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driving towards your old house, im excited and horny. its been a while since we've been there but the opportunity presented itself for us to meet there. we're texting back and forth before i arrive, teasing and getting each other worked up. u say you're going to wear a sexy outfit for me and its a surprise. i love that. thinking about your hot body and how its so soft is getting me harder as i drive faster. i pull up and see you in the front door, and i quickly get out and head in. as i open the door i can see you have laid yourself on the kitchen counter. you have on a black silk robe and black high heels. you prop up and smile at me as i rush to you and hug u and take in your seductive scent. we hug for a minute and tell each other we missed eachother so much, that it was great to see eachothers faces. i kiss your cheek slowly and softly as we both laugh with excitement. im holding your head softly with my right hand and rubbing your other cheek and ear with my left as we stare at one another. you're so beautiful and i graze your lips with mine as i pass by, making my way to your chin and kissing all the way down your throat to the side of your neck. i can tell you love it by the way you move towards me and the way youre breathing. slow soft nibbles and the occasional lick make you moan a little for me, i kiss and suck on your ear as i lay your head down onto my hand as you lay flat on the counter. i whisper softly 'you make me crazy baby' as i lick and kiss on your sexy neck as you tilt your head so i can get all of it. my left hand rubbing your shoulder and down your right arm. i make my way up to your lips. we kiss slow at first, gazing into eachothers eyes here and there, feeling it all come back to us. small sexy pecks and rotating our heads. so passionate and loving, until i feel your tongue poke out and i pull you closer as i breathe in hard. you let out a little moan as out tongues dance and our lips follow. we are both embracing tightly and i slide your body a little closer to me. we kiss hard for a few minutes more, lightly making sounds of delight and both wondering whats about to transpire. i then raise my head up and ask whats with the robe. you give me a devilish grin and whisper for me to sit down at the table. i smile back, give you a kiss and head to my seat with a good view of the edge of the counter. you then slide over to the edge and get on all fours, then sit up on your knees and play with the robes belt as you lick your sexy lips. i perk up as you untie it and pull it open just enough to rest it on your shoulders and expose those amazing breasts of yours covered by a white and black lace bra. 'you miss me?' you say so sexily and softly. all i can do is nod at this point and i have to adjust my bulge that is hurting me inside my pants because im so hard. then you slowly undo the belt completely and straighten up your body as you slide the robe down further, this time exposing a sexy black set of lace panties and a white and black lace garter belt with clips going down to your black thigh highs. i let out a groan with the utmost respect for what i am witnessing. you continue to lick your lips for me and look at me with those 'take me' eyes. i watch you as you look away from me and start caressing your stomach and up and over your sexy tits, your shoulders, back down and over your hard nipples that i can see through the lace. you moan for me and call my name as you work your hands down your stomach and over your sweet pussy and back up to the top of your panties as you reast your thumbs inside the waistband. you look at me as you pull your panties down with your thumbs a few inches, then as you tilt your head back and pull them down a little further i spring up because i cant take it anymore. i take your breasts in my hands and caress your nipples over the lace and kiss your chest and neck. you are startled and you squeal and grab my head, pulling it into you. i am biting and licking and sucking on your neck and i keep one hand on your left tit and move my right hand down to your sweet and wet pussy. rubbing you softly over your panties and moaning into the side of your neck as you whisper my name in my ear, and telling me you're getting so hot. right then i know i need to taste you, so i pull away, and help you reposition so your high heels are now dangling off the side im standing at and i scoot your ass towards the edge. i grab a chair and pull it closer so i am sitting right directly in front of your wet pussy, and i pull your panties to the side. at first i take it slow and im being real gentle, licking up and down each side of your lips, kissing your clit softly and blowing on it to give you a different sensation. i can tell you're loving it because you are grinding your hips with my mouths movements and moaning louder and telling me that it feels so good. but i need to make you cum, its been too long and we both know i eat your pussy so fucking good. i stick my tongue inside of you and i feel you quiver and you let out a big squeal this time. i start sucking and nibbling on your clit harder and faster as i massage and grab your thighs and pull you into my face. you just start saying yes over and over as i use one hand to put a finger inside of your warm sweet pussy. you really loved that as you moan even louder and say 'oohhhh yes baby!' oh don't stop, keep going, i want to cum for you!" i keep going faster and faster, trying my hardest to make you go insane with pleasure. then you start to shake a little bit as you're getting closer...'oh god! oh yes! oh baby im going to cum!' and then as you cum for me with your sexy wet pussy in my mouth i moan into you, i moan with each long lick of your lips and every nibble on your clit as you attempt to push me away after your intense orgasm. i keep going on you and laughing inside because i fucking love to make you feel good. and i love when you cum for me.

as things die down a little, i look up at you and ask if you're alright. you just look down and laugh at me, then lay your head back on the counter as i stand up out of the chair and take a look at your sexy body. i take a step closer and push my bulge inside my pants into your panties that i placed back over your pussy as i massage your thighs up and down. then you look at me and say.. 'i have an idea.....'
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