pussy" "Fucckkkkkkk your deep in me"

Forcing you to grip my ass as you slam the shit out of my pussy, pumping into me as im poulling you into my wet little cunt.
Licking my lips as I ride you and leaning back so you can see how your cock is destroying my pussy.
As i ride you arching my back so you can watch my tits bounce and your cock move all in my belly.

thats just the starters.....
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