Thank you to slavegirl87 who gave me the idea to w

Thank you to slavegirl87 who gave me the idea to w
While I was reading her I was thinking about a story that happened to me with an ex girlfriend.

Here is my story. Kiss

My girlfriend didn’t know Paris and one day, on a whim, we decided to go for the week-end to Paris. We took the train a Wednesday to spend 3 days alone together in a tiny hotel. I know quite well Paris, I visited dozens of times. But it was the first time I went with a girlfriend. 3 days is too short to see everything and because she loved the movie “Moulin rouge” we went to the Sacré Coeur and to Pigalle. Suddenly she stopped in front of the window of one of the many sex shops. I saw her look changed, it became instantly much naughtier. Neither she nor I had ever entered in that kind of place before, but we were really very excited to go in together.

We wanted everything, but unfortunately our budget was very tight (we were still students). After hesitating a long time we chose a sexy board game.

In the way back from Paris, still very excited about this new experience, we decided to open the game to find out what awaited us once we got home. The train was crowded. The excitement was still rising. Her head was resting on my chest and she was reading us the different questions and sexy little games out of our new gift. My hand was walking around on her hip and her ass.
She put her hand on the bump of my pants and while kissing me in the neck she whispered: “I'm so wet and I see that you are very horny too, my dear. Let’s play to this one now”.

The principle of the games written on the card was to read a short text while the other was trying to prevent you.
She took a magazine in her bag, and because it was her who was sited next to the window, she was the first to begin to read. There were a lot of things to read on this page and I didn’t want to go too fast. I turned to her, other passengers are behind me. I put my hand on his thigh and I started to kiss her in the neck. Her breathing quickens. My hand tightens on her thigh, my kisses are more and more hot. It took only a few kisses to make her doing mistakes of reading.

I looked at her, I was smiling and I told him: "I think that you have already lost."
She looked at me, a little bit lost, and replied: "OK, it's your turn, you will pay for it.
Let me go to the toilet and during this time exchange your place with mine and choose the story that you will try to read". I was so exited. I could not wait anymore, I wanted more. I wanted her naked against me, I wanted to caress her, lick her,....., I wanted to make love with her.
She quickly returned to me. I could see in her eyes that she had planned something.

I started reading when she put a sweater on my lower abdomen. She unbutton my pants, took out my cock hidden under her sweater and started to jerk me off. She masturbated me while we were surrounded by passengers. I was excited by the situation, I'm in the middle of a train, and my girlfriend is playing with my cock and no one known. I wanted to know how far it would go.
I did my maximum to read the entire page. It was so good, so naughty.
Because it was not as fast as she wants it, she took my left hand and she drove it under her bohemian skirt. She had taken off her string when she went to the toilet. As soon as I felt her wet pussy I stopped reading, I was not even able to say a word. She started to laugh and we had a very intense kiss. We continued to caress each other. I were moving my fingers in and out of her pussy, she tried to keep her moaning as she could. She no longer held up in his seat, her neck was going back. She bit her lip so that no one hears it.
She pressed my cock between her fingers when she came and my fingers were soaked by her juice.

On our arrival at the station, waiting for our connecting, we tied to find a place to fuck. Unfortunately we didn't have time enough. I started to really have balls-pain because of all that excitation. I was so horny. Fortunately, we were almost alone in the car of next train. Only one passenger was in the same car and he could not see us. She took my cock out and she started to suck me while I was playing with her tits out of her bra.
The stranger went out from the train and so left us alone. As soon as she saw the guy leaving she took a seat on my cock. She was facing me. She pressed her tits on my face and fucked me as a real dirty girl. She started to be very noisy but we came so fast that no one could even think about what we did in that train.

That was amazing!!!!!

Of course we played all night long with our new game.

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french is my mother tongue
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Tres bien, mon ami! English is not your first language? Let me know if you need an editor!